Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zer Ling's b'day hang-out with friends (Including me)

Hi, people!
Jackson Teoh is here again.
Unfortunately the National Service ad would have to wait because I want to blog about a birthday party yesterday. Dedicated to Zer Ling, my friend. (Since her birthday is on the 31st Dec. :P)

I received a message yesterday, inviting me to a dinner at Sakae Sushi in Sunway Carnival Mall of Penang. Arrived at around 5 and headed for Sakae Sushi at around 6.

Sakae Sushi: A place where the guys enjoyed...

It IS SAKAE Sushi. So Sakae is pretty common. I didn't really like it. It reminds me of Vodka. Plus I am driving home later, wouldn't want to get drunk while driving. :P

What is a Japanese restaurant if you do not have Shushi!

Weng Loke, one of my friends kept laughing at this Sushi for some reason... and I was thinking, "What is he laughing at?". By the way, this picture was taken by Zer Ling, the advanced-birthday girl.

This is our group picture in Sakae Sushi:

We basically tortured the waiter to take this group picture multiple times.
The picture turned out bad a few times, so we had it taken several times. :P
On the left from the front to back: Yours truly (Jackson Teoh), Weng Chia and Aemus.
On the right from front to back: Weng Loke, Yew Chong, Zer Ling (Advanced-birthday girl) and Yi Xian.

(Additional Note: Weng Chia really wanted the waitress to take pictures for us so that he can ask for her number but unfortunately for him, she is busy with other hungry customers.)

When we are all getting bored this happened:
The girls came up with this idea of making some "V" shaped thing with the chopsticks.
And this picture was taken by yours truly, me. :P

This is the aftermath:

The worse part of all is that I forgot to finish up my Miso Soup! Yes, I FORGOT! But I did finish 4/5 of the bowl. The Miso Soup was pretty nice.

After all that, time to pay:

This is the bill, picture taken on request of Zer Ling to remember the day that we hung out for her birthday and before the beginning of 2009.

After having Japanese food, we head for GSC

Golden Screen Cinema to watch:
Beverly Hills Chihuahua!
It's... okay. It's another different category. It's more to... the "Animal" category. It's kinda funny and cute though.

We went to the cinema at around 7.17 or so. So, we have 30 minutes left to spend. The girls went to gift shops while the guys...
Ended up in the Arcade nearby. That's Aemus playing against some Indian guy, racing to win.

Graphics... not bad. It is like the graphics of PS2 during it's "Beginning" age. Gameplay... since you play with a steering wheel and gears, the fun is there, beating the controller which you control with fingers.

However, I didn't join their quest of defeating people in a race, I went out, taking pictures to remind me of that day and of course to collect pictures for my blog. They asked me, "Why do you keep snapping pictures?" and I said, "It's for my blog!" :P

Just minutes before the movie
:The girls arrived to the arcade and Aemus was still racing. I took this opportunity to take this picture without them noticing. So everybody was like, "Urgh..." watching Aemus drive his way through traffic.

He finally finished using up his credit at the Arcade and we headed for the cinema. And what is a movie without pop corns?
Yes, it is closed. Fortunately the re-opened it and I bought a small sized popcorn and drinks.

After the movie, we went for a little walk around. The shops are closing since it's almost 10 already. Finally, we head home. I drove alone unfortunately, so I have to always watch my tail before I get into the car.

In Malaysia, you never know when somebody sneaks up and kills you. It has become a very common thing in Malaysia. Personally, I think that this phenomenon happened because we let too many foreign workers in causing jobs to go thin. So, the only way to survive, steal, if he/she saw your face, kill.

That's about me and our hang-out.
Hope to hang out once more in the future.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

What did I do for Christmas? (Shrek 2, Microtrend, Swordless Samurai, Fatal Frame 3)

Hey, people!
Christmas is over and I'm really missing it, even if I'm not celebrating Christmas.
The Christmas Specials are just so... some of them are really nice.
Some of it is this:

Shrek 2
Nice animated movie. I mean like... "Duhh!! It's Shrek!"
Everybody loves Shrek. The unfortunate part for me however is that I didn't watch the move in 100%. Kinda turned it on half way. I think I was playing the PS2 with my bro or something. can't really recall. :P

Anyhow, my bro and I went to Queen's Bay Mall to meet some of his friends on Saturday and Sunday. And I went to my favourite place in the entire mall.

I love Borders. It's like a book store that has a StarBucks in it and with cushion chair, a very nice carpet and the atmosphere of peace and calm is really there. Plus they offer tonnes of very nice books. I always hope that I can buy the entire store. :P

I bought a book for my bro as a Christmas present:
Microtrends by Mark J.Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne. Not sure what it is but he said it's something about trends. Maybe predicting trends or trend-analysis, I don't know. Have to wait for him to pass it down to me.

We basically exchange gifts. He bought for me this book:
The Swordless Samurai by Kitami Masao, translated by Tim Clark.
I encountered this book at a section in Borders and I knew that I have to get it or regret. I did have regrets before about buying books. What is it? Sometimes I feel really connected to a book and start reading in Borders, but sometimes I feel like I won't buy it because it IS a lot money, so I put them away. But when I went there the second time, IT'S GONE! I was so... sad, filled with regrets. So, I told my bro about this really bad experience whenever he hesitates to buy a book.
Thanks for the book, bro.

I spent a few days playing Fatal Frame 3. A really scary game.

This game is so scary that I will only play it when somebody is around. It's about this girl that was traumatized by the death of her fiancee in an accident. When somebody gets too connected to the dead, he or she will be wandering in the Manor of Sleep when they are sleeping. If they fail to get out of the manor alive, they will disappear from the real world.

You have a torchlight and a very old camera called Camera Obscura to "send the dead to the right path" as what I would like to put it. The Manor of Sleep is a very quiet, old and has a history of several rituals that caused an entire village to become haunted. The ritual was meant to apeace the dead, but turned out wrong and... well... there you have it...

This game never fail to freak me out, same goes to the 2 previous installations. The third tied the 1st and the 2nd together, featuring the aftermath of the two while making a new storyline for the new character, Rei.

One really awesome thing is the main character is always a girl! And the best part is they are so CUTE and pretty! I love them! Well, of course, they are designed by people, so... they will be very cute. :P

Is this sex appeal?
Erm... not really... the Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly mai character is very conservative, the protagonist, Mio covers her entire body except for her face and hands. She's so... cute...
However Rei, the protagonist of Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented reveals a little bit of her skin at the back and the upper chest part. The main thing about every Fatal Frame character is they are slim and the Japanese people made that an attraction. :P

Okay, I'm getting pretty freaked out typing about Fatal Frame. Remembering the cut-scenes and also the "boss" battles. Really scary...

Since my bro is back in KL, Fatal Frame would have to wait. :P

For my next post, I would be commenting about Malaysia's National Service ad. National Service which is a total NIGHTMARE to some or a very BIG push forward for some. It started on the 27th of Dec and more details in the next post. :P

Takziah to those who are unhappy to go and Tahniah to those who wants to go.
Tomorrow (30th of Dec) is the day where my Form 3 friends get their PMR results!
All the best to you, especially Sin Wei who is pretty crazy as the 3oth approaches. :P

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Special 2008!!

Date: 25/12/08
Time: 1.55 A.M

Yes, it is currently 1.55 A.M and I'm waiting for my brother to return from KL.
Returning at 4 A.M on Christmas... so, I'll be staying up waiting for him like waiting for Santa Clause.

Ah, yes.
Santa Clause. He must be really busy these few days looking into his nice/naughty book, preparing a list of presents for a list of people and finally sending it to them during Christmas.
Why that's a long list he's having. Must've took him days to read each line.
Let's hope that he doesn't miss a line or two in that long list. :P

During Christmase Eve, everyone must be decorating their Christmas Tree.

Or making their own Snowman for those living in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth
And when it's Christmas...
Oh yeah...
Never forget to decorate your house too, even if it is just a hut, it deserves some nice lighting. Even Snoopy decorates his cute little red house. That's the Spirit!
What did I do during Christmas Eve?
Well, I don't celebrate Christmas but the Christmas Spirit is still high!
Basically I woke up really late like... 12.00 P.M.
Went downstairs to have lunch and watched my first Christmas Special for the year 2008:
Jingle All The Way!!
Pretty nice movie with Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger acting as the main character. The last part was really touching...

And by 10.00 P.M...
My next Christmas Special: How The Grinch Stole Christmas!!

Not too bad...
You'll feel very young when you are watching it. It's like a world of phantasy where odd-looking people living in some "Who" place. Oh yeah, South Park made a parody for it. The difference is they changed "Who" to "Poo". Shockingly, they have similar storylines!! :P

Next... (It's like a movie marathon...) at 12.00 A.M. (I missed a little bit)
is Phantom of the Opera!!
Didn'd really pay attention because I was not really INto singing or talking with... erm... music-like tone. But I know what was going on. Pretty sad film, I have to say.

After that... it's already Christmas!!

Sent a few SMS-es to some friends. Typed "Hohoho!! Merry Christmas Everyone!! Hohoho!!" on my MSN. And currently, hands are on the keyboard typing this blogpost.

What am I going to do on Christmas Day?
Erm... it's still in-planning. Waiting for bro to return and most probably just go to wherever he is going. :P

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading and Hohoho!! Merry Christmas!! Hohoho!!

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Jackson Teoh

P/S: Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to my Mum and Dad!
(Yes, their anniversary is during Christmas)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Victim #7: Kiwi Shoe Polish: Sex! Does it sell?

Hi, people!
Jackson Teoh is back from movies to Victim #7!

Victim #7 is a shoe polish company known as Kiwi Shoe Polish.
The word "Kiwi" made it obvious that it's from New Zealand. :P

Anyways, this ad is taken from this website: Adpunch
This is how it looks like:
Hm... nothing wrong?
Well, the girls are very sexy and filled with the sexual attraction.

Is this what I am trying to put upfront?
Of course! These girls are so sexy and what most teenagers like to call HOT! (Eventhough I think the word, "HOT" is very... low in class)

Is it pretty?
Everyone would be like (especially amateurs), "That's a good ad! It made me look at the ad! I love it!".

Erm... okay...
Now I have another question for you:
Does it sell your product!?
So, Kiwi Shoe Polish sells shoe polish. Obviously... it's even in the name. So... why are the girls there? Are the girls your product? Are you saying that we can buy a mini-sized girl and make them wipe our shoes? Very interesting indeed...

Of course not!
What they are selling is the "shoe polish"! THAT is their product and NOT the girls!

What I do not get now is... are your copywriters a bunch of lousy amatuer ad-makers?
So, why still hire these kind of lousy copywriters (or who ever that suggested this lousy idea)?
Fire them and hire somebody new!

This ad without a doubt will NOT sell any products for your company.

So, when DO you use sexy and attractive girls in an ad?
That depends on what you are selling. If you are selling perfume or one of those "clear-shine cream" products used by ladies, then do that! Or if you are selling lingerie (obviously... It would be weird if a guy wears it. Haha!) Or slimming products.

But girls won't be attracted to a sexiness of another girl...
You might be right... I am not sure about that because I don't know what girls think and feel. However, have you ever thought about... erm.. guys buying a product for their girl? It would definitely get a guy's attention, so, they can buy it as a gift or for fun to show their appreciation. Like husbands buying slimming products for their wives so that their wives will look slimmer and sexier. Nothing wrong with that.

In short... sex does not really sell.
Games like Soul Calibur and Dynasty Warriors show off the sexual characteristics and that makes the game sell (but not everyone buys for that reason except for some people I know).

Why? I thought you said no sex in advertisements if they are not the product.
Yes, exactly! But the girls in the game IS part of their product. If you can use the girl to fight some other people, then it is a product in the game.

As an example, in this shoe polish ad, the girl has nothing to do with their product. However in Soul Calibur, you can use the girl to fight.

Can you see the difference now?

One more thing about this very lousy ad is they show women polishing a guy's shoe... that's quite offensive to some people. They should watch their copywriting before publishing it. Some people might interpret it in a way that says: Why is this ad showing a woman brushing a guy's shoe? Are they trying to get women to be slaves?

If THAT ever happens, you are DEAD! Nobody would buy from a sexist company like yourself. THAT is how dangerous it is. So, watch what your idea is or face negative-public-feedback.

Anyways, that's about all for today.
Come back next time :)
And thank you for reading.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What do I think: The Day the Earth Stood Still Movie

Hi, fellow readers of theartofads.blogspot.com!
I've just returned from Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang and I'm here typing something about the movie that I've just seen a few hours ago: The Day the Earth Stood Still

The 2008 version of course.
For a little bit of info for those who has never seen this movie.
This movie is not as bad as what the reviewers and critic say. It's actually pretty awesome. The CGI is a "wow" factor. The robot, "GORT" looks very believable in comparison to the 1951 version.

Wait... Did I say 1951?
Yes, I did!
This movie is actually a re-make of the 1951 version. However the themes in both movies are very different.THAT is the 1951 (original version) poster.
That robot blasting something is known as "Gort", a biological robot. More about Gort later...

Coming back to these 2 versions. Their themes are actually very different. The 1951 version features the theme "Peace for all" because the Cold War and World War 2 is a very hot topic during that time. However, for the 2008 version, the theme is basically around "Humans destroying Earth", something environmental.

To some people, the 2008 theme might sound gay, but it's actually not. It's very... in depth, actually. The humans are killing amongst themselves and destroying planet Earth, the aliens come and said that they want to "claim" Earth and get rid of the human race to restart everything. That's generally it.

There is this alien that really impressed me in the movie.
His CGI was... very real. Very scary and very cool.
I present you.... GORT!

Isn't he a beauty?
Wait... that's not right... that's so GAY! What the heck is wrong with me?
Oops, sorry. Wrong version. This version of Gort is the one from The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 version. Looks pretty gay... but I guess it's considered "cool" for their time.

This is the 2008 re-make of The Day the Earth Stood Still

Isn't he a beauty?

Comparing the 1951 version to the 2008...
The 1951 version of Gort is like... 8 foot tall? Like the one in the museum in America. While the 2008 version... he is one huge robot!

It is stated that Gort can easily destroy the Earth and he did...
What happens after that? Remains... a suspense! :P
Not going to tell you, sorry. You have to go to a nearby cinema and watch it on your own.

This is Keanu Reeves or also known as Klaatu in the movie.

Who is Klaatu?
He's just some alien guy that came to the Earth with Gort. He took the human body of an explorer back in 1928... oops, almost let that slip. Go watch the movie! Klaatu wears a business wear, with coat, shirt, tie, black long pants and black shoes, but he looks awesome.

His character is very cold and like a robot. His only purpose is to carry out a mission which is to tell the human race to not continue "killing" the Earth or else... they will "save" the Earth. It's so cool when the heroine went like, "I thought you said you came to save us!", "...", "No... You came to save 'the Earth'... from us!". That was so cool! Never expected that to happen...

Later in the film, he started to feel human-like feelings after watching the heroine showing compassion towards a boy whom feel lonely because he lost his father in the war. I won't reveal anything further.

Did humans die and the Earth declared "saved" by the aliens?
Go watch it on your own to see how Gort destroyed the world. It's so awesome. He's like... the "soldier" for the alien species and he can manipulate metallic and electrical things. He is basically unstoppable!

That's about it.
To the critics... screw you! This movie is still awesome, definitely way better than The Day After Tomorrow which doesn't have an ending. And please, don't compare it to The Dark Knight or Spider-man or Iron-man or something like that because this movie is a totally different category. This movie goes into like... the "World is going to end" kind of category like The Day After Tomorrow, the upcoming movie, "2012" or the old movie,"Armageddon" and others.

Go watch the movie!
Still a very good movie with awesome CGI. :)

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Victim #6: Ayam A1 (Ayam Goreng Madu) (Honey Fried Chicken)

Ayam Goreng Madu (Honey Fried Chicken)
Ayam A1 (Ayam A1)
Mm... sedapnya! (Mm... so delicious!)

This... is... the Ayam A1 advertisement.
Promoting a new product they made, Ayam Goreng Madu or in English, Honey Fried Chicken.

Sounds nice, eh? Yeah... It sounds great!
Honey Fried Chicken... the taste of honey + fried chicken = better than normal fried chicken.
That would be so... delicious...

Unfortunately, their advertisement promoting this Ayam Goreng Madu is totally gay, they don't have an aim, the message is the "duhh..." kind of message, a message that everybody goes like, "of course he said it's nice, he's acting for the company!". Worst of all, the kid is so FAKE!

I don't even know if he ever took a bite on the chicken!
They said that their chicken tastes really good, but they didn't describe it in a way that will make us drool on the floor. It's so stagnant and it's just like any gay Malaysian ad.

And what's up with the kid? How can the director of this ad ever approve such a bad act? Fire him! It would go down from SUCK Level 3 to SUCK Level 2 if the kid acted properly.

They should really look at KFC's classic ads where they show how they tear the chicken, revealing it's soft and tender flesh and the smoke coming out from the chicken. The crispiness shown by cracking the skin of the chicken... Mm... now THAT is good because it makes you feel it and you would want to have a taste. KFC also mentioned about their "Special ingredient" that made it crispy and delicious.

Unfortunately, the Ayam A1 company doesn't want to. They get the kid, a very bad actor to pretend to eat the chicken (which I think he did not) and that's it! What is that!? Where is the claim of the gain? They can't even prove that the chicken is delicious.

So, here's the golden question:

Why must I buy from you?

I'm not even attracted to your chicken. I can't even differentiate your chicken which is way inferior than KFC's. I hate the bad act of the kid. There is not even a close-up look at the chicken!! So why must I buy from you? I'd rather hang out in KFC and buy a ready-made chicken that I know tastes good!

To the Ayam A1 company, you really need to discuss this among yourselves. This is nothing compared to KFC and yet, you spend your Ringgit Malaysia on this piece of crap that you call your advertisement.

What is the gain? Where is the claim? How can you make an ad better than those classical KFC ads? How do we make the audience drool?

Those are the questions that you need to answer to at least improve your ads.
For now, I think your ad is totally crappy.

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Jackson Teoh

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exception #1 (It's OK to use White on Black!): The Star: News, and More

Jackson Teoh is back with a new category.
"The Exception"

I'm here to explain the exceptions of using white words on black paper.
When do you use it? How? And most importantly, why?

First of all, let me just go through a little bit about what I've been doing.
Currently, playing a game: Persona 3

Really awesome game where you summon monsters known as Personas to battle Shadows (The enemy "troops") during the Dark Hour (a time where the world freezes except for a few of them who are Persona-Users that will battle the Shadows during this time, Dark Hour starts at 12.00 A.M. and ends... whenever because the flow of time is different compared to the real world.)

This game was developed by Atlus, one of my favourite game developer company because their storylines are always magnificent. The first game created by Atlus that I played was Magna Carta. The storyline is filled with suspense that will finally lead you to... a surprise. Like your closest friend has always been the "Big Boss" and you didn't know it because she lost her memories or something.

Games of Atlus today are always filled with "Alternate Endings" or "What if's...". That added more value to it as people would want to watch the other ending after finishing the game with one ending. So, they have to play it again, adding replay value.

Like in Persona 3, from what I've read on the net. There will be a "What if..." like when you get to choose to kill Pharoas (a very important character in the game that gives you hints on a possible attack of the Shadows on the human world during Dark Hour). If you kill him, you get the bad ending. If you choose not to kill him, you have to journey inside the Tartarus to fight Nyx (a super-badass shadow... like a boss of all bosses) to get the good ending (but it's not that good as well because either way, the protagonist dies but he'll save the human world in the good ending. :P)

Oh, yes. Persona 4 is out! From what I've read on the net as well, Persona 4 is somehow related to the 3rd one, but I'm not pretty sure about that. :P

Anyways, coming back to Exception #1: It's OK to use White on Black!
Let's look at the ad below by The Star newspaper:
This ad IS the exception to using White words on Black/Coloured background.

It's so obvious that their words are BIG!
So it's easier to read.

Well, in that case, why not we just make the entire ad filled with GIANT words?
What?! Is that what you're thinking?
No!! Don't do that!

Our brain is programmed to read type-12 words in paragraphs. So, better make is type-12. Since your type-12 words are not THAT BIG... Then using white on black would be a bad idea...

One more thing is that this advertisement kept their words to a minimum.
Is that a good idea?
That depends on the market.

When words and lines are kept to a minimum and it's big, the white type is easier to read. I do realise that there are other lines below and above the big letters, usually I would just read the big ones, the small ones are... a little too... white...

The picture tells it all.
That guy is holding an Earth. Meaning that he is able to look for news from all around the world just like from the internet which is why the "Earth" is made into a "Mouse" plus a key board.

That's practically it...
It's simple, short and nice.
Just like KISS! (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

That's all for now,
Thanks for reading :)

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Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Victim #5: Eastin Hotel

Hey, you!
Hehe... sorry for being so rude. :P

Anyhow, I spent over 2 hours watching a really awesome movie!
It's Red Cliff! Directed by John Woo.
Red Cliff depicts the Battle of Red Cliff or also known as Battle at Chi Bi.
The awesome-ness came to me because I played Dynasty Warriors! So, there is an unexplainable connection between the historical characters in the movie and I.

This is the poster:
Known to be one of Asia's highest budget film. It's a two-parter. First part was released when Beijing Olympics began, and the second part of the film releases next year on January.

Can't wait! I hope more movies based on the Three Kingdoms Period will rise. However, I think things need to cool off after this movie because the "Wow" factor is always a one-time thing. Hope the punch is still there when they make another movie based on the Three Kingdoms Period.

Maybe the Battle of Yi Ling between the forces of Sun Wu and Shu Han that ultimately shuts the Shu Han empire up for good from the empire's revenge on the then Sun Wu empire for killing Guan Yu, a fellow oath brother of Liu Bei, Commander of Shu Han. I wonder what happens if Liu Bei did not attack the Sun Wu empire based on emotions... Maybe he'll then attack Cao Wei based on Zhuge Liang's advice (a military strategist of Shu Han).

Anyways, my fifth victim is also known as Asia's BEST 4-Star Business Hotel for 4 years.
I'm talking of course about Eastin Hotel.

Check out the hotel! It looks so awesome and grand!
This is the picture:
Love the hotel. So this is free marketing for Eastin Hotel.
Their hotel might be the BEST 4-Star Business Hotel in Asia for 4 years, their advertisement, looking for a Financial Controller and Director of Sales and Marketing, on the other hand... is TOTALLY GAY!

Look at that!:
Check it out!
No pictures, nothing nice about it... I won't even realise it's there!
It's like... they do not want to hire anyone, but just want to publish it based on the advice of a... "Not-Director of Marketing" guy.

I seriously love your hotel. It looks awesome. And who ever that goes into the hotel will feel awesome too, but your ad... erm... not very awesome.

The worst part of course is the colour of the type. It is 100% white on black. Including the logo... Jeez... They do get readers, but not that many.

So, here's the question:
How in the world are you going to look for a very talented employee if 50% of your "Suppose-to-be" audience are not there to read it? Probably the other 50% who ditched on this ad are winners in this particular job that will bring more revenue to the employer.

Do you really want to hire somebody?

What can you do?
Simple... Just turn the colour of the type and the background around. So the colour of the words are black and the background is white. Then add a colour to your logo. Then probably add some picture or something that depicts you need them or you'll die. THAT will probably get you more calls to your Human Resource Manager, and it WILL get you more talented and qualified people for this job.

Oh yes, don't forget to add a caption to your photo. 90% of people read captions more than the content of your ad. So, better make it catchy.

All the best to Eastin Hotel. :)
It would be an honour to meet with up with the person that made your hotel the BEST 4-Star Business Hotel in Asia.

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Jackson Teoh

P/S: I can suggest some really neat things to be added into your ad to make it successful and targeted. It's like putting a bait into a pond of hungry fishes. The problem is... looking for the right pond. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Victim #4: Systems Thinking for Leaders

Jackson Teoh is back after having a break for a day!
I have even brought the 4th victim and it's... another seminar called "Systems Thinking for Leaders".

The headline is very catchy, eh?
You want more elaboration? Then, good luck with that.

This is how the ad looks like:
The obvious problem is... Their Words are ALL in WHITE!!
I tried reading this ad and it hurts my eyes!

See below:
What is wrong with these people? Didn't they check the ad after it's done? Didn't they try reading it?

No, it's not a rule to follow, but it is common sense and logic.

Try reading something like this in the newspaper and you'll realise that it is so hard to read that you'll just give up reading. And what happens when somebody stops reading your ad?
You'll lose a chance to sell!

This is such a minor problem yet thousands and probably millions of designers and copywriters repeat this mistake over and over again. As a result, their ad does not sell.

However there are some exceptions if you really want to use white fonts on black paper.
I'll show an example later.

Q: Wait... Why do some companies like BMW, Mercedes and others still sell even if their ads are using white fonts on black paper?
A: This is very simple. It is through branding. The brands BMW and Mercedes are very well-known for their luxurious designed cars and comfortable driving. This will awaken the positive-public-opinion. With the help of word of mouth, these positive opinions will go through thousands and millions of ears. Then it will reach the media after they've seen the ratings by the public, thus increasing more positive opinions, finally boosting their sales!

While for this ad... I seriously do not know what's the brand. I know it's a seminar but it has to be hosted by somebody. Where is the logo?!

If the background is white and the words are black, it would be much easier to read.

Isn't black on white a little dull?
No, it's not. In fact it gives the audience (your to-be-customers) some breathing space in their brain. We are programmed to read black words on white paper since we started reading. So, it's easier to read. It's just like playing a game. Once you get used to the controls, you don't have to memorize the position of the buttons, it becomes a reflex. Same goes to reading.

I hope that the designer will improve his basics in making ads. This would totally suck without the catchy headline. The copywriter saved your life, Mr. Designer of an unknown company.

Contact me if you need any consultations regarding this matter. It is very simple.
Remember KISS!

Thanks for reading :)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Praise #1: Proton: Prices So Good, It'll Make Your Head Spin

"Uhh!! What is this?? Jackson Teoh... THE Jackson Teoh, praising one of the Malaysian made car ads! What is the meaning of this?" as what most of you might think.

Jeez... give me a break... I can't keep criticizing an ad, right? Eventhough I know that Malaysian made cars always receive complains but they're improving bit by bit. Besides, this ad that they made is great!

See below:
As you can see they used the black on white paper kind of typing. It is much easier to read. Compared to the ad made by BMW... OUCH! My eyes hurt. As for this ad, it is pretty simple and nice. Just like what Ogilvy kept reminding people, "KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!"

This is the design of the entire ad:
Can you see it? There is a blue circle thing!

What is it actually?
This is actually a technique. In fact, I've read about this round-thing design. It's from a book known as, "Secrets of Persuasion". It's catchy as people will be wondering, "What is this?", leading to further exploration around the ad.

I was curious too! And to my amazement, it's by Proton! I was like, "What!?? A Proton ad? Unbelievable!!"

The copywriter did a pretty good job too. He kept his sentences short and anybody who reads it will understand it within seconds. Unlike the one that wrote the ad for BMW... long and hard to understand.

Praise the designer and copywriter! They did a pretty good job it. Keep it up. :)

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Victim #3: BMW: Congratulations to Auto-Bavaria

Jackson Teoh is back with Victim Number 3!
This victim is very well-known by men and women since it was created.

Known to be one of the best and most luxurious cars of the world, we have BMW!
I love BMW cars, but this ad that they made... just didn't reach my expectations.

See below:
What's the problem?
Obviously, my first problem with this ad is the color of the letters.
In my previous 2 posts, I mentioned that the color of the type is very important.

See below:
Why is it important?
It decides how much readership you get. Do you lose any readers? Well, you do by 30-50% loss of readership. When this colour is used to explain brief messages, that is totally fine. But if the entire paragraph is like.... well, like THAT, I would recommend you to use a different colour.

As you can see, this BMW ad is typed with an entire paragraph of white letters on black paper... This will make the readers retire from reading any further. Jeez...

What's worse?
If you enlarge the 2nd picture, you will notice that the first line is like... so damn long! It's like the copywriter expects you to read it and actually understanding within seconds after reading it.

The First line is suppose to be the punch. Just like a war where the first line are filled with archers to weaken the attacking enemy. If the first line of defence are filled with soldiers holding short-knives... then forget about it, raise the white flag.

In actual fact, it takes longer than "several seconds" to understand the first line.

And who in the world approved this ad to be published? I wouldn't.

However, no matter how bad their ads may be, their cars are great. I even plan of buying one next time. Why? It makes you look, feel and drive like you're just 21! You feel very young! The design of the CAR is great, but unfortunately... the design of this AD is not THAT great... in fact, it is so lousy that it decreases a lot of leadership.

Keep in mind: 1% of a population is still a lot of people. Imagine losing 50% of
readership... OUCH!

In conclusion:
1) the type has a lousy colour
2) the sentences are long, increasing the level of difficulty in understanding

What should they do?
Well, the errors are not that high... just swap the colours of the letter and the paper and last but not least FIRE their copywriter that wrote that damn line! Call somebody else to write it.

That is all by Jackson Teoh
Sorry BMW.
Love your cars, but not this particular ad.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Victim #2: Fairos Agro Resources Sdn. Bhd.: Worm Breeding and Organic Fertilizer Seminar

Hi again.
Jackson Teoh here with his 2nd victim: Fairos Agro Resources Sdn. Bhd.
Remember how I talked about designers typing white letters on black/ bright/ colourful backgrounds?
This however is worse than that.

This advertisement was posted in the Star Newspaper: 5/12/08 in the "Sports section"
(I wonder how does "Sports" relates itself to breeding worms.)
This is how it looks like:

Can you see the words?
Totally not... Well, the words on the right side are still read-able eventhough they have a very bad background for the words. However something that really bugs me is... (see below)

Look to the middle left side of this picture, try reading the words.

Everyone will be like:
"What the heck?!"
"I can't even read!"
"The person who decided to put it like this and the people who approved it should be fired!"

Seriously, can you read that?

Now THAT is worse than typing white letters on black paper.
You know what is worse? The advertisement is black and white!
If the picture is coloured and the letters in the picture are black, that is still acceptable. In fact, it is easier to read.

Jeez, but look what did they do? They let it remain black and white!
(Note that the page on "Sports" is coloured. This ad on the other hand is black and white. What and out-cast!)

I will not even notice it's there.

Where is the section "Benefits"?
Oh my god, people. This advertisement doesn't even explain what are the benefits of this event. It's just like telling people that they're having some kind of "Worm breeding" seminar. If I am not studying in this field, I will be thinking, "Worm breeding? They actually teach you how to encourage worms to have... (you know what I mean)". At least have a section or a box with a list of benefits, put in mind that I said "At least".

So for this ad, the designer, the copywriter and the supervisor are to be fired or suspended from work to allow them to go around town, reading and learning what they are suppose to do in the company. I could've made a better advertisement if I know what worm-breeding is. 0.o

That is all for today.
In conclusion, this advertisement is really GAY.
I still wonder... If this is targeted to farmers or something... how is "Worm-Breeding" related to "Sports"... Interesting...

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Have a nice day.
I'll be looking for more victims.