Monday, February 25, 2008

Dynasty Warriors 6 (Strategize, Organize, Kill, Conquer)

Today is Wednesday.
Had some Sports Rehearsal (Never heard of one before: rehearsal)

I've just found the great decision in my life (not yet the greatest)
And I'm pretty cool with it.

Anyhow, this is another advertisement on Request from my brother

1) Lu Bu and Diao Chan (The 2 characters in color)
- Lu Bu was a very skilled warrior during the Three Kingdoms Era. Fought for a few warlords and always ended up killing his own Lords/Commanders, like Dong Zhuo. At last he was supposed to be a general to Cao Cao Commander of the Wei Army but he was executed due to his notorious records of killing his own Lords/Commanders.
- Diao Chan, a beautiful woman from the Three Kingdoms Era as written by the author of the book ages ago. Dong Zhuo loved Diao Chan, Lu Bu loved Diao Chan, Diao Chan loved Lu Bu. So, you can imagine what happened.

2) Black and White Characters : Guan Yu and Sun Shang Xiang
- These 2 are other characters in the game that plays an important role in history.
Guan Yu is famous now and even worshiped in temples for good business.
Sun Shang Xiang of the Kingdom of Wu is in love with Liu Bei, the Commander of the Kingdom of Shu.

3) The words "Betrayal" and "Love" stuck to the 2 colored characters

- Lu Bu is a betrayer for killing all his Lords/Commanders.
- Diao Chan is always about Love in history.

4) 2 Screenshots

- This is to show how the game looks like when fighting and during cut scenes.

That's all for the week.
Going to have tests next week.
So I'll update again after my test is over.

Thank You for reading.
And please come again. :)

- Jackson Teoh

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dynasty Warriors 6 (Be One with Your Sword, Be One with Your Commander, Be One with Your Warrior)

Today is a Saturday!
The bad news is that I still have SCHOOL!

Anyways, this idea for an Ad was brought up by my brother.
He's in New Zealand now and you can actually find for his Request on the chatbox on the right.

So, here it is, brother!
Dynasty Warriors 6 by KOEI.

The Warriors Series served me for quite some time now.
Since the time where I first bought my PS 1 till now PS 2. (1999 - 2008)
I couldn't afford a PS 3, so I'm stuck with my lovely PS 2.

I've played all the Warriors games and it was a fantastic experience.
Be One with Your Sword, Be One with Your Commander, Be One with Your Warrior.

1) Chinese characters on the top.
- Each Chinese characters up there are colored with different colors.
The First one is the Kingdom of SHU (Main color: Green)
The Second one is the Kingdom of WU (Main color: Red)
The Third one is the Kingdom of WEI (Main color: Blue)

2) Old Chinese Portrait
- These portraits were drawn during the Qing Dynasty, long after the Three Kingdoms Era.

3) New Looks for the Warriors (Below the Old Chinese Portrait)

- These "New Looks" are the new designs and faces for the warriors in 2008. Each of them represents one kingdom.
SHU : Zhao Yun
WU : Sun Ce
Wei : Xiahou Dun

4) Why did I do That?
- This is to show the Evolution of the Warriors since the years before 500 A.D. and now 2008.

5) Words in Red.
- These words are given color due to their Importance in Information.

That's all.
Hope this advertisement is good enough for you bro.
Thanks for the suggestion.

And Thank you for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't Have Enough $$$?

I'd always wanted to make an advertisement like that because of some reasons.
So, yesterday was the MIRC Gathering, held at E-Gates, Penang.
Over there, I met Jason Gan, which is a blogger that has his own website.
I had a little chat with him and I learned a lot from him.

Anyways, I came back at around 10.00PM and I immediately began designing this advertisement for "The Loan" company.
Note: It's a made-up company. Doesn't Exist. That's why the logo is so dodge-ey.

1) A guy crying.
- This guy has just lost all his money due to his lack of planning for the "Big" project that he asked for. At last, he was FIRED! Poor guy...

2) Flying money.
- This guy not only loses his job, but also all his money! Leading to a total despair.

3) "The LOAN" logo with a shark background.
- Ever heard of Loan Sharks? They are the ones that'll paint your house red for FREE!
However, with a condition: Don't re-pay what you had borrowed from them. So, if you want a FREE Paint Job, just borrow money from these Loan Sharks and you'll get it!
So the Shark represents Loan Sharks!

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

-Jackson Teoh

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Coolpix S7: Sometimes Great Things in Life, Come in Small Sizes

I am pretty free today.
So, I designed an advertisement for the Nikon camera, Coolpix S7.

Why Coolpix S7?
My brother has this camera and it is very cool.
It captures the pictures that you desire in a flash.
The shutter moment is fast too = like the blinking of an eye.

Question: What's a shutter moment?
I'm not really sure, based on Fatal Frame, a Japanese horror game, it is when the camera takes pictures. That's what I think of course, since I don't really know what that is.

1) There is a camera in between the books.
- Over here, the camera is shown between the books to inform the reader how thin the camera is. It's not that thin BUT it is more portable compared to the normal kind of camera (The black color one)

2) The Catchphrase as starters.
- It is quite a famous catchphrase, inspired by something that I read a long time ago. The camera is small, but it plays a big role in our life: "Catching" our memories.

3) Why use dialogs?
- Just trying it out, if you think it's bad, then just comment in the chat box, I don't mind because any comments will be taken as a lesson.

That's all the elements that I can see.
If you see something else that I didn't, the chatbox is on the right side.

Thank you for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Promoting Google Adsense. Thank you Google!

Greetings everyone.
Today is quite nice because I skipped school.

Anyways, today I wish to thank Google for giving me an opportunity to post up some advertisements I designed in my blog.

Today, I designed a Google Advertisement, promoting their Adsense.
Thank you Google!

What do I see in here?

1) Why is the dog looking into the fence?
- The dog is helping his master to look for his gift. However, dogs doesn't understand what "net" or "online" is so, it's looking around the house.

2) Why picture on the left now?
- This is another form of advertisement that people use all the time. Nothing new actually.

3) Why long copy?
- There's a reason behind the long copy.

So, those are the elements that I see in that advertisement.
If You saw something that I did not, please share ya?

Thank you.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Introducing the New Roomba!

Today is Saturday!
And I am bored!

Anyways, I asked my dad a few questions yesterday after reading a book about marketing.
He answered all my questions and I finally have an idea!

He said that he is very lazy to clean up the floor in our house, so I gave him a solution.
A vacuum cleaner that cleans the house faster than a normal vacuum cleaner.
That was my 1st plan: A vacuum cleaner that cleans the house faster.

So, after that, time for work.
I searched for the word "Vacuum cleaner" on Google and they gave me the iRobot product, the Roomba!
It's a vacuum cleaner that has a brain of it's own.

So another idea sprung up.
My 2nd idea: Roomba!

Anyways, here are the elements inside this advertisement:

1) Multiple girl
- Portrays that no matter how many hands or bodies that you have, you still can't get it done!

2) Never ending floor
- You can never finish cleaning!

3) There's no comparison
- Nothing beats Roomba in cleaning!

4) Saves time?
- The time that you spent on cleaning last time, can now be spent for other more productive things or of course for leisure.

So, those are the elements that I see in this advertisement.
If there are any other elements that you can see in this advertisement, do tell me, ya?
And of course, if you think you can an idea to make this advertisement better, please share. :)

That's all for today.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

It's less than 24 hours before I celebrate my Chinese New Year!
So, I've made this card for a very special friend of mine.
Have a look at the card if you want.

Elements on this card design:

1) Dragon on the right side
- The dragon is there to picture the energy that'll be put into the reader for a very successful new year. It also symbolizes strength and leadership to me and I hope the reader feels that way too.

2) Red background
- Red is a very lucky color for the Chinese People. We usually say it as an "Ong" color. It's a very powerful color as it projects your eyes to the color itself.

3) Rat with gold and "Ang Pow" beside it
- Year 2008 is the year of the rat based on the Chinese astrology animals. There are 12 animals and the first animal to start the cycle off is the rat.
- The gold and "Ang Pow" (Red Packet) is to project wealth that the rat year will bring for the reader.

That's all for today.
And I wish that You will have a very Happy Chinese New Year.
And good luck in whatever you are doing.

- Jackson Teoh

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The PiggyBank!

I was bored yesterday and I had a thought in my mind.
It's about creating an advertisement to promote a bank.
But unfortunately, I couldn't find a suitable picture as starters, suddenly, I came across "The Pig!"
So, I told myself, "Hey! Why not make an advertisement promoting the piggybank?"

What do I see in this ad?

1) The story behind this advertisement is about having a very beautiful piggybank.
- The piggybank on the top said it's sad. Why? Because he/she is not pretty.

2) I repeated the word "piggybank" in almost every line in the advertisement.
- I wanted people to be in the mood for "piggybanks" so I included the words "piggybank" over and over again so that the reader will be in a "piggybank" mood.

This is a basic advertisement, nothing special really.

Extra: I always use black ink on top of white instead of white ink on top of black due to the human brain interpreting black on white easily compared to white on black.

Don't believe me?
Try looking for a black page and try reading the white words.
Then, try reading the white pages with black words.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Mat Rempits VS Yam Seng People

My family and I went to a Chinese restaurant to fill up our hunger.
Plus, my uncle and aunt came all the way from KL to visit my grandmother,
so we decided to dine in a Chinese restaurant in Seberang Jaya.

While we were eating, there were many others eating too.
And there was one table that really annoyed my brother and I.
They perform "Yam Seng" (a Chinese call for "Cheers") every time they want to drink!
So, you can just imagine how many times did they shout "Yam Seng!".
I'd even lost count!

Then my bro came up with an idea!
He was so annoyed by them till he received a tick in his head.
He told me about the idea and there it is!
The story behind the ad above!

1) "Mat Rempits" are annoying teenage bikers that ride on the roads performing stunts that'll take their lives and for what? Nothing! They just make annoying sounds with their motorcycles, so that sound became a comparison to the sound of "Yam Seng!"

2) The "VS" in between both the pictures is to ignite the "Competition" between both sounds. One is the sound of the "Mat Rempits" and the other of course the "Yam Seng!"

Thanks for reading!

-Jackson Teoh

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