Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shadow Hearts (We want Shadow Hearts 4 and Yuri!)

Attended some Public Speaking competition as a spectator.

BUT I was there to learn a thing or 2 about how public speaking works since this is my first year that I'm joining.

Yeah, 1st YEAR! out of 5 Years! :P
So, I was kind of late to have the ability to talk.

I made this advertisement a few days ago to express my love towards this game.
This game is a history, people!

Best game of the year 2004 and Best game that I've ever played.
I missed something inside though, now THAT I regret. So, I might be doing another one.

1) Who are those 2 people standing on the right side?
- Those 2 are the main characters in the game. The girl is Karin and the guy is Yuri. A little history... back in Shadow Hearts 1, Yuri was the protagonist. Didn't really understand what was going on back then because the game freaked me out! It was just so... Scary! The monsters were portrayed as restless and tortured spirits. Once you defeat them, you can see their profile and history of each of the demon's death. How they became a demon. There's this one girl that some crazy villagers chopped her legs off and fit her into a big snail shell! So, when she dies, she became a demon that has no legs, instead, she moves with some tentacles grown from the shell... very scary... So, yeah, Yuri returned in Shadow Hearts 2, and Shadow Hearts 2 is cool! No longer scary BUT it still has the dark elements. Karin is in love with Yuri, but Yuri only loves one person which is the heroin of the 1st game that died from holding Yuri's mistletoe curse.

2) The background: What's that round thing?
- That round thing is a Judgment Ring. In the game, when you initiate an attack, a ring appears and you MUST press the 'X' button on the colored areas, if you miss, then your attack will miss as well. Very challenging but once you know the pattern and the speed of the needle, then you can pull it out with not much problems.

3) Erm... That creature is saving Karin?

- Yeah, that Demon spared her life. When she woke up, she managed to see the Demon transform back to a Yuri. So, that creature is Yuri, the Harmonixer. That scene is at the beginning of the game.

4) Then, how did he lose his demon fusion abilities?

- Nicolai, said to be sent by Vatican to exorcise a Demon in Domremy which is Yuri in his Amon Demon form which is the 1st picture. So... Nicolai (known as Nicolas at the beginning of the game) did something to him... I forgot what did he do, but it affected Yuri's Fusion Ability. So, Yuri lost ALL of his Fusion Demons that he collected back in Shadow Hearts 1.

5) Fusion Abilities?
- Yuri is a Harmonixer, so he has the ability to fuse with a dead soul with specific elements. Each element has a certain story behind it, mostly... creepy stories. His ability to fuse is a heritage from his Father, Ben Hyuga which in the first game, fights as Fox Face (Wears a Fox mask, you have to defeat him to obtain the most powerful Fusion Demon: Seraphic Radiance).

6) Example Fusion Demons?
- As an example: the 2nd picture. That guy in a knight suit. That guy is a fusion demon. Yuri fused himself with a fire element spirit, thus he became that demon.

7) What's the round thing on the 3rd picture?
- That's the Judgment Ring, see the colored areas? Those are the spots that you have to hit 'X'.

8) Just one question: Why did you make this advertisement?

- It is actually to express my love towards the game. The 3rd was kind of a mess. In fact, compared the 2nd one, the 3rd sucked! Sorry XSeed, but that's my view. I hope that Midway and Aruze will make Shadow Hearts 4.

9) What's your suggestion?
- I suggest that Midway and Aruze ask the fans of Shadow Hearts 2 what they want for the next sequel.
- Maybe they can continue from the Bad Ending of Shadow Hearts 2 that made Yuri lose his memories. They can make him want to regain his memories and maybe bring back Nicolai (even though he was defeated in Shadow Hearts 2) because he's a pretty cool enemy.
- OR they can continue from the Good Ending where Yuri is brought back to the past to stop his love, Alice from dying the second time. Maybe what they can do is... Yuri goes on board the train and meets up again with Albert Simon and kills Albert Simon with Dark Seraphim or something, then the twist comes into play where some guy already planned for Albert Simon to die to release some curse upon Yuri. So, Albert Simon is the bait. Then Yuri loses and that new enemy steals his Fusion souls or something and put them back in the Graveyard. Yuri lost pretty badly and he was thrown down a river from the top of a train. The new enemy thinks that Yuri is dead but Yuri is saved by some dude that'll later join the party and he gets a new costume and bla bla bla.

10) Then what happens to Alice?

- Make her get kidnapped for the release of Meta God again! or another icon enemy (That's for the first disc). After defeating Meta God or another icon enemy, the 'new enemy' escapes to find another way to create a very powerful demon or make himself into a demon! After the 1st disc, Alice joins the party with a new costume. :)

Yeah, so that's a little bit of a 'touch-on' Shadow Hearts.
I hope that the developers can see some space for the 4th installment.

Thanks for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Need For Speed : ProStreet (Release the ProStreet Racer Within You)

Okay, today's Saturday!
Had been busy the entire week with my SPM Moral Assignments.

I attended an event yesterday call D'Nite.
I think the entire purpose of this night is to educate you more about your career, but there's a side purpose that is to network.

So I just went there and talked to a few people about blogging.
How to start? What to do? How to write?

Well, I tried to teach them something and I hope to see their blogs in the future.

Anyways, I made this advertisement on request by my bro.
It's Need For Speed: ProStreet.

I know that it is pretty old, but I just do it anyways as a "What If?" thing.

1) Why Black background?
- Okay, for this part of the element, I try to make it "fit" with the target market. Usually teenagers play this game and they love black because they think that white are for sissies (but I don't really like black because it Absorbs HEAT!), so the background was made black for it to be more appealing to the targets.

2) What are those Pole-ish things?
- The poles... for the poles, it's just there for things to look more... "car-ish" because when we talk about cars, we talk about wheels, rims and etc. and what connects those things together? Some metal rod or something right? So, that's where it came it.

3) What do Girls have anything to do with Racing?
- I just don't know how to answer that question, but I'll put it this way. Have you ever seen GP racing? They have these girls for each car brand. I don't know what's the purpose but it's turned into a culture. I think they're called Race Girls?

4) The Cropping of the Girls Sucked!

- Oh, really? Okay, you can give me some feedback on it and I'll see what's going on because I just started my Photoshop.

Always feel free to comment.
That's all.

- Jackson Teoh

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Red Bull (I Want...)

Today's Monday.
I actually made this advertisement on Sunday, about 11.40 p.m.

That's like... a few minutes before Monday.
So, Sunday was like an ordinary dull day for me.

Tuition in the morning till 1.30 p.m.
Come back home, use the computer and screw up my plan to rest my brain.

During the night, I was pretty much bored, so I just looked through Google Images, looking for the word "Product".

And I was lucky enough to bump into something that I am quite interested in: Red Bull.
So, yeah, that's how this advertisement came to be.

1) It looks really empty.
- It is meant to be like this to look more... "Paying-Attention-to-Red Bull" kind of thing.

2) Why underline the words?
- Well, that's the benefit that you can get by drinking Red Bull before some activity.

3) What "Winning Formula"?
- This is actually a chain reaction once you drink the Red Bull. 1st, you have the energy to run on a race as an example, then you won. After that, many reporters will come to you and interview you and put you on television, that means you've obtained fame. Famous people are usually used in commercials, so there goes the money. And as you win more and more, you'll have an excellent record! So, that's the chain reaction.

4) Okay, so that's the chain reaction, then what about Chill Out?

- Chill Out is also one of the reaction after you've gone through most of the activities, you need to get away from the media attention, so you have to chill out. How? You need a Drink... to Restore your Lost Energy.

5) What Drink?
- Of course Red Bull! It'll restore your energy to take on more reporters, more events and more fans!

So, that's all for the Red Bull.
Feel free to comment...


- Jackson Teoh

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Incredible Hulk (He's Back...)

So, this is my new ad for The Incredible Hulk movie this year.
I made this ad like... 5 days ago?

But didn't really have time to update my blog.
So today is... Saturday! I almost forgot what day it was.

Went for a special edition of MIRC where they teach you about marketing online.
Pretty cool, met some really great people and learned a lot.

1) The Incredible Hulk? I thought the last movie was only called "Hulk".
- That's true! The last movie that featured Hulk was the "Hulk" movie back in... 2002 or 2003?

2) Why rename it and do it again?
- Because the last movie a few years back sold lots of tickets on it's first week. On the second week however, things didn't go really well and it was an unexpected drop in ratings. In fact, based on Wikipedia, the sales went down... to the ground... and it was considered a movie-gone-wrong.

3) So... what do you mean by "there's no weight to the hulk"?

- Okay, I didn't really watch the movie. Just obtained some reviews from the director of the new movie. He said that in the previous movie, the Hulk has no Weight! He's like jumping and flying around. While the Hulk was suppose to be incredible and feared by many. That is why in his new movie of the Hulk, he renamed it and he made a new angle for the Hulk character.

4) Who's that mutated guy on the middle-right side?
- That's Abomination. Originally, Abomination has long ears just like from the comics and series. However, the director wanted a new angle for the Hulk movie for 2008, so he changed the design of Abomination into something more... scary... He does look very cool in my opinion.

5) Is that it?
- No, of course it's not it. Feel free to always critic or comment or something.

That's all for now.
Update again when I'm free.

- Jackson Teoh

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Microsoft: Team Sustainable Systems (Don't Pay High Bills & Win an X Box!)

So, this is a new and old advertisement that I made for my bro.
Everything he wants is in here I guess.

It seems that he wants to stick this advertisement all around his university: AUT.

So, yeah.
You may vote for Team Sustainable Systems at:

The elements are almost the same, so... not much.
Just added more space into the advertisement and the shout out box.

- Jackson Teoh

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Microsoft: Team Sustainable Systems (I Won't Pay my High Bills!!)

I received a last minute request from my brother.

He's in this competition and he wishes to obtain votes.
So, I spread the news to all my friends and some were helpful enough to help me.

That person is Chiun Min, form 4 girl.
So, bro, you should thank her. She helped you spread it.

He's in this some kind of Microsoft competition and he needs votes.
You may vote for him at:

Just click vote.
His team name is:

Team Sustainable Systems

I wish to say "Thank You for your support" for him.

1) Wait a minute! That's King Leonidas from 300!
- Yeah, that's King Leonidas from 300. I was just exploring the web and I found that his picture suits what I was looking for.

2) What were you looking for?

- I was looking for a warrior killing a person with a spear. But THIS is better! He's screaming at those Persians! So, that's Perfect!

3) What Bills?
- My bro's Software will help you lower down your Electric Bills. Effects? It'll save you money.

4) How does it work?
- His Software will remind you if you've over-used electricity or Forgot to switch them "OFF". So that's how it works I think.

5) Why is the Headline so weird?
- If you read the 1st paragraph, it says that "wish that God will send some Dudes down to...". So that's when the "Dudes" came in.

6) Why is the paper brown?
- It is to reflect an old paper like the... Declaration of Independence of America. It's old because King Leonidas is from ancient times before pants were even created. Yes! They fought the Persians without pants on. Go see Wikipedia.

7) Win an X-Box?
- Yeah, if you vote for your favourite team, you'll stand a chance to win an X-Box 360. Very cool.

That's all for yesterday.
Made 2 advertisements in a day.

My personal record.

- Jackson Teoh

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 (Because Some Moments Cannot be Missed)

Alright, yesterday was some day.
Very interesting day.

Interesting as in challenging interesting.
I received a request from a Auckland University of Technology to...
I'll type about it in another post.

I made this early in the morning when I don't have much to do.
Then, I went to Google and started searching for random pictures.

Suddenly, I bumped into this watch.
It's sort of a watch that'll remind you about stuff by Sony Ericson.

So, I tried making and advertisement out of it.

1) If it's a watch, why are there archers?
- The archers in the picture connects with the story. The story is about an army of archers that is in battle. They're at the front lines to break the enemy formation, so they MUST NOT MISS or else it'll cause them their lives and the lives of all their brothers. While for the watch, 800 years later, one of them was reborn as a busy businessman. He knows that he MUST NOT MISS any appointments and meetings, so he bought the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 to remind himself.

2) Why long copy again?
- For long copy, it is an advise given by an Advertising Guru. So, I just followed his advise.

3) Why not much elements these days?
- Because I think that the message is very easy to understand. That's what I think of course. So, if you see something that I have not, feel free to comment.

That's not all.
Because I made one more advertisement on a last minute request from my bro.
That advertisement is above.

- Jackson Teoh

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wallet Safe (Would You go This Far to keep your Wallet Safe?)

Today's Tuesday (11th March 2008)
Went to a "Seminar" this morning at Summit Hotel.

My School.

Pretty boring actually,
but I took this opportunity to put on my coat.

Da-xing said this: "Hey, Boss!" (Shake hands with me)
Weng Chia said: "Too much Business already lah"
The rest of them said: *Nothing*

Question: What's "lah"?
It's a Malaysian thing.
Everyone gets confused between Malay and English Language.

So they mixed it up a little bit.
What Malaysians love to call "Bahasa Rojak" (Rojak Language).
Rojak = a kind of Ingredient to make Mangoes spicy!

So I returned home at 1.45 p.m.
And I made this advertisement for fun.

1) Fat man with gun
- This guy here is told about in the text below the picture. He's the guy with the gun to protect himself from snatch-theft. Pretty extreme.

2) Why is the Width bigger than the Height now?
- Ever seen a two-paged magazine ad? Where they advertise 2 pages? Just trying it out.

3) Why long copy?
- It's a story.

4) What are you selling?
- The "Wallet Safe". It's a wallet and it IS very safe to use.

That's all for today.
Thank you for spending your time at

- Jackson Teoh

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Costello Jewelry (Who says that Money Can't Buy Love?)

Okay, I received some really nice comments from seniors and stuff.
Didn't quite agree but I agreed about 80% of it.

Especially what my bro said.
It's like, first, when he was in Malaysia, he said "This".
Now, he's in NZ, he said "That".
So, I'm pretty sure he meant "That" all along but didn't want to tell me.

Anyways, this is an advertisement that I made through boredom.
Didn't really like it, but just did it for fun.

1) The Picture
- This guy just got married and they wore the rings bought from Costello Jewelry. Simple.

2) The long copy
- Okay, now for THIS! I would like to come clean with something. The long copy was taught by Ogilvy and I tried implementing it. Please comment on it if you think it's a right thing or it's not.

3) Typo - Times New Roman
- For this one, I used Times New Roman for a reason. Comment on it.

That's all I guess.
Thanks for viewing/reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, March 7, 2008

L: Change the World

Alright! Today is the 2nd day of my 1 week holiday!
Nothing really to do during the holidays actually.

Okay, now to my newest advertisement.
L: Change the World.

L from Death Note returned to make a movie of his own.
This movie tells us about the happenings After the Kira case in Death Note.

I bumped into the trailer in Youtube and I find it really nice because...
I Am A Fan of L and Death Note!

1) Big L and that guy beside it
- The Big L is L's signature and nickname in the investigation team.
- That guy is L. Lawliet, rather be known by the name "L".

2) What Kira case?
- To see him solve this case, you have to watch the previous 2 movies of Death Note: Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name.
- In both movies, Yagami Light, a college student finds a note that has to ability to kill whoever he wants dead! Just write the person's name and picture his face in your head and that person is dead in 40 seconds.
- Light intended to use the Death Note to bring order and peace to the world by Punishing criminals and cheaters. Soon, he was known as Kira or God of Justice.
- L took on the case against Kira/Light because he thinks that nobody in this world is perfect and they should be judged by the court. There will be no good without evil and no evil without good.

3) 23 Days?
- In Death Note: The Last Name, L wrote his own name into the Death Note to see what is the maximum days can a human live when his name is written in the Death Note.
- He discovered that humans can live for 23 days as a maximum by writing his own name in.
- So now, he has only 23 days to solve this new case.

4) So what is this "New" case?
- In L: Change the World, this new case revolves on L trying to save the world from a deadly virus that has the ability to kill humans.

5) Wait a minute... there's a black thing at his Arm!

- That is a Shinigami, his name is Ryuk. He threw the Death Note down to Earth because he was Bored, and Light picked it up.
- He made a 30 second-appearance in L: Change the World.

So I guess that's all for today.
Thank you for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tekken 6 (War Against the World)

Okay, tests are finally over and I can start working again.
Of course, until the next exam or test.

So yeah, it was pretty hectic with all the books and everything inside my brain.
Anyways, here's today's advertisement for Tekken 6, a well-known PS 3 game.

This advertisement was made to fulfill a request from my brother.
So, there it is bro, I hope you like it and also YOU, my visitor.

1) A guy that is half man-half devil
- This guy is actually Jin Kazama from the previous installments. The Tekken story line is mostly based around his troubled family and a tournament created by his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, called The King of Iron Fist. Jin's father, Kazuya is able to transform into a devil. In Tekken 5, Jin found that he was also able to transform into a devil just like his father.

2) Why "War Against the World"?
- The story in Tekken 6 is continued from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection where Jin took control of his grandfather's company (Couldn't remember the name. Sorry!) and became president of the company. Jin turned the company around and organized several programs within the company. Many people are starting to suspect that Jin has turned to the dark side of his devil powers. He soon hired a few Tekken characters and declared War Against the Entire World while the rest of the Tekken characters have to stop him.

3) Characters in black and white.
- These characters in black and white are new characters introduced in the game. All other characters from Tekken till Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection are also returning in this 6th installment. The 6th installment is said to have the most characters in the history of Tekken which is about 40 characters.

That's all for today.
Thanks for viewing my blog and ads.
Have a nice day.

-Jackson Teoh

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