Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shadow Hearts (We want Shadow Hearts 4 and Yuri!)

Attended some Public Speaking competition as a spectator.

BUT I was there to learn a thing or 2 about how public speaking works since this is my first year that I'm joining.

Yeah, 1st YEAR! out of 5 Years! :P
So, I was kind of late to have the ability to talk.

I made this advertisement a few days ago to express my love towards this game.
This game is a history, people!

Best game of the year 2004 and Best game that I've ever played.
I missed something inside though, now THAT I regret. So, I might be doing another one.

1) Who are those 2 people standing on the right side?
- Those 2 are the main characters in the game. The girl is Karin and the guy is Yuri. A little history... back in Shadow Hearts 1, Yuri was the protagonist. Didn't really understand what was going on back then because the game freaked me out! It was just so... Scary! The monsters were portrayed as restless and tortured spirits. Once you defeat them, you can see their profile and history of each of the demon's death. How they became a demon. There's this one girl that some crazy villagers chopped her legs off and fit her into a big snail shell! So, when she dies, she became a demon that has no legs, instead, she moves with some tentacles grown from the shell... very scary... So, yeah, Yuri returned in Shadow Hearts 2, and Shadow Hearts 2 is cool! No longer scary BUT it still has the dark elements. Karin is in love with Yuri, but Yuri only loves one person which is the heroin of the 1st game that died from holding Yuri's mistletoe curse.

2) The background: What's that round thing?
- That round thing is a Judgment Ring. In the game, when you initiate an attack, a ring appears and you MUST press the 'X' button on the colored areas, if you miss, then your attack will miss as well. Very challenging but once you know the pattern and the speed of the needle, then you can pull it out with not much problems.

3) Erm... That creature is saving Karin?

- Yeah, that Demon spared her life. When she woke up, she managed to see the Demon transform back to a Yuri. So, that creature is Yuri, the Harmonixer. That scene is at the beginning of the game.

4) Then, how did he lose his demon fusion abilities?

- Nicolai, said to be sent by Vatican to exorcise a Demon in Domremy which is Yuri in his Amon Demon form which is the 1st picture. So... Nicolai (known as Nicolas at the beginning of the game) did something to him... I forgot what did he do, but it affected Yuri's Fusion Ability. So, Yuri lost ALL of his Fusion Demons that he collected back in Shadow Hearts 1.

5) Fusion Abilities?
- Yuri is a Harmonixer, so he has the ability to fuse with a dead soul with specific elements. Each element has a certain story behind it, mostly... creepy stories. His ability to fuse is a heritage from his Father, Ben Hyuga which in the first game, fights as Fox Face (Wears a Fox mask, you have to defeat him to obtain the most powerful Fusion Demon: Seraphic Radiance).

6) Example Fusion Demons?
- As an example: the 2nd picture. That guy in a knight suit. That guy is a fusion demon. Yuri fused himself with a fire element spirit, thus he became that demon.

7) What's the round thing on the 3rd picture?
- That's the Judgment Ring, see the colored areas? Those are the spots that you have to hit 'X'.

8) Just one question: Why did you make this advertisement?

- It is actually to express my love towards the game. The 3rd was kind of a mess. In fact, compared the 2nd one, the 3rd sucked! Sorry XSeed, but that's my view. I hope that Midway and Aruze will make Shadow Hearts 4.

9) What's your suggestion?
- I suggest that Midway and Aruze ask the fans of Shadow Hearts 2 what they want for the next sequel.
- Maybe they can continue from the Bad Ending of Shadow Hearts 2 that made Yuri lose his memories. They can make him want to regain his memories and maybe bring back Nicolai (even though he was defeated in Shadow Hearts 2) because he's a pretty cool enemy.
- OR they can continue from the Good Ending where Yuri is brought back to the past to stop his love, Alice from dying the second time. Maybe what they can do is... Yuri goes on board the train and meets up again with Albert Simon and kills Albert Simon with Dark Seraphim or something, then the twist comes into play where some guy already planned for Albert Simon to die to release some curse upon Yuri. So, Albert Simon is the bait. Then Yuri loses and that new enemy steals his Fusion souls or something and put them back in the Graveyard. Yuri lost pretty badly and he was thrown down a river from the top of a train. The new enemy thinks that Yuri is dead but Yuri is saved by some dude that'll later join the party and he gets a new costume and bla bla bla.

10) Then what happens to Alice?

- Make her get kidnapped for the release of Meta God again! or another icon enemy (That's for the first disc). After defeating Meta God or another icon enemy, the 'new enemy' escapes to find another way to create a very powerful demon or make himself into a demon! After the 1st disc, Alice joins the party with a new costume. :)

Yeah, so that's a little bit of a 'touch-on' Shadow Hearts.
I hope that the developers can see some space for the 4th installment.

Thanks for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Tjyuuu said...

I loved SH2 and also "liked" SH3 but it would be a really good decision to make SH4. A huge number of people would buy it and I hope it would be about Yuri and Alice or about Yuri and Karin again. The story hasn't end yet. There's a lot more space for ideas what can happen in SH4.!
...I hope there will be another game!

Jackson Teoh said...

Me too. SH2 is still the best. SH1 is a little scary. SH3... a little too 'not-scary'. It has to have the dark element in the game and SH3 didn't really deliver that. Let's just hope the developers of SH series will realize that SH can be as successful as Final Fantasy. Since SH is based on real life events, I believe that it will out-sell Final Fantasy :)

LOUakaME said...

Shadow Heats 1 was at that point the best game I ever played, or at least the best game with the most original plot and story. I honestly can't say a single bad thing about it. I loved SH1 and SH2. SH3 was pretty good but I was upset not to see Yuri in the game because his character was so bad ass. I would most definitely buy a fourth installment!

Jackson Teoh said...

Bingo! The game just doesn't feel right without Yuri and his funny ways of insulting people. SH3 is very bright but there's just something up with their character. I think they look too... kiddy. Like Frank with a face stinking out of his armor. Or the main character that looks like a kid. Something is just not right about it. While for SH1 and SH2, their characters' costumes are very... realistic. Makes you feel comfortable when playing it instead of thinking that you're playing something very... bright and kiddy. They should've included more Fusion Souls for SH3 though.

Yandere said...

I have thought about this many times! It could be from the true full ending of Shadow Hearts II, but I always thought that since the game is kind of Yuri's heaven, that they could be stuck somewhere or lost, between Heaven and Hell or in Hell because of what he is and was and then Alice could fight with him, as could his parents, because his dad is hot and people like Karin - as long as she's not with Yuri, I'm good with her.

Jackson Teoh said...

Hey, Yandere!
That's an awesome idea! But just one thing... you know that Shadow Hearts storylines are all based on real historical events. Maybe they can slip that in or make that a main plot while the historical plots are just a fit in to accomodate the map and also historical characters to fit in with other historical figures that might have the same character as ficitonal characters.

Come to think of it, SH1 and SH 2 took place during World War 1, maybe when they escape from the place you mentioned, "in-between heaven and hell", they ended up in a different time, maybe World War 2! :P

Just my idea. :P

Hope that somebody can just say, "Hey! Shadow Hearts is awesome! We just continue the series. But just one thing... cut Johnny out. :P"

Anonymous said...

Hey wow I was just looking for some pictures of Yuri and I find this .. cool :D
It's a great idea, I thought of that myself too. Maybe someone has a good idea for a story and could tell.
I think people have to open the eyes of the developers .. they didn't do it within .. 5 years(?), so why could they do now all of a sudden?

Shadow Hearts 2 is the only game I never get tired of, watching and doing all over again while playing ...FFX would be pain!

Oh yeah.. I hate Johnny too .. is there a blog for us folks?

Jackson Teoh said...

Hi, Anonymous!

Totally agree with you, pal!
It seems that Aruze or XSeed need to realize that Shadow Hearts can beat Final Fantasy if they continue with the series and never losing their style - Old fashion, 40's to 60's era.

I was thinking... why not make a new hero (not like Johnny of course), then at last tie in all the stories together.

Or continue from SH3, but cut out Johnny because Johnny has already go on with his normal life of detective.

So, why not make a new story where Shania becomes the villain for... half of the game?

Then maybe make the Malice escape somewhere or something for the next half of the game...

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

shadow hearts serise is the best. if they make a fourth, which they should, it would be sweet if they would clear up what really happen in the true ending. because if karin IS yuris mom wouldnt create a paradox

Jackson Teoh said...

Hey, hey, hey!
Something just sparked!
Remember Kurando and that little Russian girl?

Maybe they lived happily ever after for... let's say for 10 years? Then something happened! I do not know when is World War 2, but they should be older that time... So, during World War 2, the Japanese played a big role, right? Maybe make him into some Japanese general attacking Asia.

Later in the game when the Japanese army confronts the British army in Asia, Yuri appears to beat him up with a new fusion soul. When Kurando snaps out of it, the story turns to Yuri again!

Maybe they can continue through the bad ending where Yuri loses his memory. Maybe make Roger Bacon teach him everything about himself again but this time, Roger Bacon is his "father" :P

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god...

the original 1-2 saga ended perfectly... yuri died finding alice awww (its assumed as canon as he's not with roger in the 3rd game) plus the story goes back on itself anyway (karin IS yuris mum) so to add another game on top of this would just needlessly complicate a well rounded story. we live in a time where shoddy, underdeveloped game sequels are on top and no original games are being released (and if they are, they stick big cliffhanger or vague endings on them so they can hedge their bets. if it fails meh, if it succeeds, make a sequel!)
It was lucky that shadow hearts succeeded with its sequel but it should stop now while it's ahead.

A nice new SH story IMO, fanservice should stick with its user created yaoi fanfic on deviant art.

Anonymous said...

I spent most of this morning looking for any news or updates on some of my favorite rpg's especially Shadow Hearts. I loved the quirkiness and uniqueness of the characters in the first and second installments. While I still enjoyed SH3, I would love to see a return to the dark and smart alec character of Yuri. His character was a huge draw for me. Apparently Aruze still owns the rights to SH's but the only recent development was that they were doing SH's themed slot machines!! Sacriledge!

Dante7121 said...

I loved all three of the SH games, all I can say about what they should do for a fourth installment can be summed up in two words, "multiple discs." Does anyone else remember playing the classic PS1 game "The Legend of Dragoon"? That game had so much content, storyline, and sidequests that it took 4 discs to hold it all. And I've played the entire thing from beginning to end nearly 10 times. Additionally "Legend of Dragoon" required you to actually goe from one area on the map to another and fight enemies on the way, not just select the town and "poof" you're there. Aside from that I think that a fourth game should follow the idea presented in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which involves playing an alternate storyline which is only unlocked after completing the original storyline.

I think the idea of having Yuri escape from hell would be great, but why does he need to? If you remember the way SH3 ended, Shania was being taken over by the Malice, or at least that's what they want us to think since her eyes turned red; so maybe Yuri needs to bust our of hell in order to put her ass in line. This would allow for some interaction between the cast from SH2 and SH3 because the SH3 crew would be trying to stop the evil Shania since she was a comrade, and the SH2 crew would be trying to stop evil Shania because they believe he is just some other super-powerful demon. This would lead to some great conflict when the two groups meet each other because they would both view the other side as being the "bad guys" (this would allow for something we've all been aching for, watching Yuri woop Johnny's ass). And of course, if they are already having Yuri escape from hell, then the party should be able to go everywhere on earth, not just be resticted to Asia or Europe.

Naturally the two groups would end up discovering that the other group is on the same side as them and then they all end up trying to save Shania from the Malice. Since including characters from both games would lead to having an insanely big party size, some portions of the game would have to involve splitting the party into two or more groups and sending one group to one part of the planet and another grop to a different part; each group would then have to play out the storyline for whichever section of the globe they were sent to, and there would be points in the story where the groups would come back together, then you could reorganize the groups and redeploy them to other places on the planet.

If this game includes everything I've mentioned, the final battle would be incredible because it would answer the question of "whose fusions are better, Yuri's or Shania's?"

Jackson Teoh said...

Hi, Dante! o.O!!

That's a pretty good idea! It would be awesome to see Yuri, Shania and Kurando fuse/morph into their demons/spirits and just beat the crap out of the enemies.

But there should be the loss of some characters like Karin being sent back to the past to only give birth to Yuri yet again.

But if there were to be an SH4, I hope that they redesign Johnny. He just look very... well... like a kid and you can't really look up to him as the cool character as what Yuri is.

If they do that, then it will be like Nero and Dante. Or Dante and Vergil. Where both characters are cool. Maybe they can make Johnny's detective agency bankcrupt or something and it affected his sense of humanity. Then he goes on a new job as a free-lance bounty hunter but his real intention was to receive a case that involves Shania.

Then maybe they can tie it up with Yuri being yet again, "The Rude Hero". One day, Johnny receives a call from a mysterious person who claimed that he saw a human turning into a monster of sort.

Johnny thinks that that person is Shania and hunts her down. Only to be suprised by the sudden appearance of a man in the suspected are area, killing a human from what he suspects to be a monster-spawn, "he" turns out to be Yuri! Then Johnny hunts him down and fights with Yuri only to be defeated by him / draw with their respective special abilities to become another being.

Then, Yuri escapes after realising that Johnny is not a monster-spawn. Then maybe we can get in-control of Johnny for the first chapter then be able to use both Johnny and Yuri in the next and follows in-search for Shania and also the mystery of humans turning into monsters.

Oh yeah, Johnny has to grow taller and his costume has to be darker colour due to his new job as a bounty hunter. What do you guys think?

orrickvang said...

awesome summary, very good plot, i would love to buy that SH4 if it come out, but it might not, hoping from the bottom of my heart that there is a part 4. love the series

Sven said...

Well time jumping could work since at the end it's kinda obvious that Karin is shifted through time and meets up with Yuri's father, making her Yuri's mother >.>

Anonymous said...

Oh God..this is my favorite game ever~
I really love yuri.. I don't hate johnny but Yuri's on my top best character.
It's been long time that SH doesn't continue..
Love to hear all of your incredible great ideas guys..
I have some ideas too..
Here we go..
- still have the anti-hero Yuri as the main character. Haha..Yuri's character is just really amazing and attractive one, I really miss him.
Continue good ending SH2, after beat Simon. Yuri and Alice go through another journey with new party and other old friends..

- Have johny as main hero. Sorry to johny's hater, I love Yuri so much, but why don't give johny another chance. Ok, maybe the setting goes to 3 or 4 years after SH3 bad ending, johny become more adult and cool after lost Shania. He's looking for Shania which has infected by malice.. In the same time Awaker wants to take Johny's full body like what happened to Lady.. So Johny in his way to find Shania and fight his other self, Awaker..
Honestly, I'm really waiting for great reunion between Shania and Johny which grows taller than before..

- Love to see Kurando as main hero.. I don't know will Anastasia still join him or not since we know than Anas was died or kind of lost in the real history.. But maybe Aruze will keep Anas and change the truth history..
Anyway I hope there will be triangle love among Kurando, Anastasia, and other guy.. Kurando is too cool for an agresive Anas, he was just smile and starring with warm eyes.. but if he has a love rival, maybe he wouldn't just quiet right?..haha

- How about the story about the past? Ben as main character. He meet Karin and they fight against Dehuai (although Ben couldn't kill him) or other enemy.. It's must be great to see Karin and Ben in lover

- or maybe side story about Valentine family.. It's a little bit attractive for me..haha

But whatever SH4 will be, I'll play it.. This is a really worth game to be continued.

Jackson Teoh said...

I was looking at your suggestion of Kurando and I thought to myself, "Hey! They can actually use that!" because wouldn't it be like... "funny" for a Russian princess to marry a Japanese dude?

So the story can go like this:
Kurando and Anastasia teleports back to their Japanese "paradise" in Japan. After about 10 years? or maybe 5? The Rusian government thought that Kurando kidnapped Anastasia, so they declare war on Japan. Then they can make a story where Kurando and Anastasia must run away from the Japanese government (because they want Anastasia returned) and also the Russian government (because the government is controlled by some sorcerer or something that plans to use Anastasia's weapon (the egg thing) to dominate the world).

Not bad eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes that's a great idea.. You're really full of briliant ideas..

Anyway, you're right..Kurando and Anas are an unique couple.
Kurando is a loyal and charming samurai, and Anastasia is an arrogant but careness princess.
Their charcters are opposited each other (like Yuri and Alice XDDD), That's what would make the story funny and wonderful^^

By the way, count me in if you need supporter to beg Aruze to continue SH..
Can't wait to play the next game of this series~

Jackson Teoh said...

Thanks, man...
Just wan'na make Aruze realise that fans would love to buy SH4!
With all the demand for it... I hope that they can actually make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Oh i soooooooo hope they make a shadow hearts 4 with yuri please he was my favourite character i liked 3 BUT compared to the originals i was dissapointed more to the fact there was no love story sniff BUT 4 WOULD BE BRILLIANT they obviously dont realise how popular it is i deffinatly think a kurando anatasia story would be great and also a yuri johnny one i have read some really good ideas heres hoping azure take notice

Jackson Teoh said...

Yeah, hopefully they will notice... Even if it comes out, I think it will be in the PS 3 and 360 ports...

devilsdeal said...

i was just thinking.. even though karin went back in time, doesn't necessarily mean that she is yuri's mother. its just my deduction but, its stated that yuri's mother is russian. karin on the other hand is actually german. also, yuri's mothers name was Anne. i like yuri and karin. i love the game, but i dont like the bitter-sweat separation of them. in both endings the still get separated :(

though it is possible that she lied and said she was russian and also changed her name.

it just feels slightly incomplete to me. i all for a SH4.

Jackson Teoh said...

The mysteries of the past, eh? Maybe they can do a more complete and clearer story of that called "Shadow Hearts 4: The prologue".

Being able to use Ben Hyuga should be cool, I guess...

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Yuri, if they bring him back with a weird story that doesn't make any sense then I rather they don't bring him back at all. His story ended; perfectly ended. Any continuation will just redo SH1-SH2 and come back.

I don't see anything wrong with Karin being Yuri's mom. Every detail was revealed from both party(Yuri and Karin). Paradox, I don't think so seeing as this will only re-continue both SH1 and SH2 all over again and again.

Now A story about Ben Hyuga, that may not be so bad. There are a few great games are were prequels.

But as with the style of the game maybe they'll keep moving forward?

Anonymous said...

For those who are hard-core SH fans, those who remember it clearly, feel free to correct me if I am wrong for its been a while since I've played SH2.

But to answer your unclear-ness devilsdeal Karin is Yuri's mom. If you remember the little tid-bits of information shared between the two characters from time to time. Yuri told Karin about his mom, where he got his necklace(eventually giving it to Karin) and even gave her the picture of him, his mom and ben(this part I don't remember too well, so someone help clear it up if she got it some other way). Now I remember him mentioning somewhere that the reason why he got his name was because his mom's first lover's name was Yuri(himself).

Now, when she went back, she could've got her name Anne from the picture that she drop and Ben picked up or she could've remember about Yuri's mom's name. Just my thought though...but since she loves Yuri that much, she decided to change her name to Anne, the one other woman Yuri loves so much besides Alice.

Her being Russian and German, I don't remember if they really mention that she is of German descent, otherwise she could be Russian living in Germany; or as with her name change, it could be a whole identity change altogether.

Jordin said...

I think that the story is a major part of SH, but the reason that they said that shadow hearts will not be continued is because the group inside Aruze that created it dissolved. And let's face it, SH's didn't sell well. So they probably dissolved it because they didn't have money.
SO,I was thinking that maybe, we could gather the fans and get many people to play the games so the fanbase could grow more. If Aruze see's all the fans, they will realize that if they release another SH, Aruze will make lots of money. I would love another SH game and you guys have my support! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a fan aswell shadow hearts is my fav. I believe they should bring Yuri back and join the 3rd game with it. I have ideas and you could add some new characters to mix things up. Maybe a character that has the ability of fusion to add some questions. Keep the valentines, Yuri, Kurando, Shania, and some other characters that don't get on our nerves.

Sorry but alice is not a good match for Yuri neither is Karin. He's a bit tough and arogant for those girls.