Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iron Man (A New SuperHero is Amongst Us)

1) You made this again?
Well, yeah. I mean why not when you're not satisfied with the old one?

2) Is the robot-guy on the left Iron Man?
Yeah. Unless of course you're not a Marvel fan, Iron Man is really popular and whoever that knows Marvel that doesn't know Iron Man... well... just to let you know that he's not a new hero in the cartoon world. Just new in the movies.

3) Why did you align the character on the left and the others on the right?
I thought that it will look a little neat and it looks organized. So people won't be turning their heads all the time.

4) What do you mean by "Protecting You on..."
That is the date of it's release in... America? Because I just used Wikipedia to seek out the dates.

That's all for now... nothing much that confuses people...
See you again. :)

Jackson Teoh

Apple MacBook Air (Feel Slim, Feel Cool, Feel the MacBook AIr)

Hi again!
Same day, same blog, same passion, but different feel.

Can't you Feel the difference between some other ads and this ad?

I don't know about you, but this ad feels totally different from the Iron Man ad.
Anyways, I made this today and it took me about 45 minutes to search for some pictures and edit all of them.

1) What's the girl all about?
Jeans... jeans are sexy-butt-shot things (as what the 'Management' of Levi's would say). It's all about the butt. Imagine the impact if the person who wears the Jeans has a sexy butt. So, the jeans and also the girl is to show how slim a person can be in comparison to the Apple MacBook Air.

2) What's the Specialty of the laptop?

Obviously it can be seen and read inside the advertisement. It is to show that the laptop is slim and thin. You can feel slim and thin too by just using it. Feel the class.

3) What are those at the bottom of the laptop?
Those are laptops images from a different perspective. It is to show how thin it is.

4) Does it spell "LIA" or "JIA"?

Erm... that is a coincidence. Didn't mean to make it look like that, but it turned out like that.

5) I thought you like black background?

Well, there are times where we have to try new things. So I made this background gray-silver-ish to put in a new feel and I'm pretty happy about it.

6) Why are you happy about it?
Because I get to stick to my principle of "Black words on White sheets of paper".

7) But it's not even white!

But the black comes out nicely with the color, so it's almost the same.

That's all for today.
Need to go back to studying for my exam next week.

Thank you very much for reading.
See you next time.

- Jackson Teoh

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iron Man (02.05.08)

Today's Tuesday (29/04/08)
In Malaysia Iron Man premiers on the 30th which is tomorrow.

However, I've received information from Wikipedia that it premiers on 02/05/08
Not sure which one is which but that's alright.

Anyways, I actually made this ad about a week ago.
Due to the lack of time and energy (due to my busy schedule last week), I didn't really had a chance to update.

Plus my exams are so near (about a week) and I have to stuff 1 and a half years of knowledge into my brain in a week.
Isn't that cool? :P

Still happy in a way since after I created the Apple MacBook Air advertisement a few minutes ago. Talk more about that in that post.

1) Who is Iron Man?
You must be kidding me. If you are a fan of Marvel Superheroes, then shame on you. If you are not, then... that's alright since this is his first time appearing in cinemas and television hardly airs his cartoons (except for that one time, a long-long time ago). However, he does appear on Spider-Man some times.

2) Is Tony Stark = Iron Man?
Bingo! He is Iron Man. The man behind the armor is the creator himself. Who is Tony Stark? The guy in the first picture. Actually he didn't start off by creating the hand. He started off by introducing a missile design called Jericho. Soon, he was abducted to Afghanistan and was forced to create weapons. With the help of a fellow captive, Yinsen, he created an armor, more like the first ever Iron-Man created. Big Body with Big Arms and Big Helmet.

The first ever Iron Man from the comic:

The first ever Iron Man from the 2008 movie:Pretty similar. eh?

3) Who's that guy on the bottom left?
Oh, that's Iron Monger, the super villain of the movie. Seems like there are some similarities between both of them. I didn't really research much on the Iron Monger, so I don't really know much about him. However, he did win the role as a super villain over The Mandarin, another of Iron Man's super villains who is very famous for his rings.

That's all I guess.
Not much, but there are some pictures to view.
Have a nice day.

- Jackson Teoh

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coca-Cola Zero (I Challenge You)

Today's Monday (21st April)
Didn't really have the time to update because I've been busy with stuffs.

Received a deal from HELP University College to design t-shirts.
Thanks for the deal.

Then, there's camp on Saturday and Sunday at Pulau Aman, Penang.
It's like... a fisherman's 'kampung'.

There are no cars there, not even motorcycles.
The school has only 1 building and the field is pretty small compared to the one in the mainland.

I can see why is it called Pulau Aman in the first place. :P
Because it's really peaceful.

However, the worst part is that we have to walk from one end of the island to the other end of the island just to get from our chalet to the hall.

And if you forgot to take something important when you've already reached the Hall, well, then you have to walk another few more miles back and forth.

*Note*: Pulau Aman, in direct translation to English, it is Peaceful Island.

Returned to mainland yesterday and I missed the mainland so much.
The smell of industrial waste and carbon monoxide is so... soothing and it calms my nerve. :P
Love the mainland due to their technology that is not very high but at least higher than in Pulau Aman.

Anyways, for today, I was given a task by a teacher to guide some kids from all around Malaysia to walk all over Bukit Mertajam (a place in Penang) and more walking for me.
I've already calculated and I just found out that I've been walking all day for 3 days straight! Really tiring.

Anyhow, here's my not-so-new-advertisement-because-I-didn't-have-a-chance-to-update-my-blog advertisement.
It's for the new Coca-Cola: Zero.

1) Why are the words in White and Red?
- In case you didn't know which I think it is not likely that you don't, the original Coca-Cola tin can is colored Red and White and so as their logo.

2) But... why is the tin can black now?
- That's the Coca-Cola Zero, it has another theme to it.

3) Who's that old guy?
- That old guy... I've seen that guy quite a lot of times. Well, for South Park, the old man is that guy that points at you and tells you to join the army against the enemy. And I think that I've seen him several times somewhere, but I can't recall...

4) What's your message?
- The message is that this old man is challenging you to do something while drinking Coca-Cola and if you don't then you are a LOSER!

That's all for now.

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kamen RIder: The Drifted Time (A Never Before Seen Movie)

Today's Sunday!
Actually I made this ad on Saturday, but didn't really update on the typing.

This ad is on request from my bro.
I didn't really have the passion to make this ad, so it turned out funny.

1) Who are those 2 masked people?
- Those 2 are characters in the famous franchise of Kamen Rider.
On the left: Kamen Rider Nigo (Kamen Rider 1)
He's the first ever rider created! That's like 37 years ago.
On the right: Kamen Rider Kabuto
He's the 21st century rider that made a mark in the history of riders for being created on the 35th anniversary. He was created in 2006.

2) Their time line were separated over a few decades. How did they end up together?
- Some monster that is able to travel through time, traveled from the year 2006 to 1971 (the year where the first rider was created) to stop the evil organization, Shocker from creating the first Rider. Kabuto detected the time-traveling-monster (Didn't name it) and he followed the monster to 1971. That's how they met.

3) What's the story of your movie?
- For my story, there's this worm, let's call him Ouka Worm for now, (a Kabuto monster) that is able to travel through time. Mishima (Final guy to be killed in Kabuto) ordered the worm to be brought back to 1971, the year where the rider systems were created. Knowing about this, Tendou transforms into Kamen Rider Kabuto and switched on his Hyper Form which enables him to travel through time and space. This eventually brought him back to 1971. Ouka Worm confronts the Shocker and finally found that Hopper (Original name for Rider 1) turned against them and had escaped. Kabuto whom arrived later was lost in the city of 1971. Ouka Worm eventually meets Hopper whom was already weakened by several shocker monsters. Ouka Worm took the final blow to the shoulder to knock Hopper unconscious. Hopper was then returned to the Shocker and re-done. Soon, Ouka Worm detects that Kabuto is on pursuit for him. The re-done Hopper was sent to hunt and kill Kabuto. Kabuto, now in human form, Tendou who was searching around industrial areas finally meets up with Hopper. Tendou felt honored to be able to meet the first ever rider in the Masked Rider System Project. However, he was shocked when Hopper attacked him. As usual, Tendou and his stylish dodge-and-transform technique saved his life. So there was a battle between both riders. Finally, both were blown back by their own rider kicks and both turn back to their human forms. Hongo (host of Hopper) escapes after finding out that his body is withdrawing itself. Tendou, puzzled followed Hongo from behind but was finally stopped by several Shocker monsters and Ouka Worm. The shocker monsters battle Kabuto while Ouka Worm watched. Finally, after some serious battle around the industrial area, Kabuto turned on "Clock-Up" that enabled him to maneuver faster than any living organism and he eventually defeats all the Shocker Monsters. However Ouka Worm possesses the same Clock-Up system battled Kabuto in a slow-motion world. When Kabuto was almost killed, Ouka Worm decided that a Rider should be destroyed by another Rider, then he would use Hopper to destroy the Shocker organization and gain power over the world for Worms. The only thing that stands in between him and his master plan was the Hyper Zecter that is able to slow down time more than "Clock-Up". He steals the Hyper Zecter and returns to the Shocker Organization, leaving Tendou alone, weak. Tendou walked back to the city to be treated but he didn't make it as he collapsed on his way to the city. A girl, by the name Asuka (Hongo's girl friend) found the weakened Tendou and he was brought to the hospital. Hopper is then fixed again and sent back to finish up Kabuto. He traveled into the hospital that Tendou was in, destroying things as he walked toward Tendou's room. Suddenly, Hopper spotted Asuka who was about to call for the police. Hopper rushed to her and threatened her with his fist. However, when Hopper went close enough to take a good look at her face, he realized that it was his girl friend. Hopper fought against his mind to regain control of himself. Hopper couldn't control himself and he was about to kill his own girl friend. However, Tendou arrived and grabbed his fist. Hopper, shocked was then kicked in the waist by Tendou in human form. Tendou reminded him that "an uncontrolled mind, cannot fight a controlled battle". Hopper fainted. The police arrived at the scene. Tendou raised Hopper from the ground and escaped out of the city with Asuka. Asuka removed Hopper's mask and found out that Hopper is indeed Hongo Takeshi. Tendou explained that he's from the year 2006 and the events that brought him here to Asuka. So, there was a talking scene. As Hongo regained consciousness, his symptoms of withdrawal were gone. Maybe it's because he was out of the control of Dr. Shinigami (Shocker Boss). Both Tendou and Hongo transformed into Rider 1 and Kabuto as they rode on their motorcycles towards the Shocker Organization. They were finally stopped by Ouka Worm and other Shocker Monsters. There was a fight. Ouka Worm wanted the last blow, so he only watched the Shocker monsters fight against the 2 riders. Dr. Shinigami, having hatred towards Ouka Worm for letting his Shocker Monsters die in battle abandoned the building and escaped. Finally, after a good fight, Kabuto and Rider 1 had wiped out all the Shocker Monsters. Ouka Worm, annoyed by weak monsters entered into battle. The battle was intense. The riders knew that the only way to defeat Ouka Worm is by a Double Rider Kick. A Double Rider Kick was unleashed upon Ouka Worm. Kabuto steals the Hyper Zecter back from Ouka Worm as Ouka Worm exploded. Rider 1 promised Tendou that he will continue to fight to allow the world to be at peace. Kabuto then transforms into his Hyper Form and traveled through time. However, while traveling through time, Ouka Worm hopped out from the waves of time and grabbed Kabuto, threatening him that he will die together Kabuto by exploding together with him. Hyper Kabuto knew he had to do something. He traveled to the end of time while fighting against Ouka Worm. There, Ouka Worm had lost all hopes of fighting against a Hyper Clock-Up. Ouka Worm decided to travel to a time where he would destroy Dr. Shinigami before he even created the Shockers. As Ouka Worm was about to warp into time, Hyper Kabuto switched to "Hyper-Clock-Up" which gradually slows him down. He ended Ouka Worm with Hyper Kick. Tendou returns to 2006 where he continues to battle against Mishima of Zect.

4) That was very long... who do you think will read it?
- My bro perhaps. It is an original movie created by Jackson Teoh. Hehe.

5) Who's that guy on the right?
- Let's just make him Ouka Worm.

I guess that's it...
Happy reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Audi R8 (I AM A LOSER!)

Today's... Wednesday and I'm free from Tuition!

I received some requests yesterday to make an advertisement about Kamen Rider.
They want to see the Old Gen Kamen Rider, Rider 1 VS the New Gen Kamen Rider, Kabuto.

I'll see what I can do because I need to find for pictures that suit the entire advertisement.
So, briefly about today.

Went to school at 6.50 A.M.
School is boring as always. I found out that the Bio teacher teaches better without the laptop that she loves to use. Chemistry teacher, gave 5% Test for Mid-Year. During Moral Education, teacher is absent. Came back, design this advertisement, then sleep. Wake up, chat with bro in NZ, eat dinner, now... using the computer.

If I have tuition, then the day would be a very tiring and a day where I have no time for myself.
Anyways, let's get to the ad.

1) Why did you make this Advertisement again?!
- It's on request of my bro who wants it to be... a short copy which I do not like to do. And I love the car!

2) What are all those pencils and paper for?

- It is used to describe a feel of being geeky and nerdy.

3) What's with "I AM A LOSER!"?
- It is to depict the person that wrote the message on the paper as a loser and nobody really want to mix around with him because he's a loser.

4) What's with the wooden background?
- It is a table.

5) Is that picture... a computerized... JPEG or something?
- The picture is a what? Okay, the picture on the table is not anything computerized but rather a poster of the Audi R8 that this "Loser" really loves.

6) What do you mean by "Transform Yourself!"?
- This is to make people like Mr. Loser in the advertisement to get up on his feet and start changing himself into a better person to look better in the public.

Basically, that's all.
Thanks for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Audi R8 (The Revolution Begins with Audi R8)

I can't really find time to do advertisements these days because of school assignments and homeworks.

Since I'm in the school that expects a lot, we are given homework for every single subject of every single day. *gulp*

Very annoying.
First, there's school, then tuition, then homework.
By the time you finish everything, it's 12.30 A.M.

Amazing, right?
Anyhow, I found some time to do some advertisements that I have the feeling to do, such as this car that was introduced last year but not sold in some countries yet till Summer: Audi R8.

Pretty cool car (even though it has only 2 doors)
It looks classy and is the fastest and easiest handling car in the World!

It even humbles Porsche!
So, that kicked me up to do this advertisement.

1) What Revolution?
- For the Revolution part, it is based on reviews made by magazines about the car. Evo Magazine said that it humbles Porsche and a new dawn begins. So that's the Revolution. Sooner or later, other automobile companies will try to develop something better than the R8, that's when everything changes. Basically, the Revolution begins.

2) What's with the Background?

- The background is to symbolize the class of the car. People always consider the color, "Black" as cool, so I just made that the background.

3) Red Stripes?

- For the red stripes... I've been in a competition that revolves around cars and I learned that Red splices nicely with Black. The judges were like, "You used Black and Red? Great choice! It looks very nice!". Of course, they were talking to my Design Manager, Shafieza at that time, I had nothing to do with the color scheme. I was just a paper-boy. :P
So, I used this color because it splices nicely with Black and it adds an extra "Feel" to it.

4) Why pick the Color "Gray" for the box?

- Okay, why didn't I just stick with black background and black box and just make all the words white? Easy! It's because our brain interprets Black Words on White Sheets easily compared to White Words on Black Sheets. Why? It's because since we were taught how to read, we were given Black Words on White Sheets. So it's much easier to read. That is why I made the box Gray to fit in Black.

That's all, I guess.
Have a nice day. :)

- Jackson Teoh

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beijing Olympics (May the Battle for Glory and Honor Begin...)

It's 2008 and it's time for another Olympic Games!

After waiting for 4 years, finally athletes may test their skills and agility in the Olympic Games!
This year, the games will be held in Beijing in a stadium also known as the 'Bird Nest Stadium' that is Beijing National Stadium.

The stadium has a very unique design as it is designed as a bird nest.
Very interesting concept to have. Respect the Engineer and Designer of this stadium.

I just made this advertisement on request of my brother.
He didn't really think that this hits the theme that he wanted which was not specified in the first place.

1) One very noticeable thing... The Dragons! What are they for?
- As some of you might know, dragons are mythical creatures that usually appear in Legends and Myths. For the Chinese, Dragons are known as the element of Power and Strength. What I was trying to portray is that the athletes are dragons. They were trained for this year and this year will be the year where they obtain glory by competing against one another. Their Power and Strength will be stretched to the fullest to obtain glory and respect.

2) Red Background?
- Red is a very sacred color to the Chinese. It also represents Strength, Power and Authority. Some other sacred colors to the Chinese are Gold and Yellow. I don't really know why, but that's how it goes.

3) There are lines on the Background.
- Those lines are actually connected to each other to form a dragon head. I've already darken the red color for it to be 'not-very-striking' as it sometimes hurt the eye of the reader to look at very bright red. So, I made it darker.

4) What are the Dragons doing?

- They're competing with one another to get the fireball in the middle. So, they have to fight for it.

5) What does it have anything to do with Zeus?
- Not really sure about this, but I know a brief statement about this. Originally, the Olympics was made by one of his related people to honor him. That's all I know.

I guess that's all for this advertisement.
Thanks for reading.

- Jackson Teoh

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Ipod Nano G2 (It's now 8 GB!)

These are the 3 ads that I've made.
Not really happy with them actually.
Maybe it's because I've lost interest in designing an advertisement for this particular product.

But I still appreciate that the advertisement gave me a chance to even make it.
Because the advertisement is my invention and I'll always appreciate my invention.

1) Why did you create 3 ads of the same product?
- Just curious about how people will react to each of them. I'm not really sure about advertisement 1, it doesn't have the feeling of an iPod, if you get what I mean. For advertisement 2, I think that I prefer this advertisement than the 1st one because it's simpler and it has a point if you didn't realize.

2) What about advertisement 3?
- Advertisement 3 is the odd one. The message is not really straight forward like the other 2 advertisements. This is more to Elegance and Saving Space which means more disk space than the iPod G1. So, the message is very different where the first 2 are based on a straight forward message that it has been increased in capacity.

3) Round Orange Balls?
- Oh, yeah! The round orange balls are for decoration of the advertisement. It has the feeling of Jazz and Modern day, so I just put those balls in as this advertisement is about the present and the future, not about olden days.

4) That's it?
- I guess so. If you see something else, kindly let me know. :)

5) What next?
- You can of course choose from the 3 ads on which one you prefer to be seen in public. :)

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.

- Jackson Teoh

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