Thursday, May 1, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight (Why so Serious?)

1) Is this a New Movie?
Exactly. This movie is coming out during the mids of July.

2) This is a Batman Movie? Where's Batman?
He's on the top right... and on the logo of the movie, there's the "Bat" sign for Batman. Even though they didn't state the name Batman, but... it's still Batman.

3) What are the cards on the right doing there?
That's a joker card. I'll get back to that later.

4) Who's the guy on the left? Is he the hero?

He's totally NOT the hero. In fact, he's the most notorious enemy in the Batman series. He calls himself... The Joker... that explains the cards on the right.

5) So the guy on the top-right is Batman, the guy on the left is his villain... what about the guy on the bottom-left?
Oh, that's one of Batman's old enemies and also pretty famous. His name is Two-Face if I am correct. It's cool that they picked a younger actor this time, compared to that middle-aged man a long time ago.

6) A long time ago? There was a Batman Movie before the 2?

Yeah. Not only one, but an entire series of Batman Movies that are now classics. Those movies were pretty nice because they need to make use of the technology then to make it look superb and I think they did it pretty well.

7) Why is the Headline of the ad, "Why so Serious?". Are you calling me not to be serious?
No. Don't misunderstand. The Joker is not a serious criminal. He kills people in a "funny" way and always laugh about it. And it's a line from the trailer. I just thought that it is cool that he asked that guy to not be so serious when dealing with him.

So, that's all for now.
See you soon.

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