Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Something happened!
I have no idea what it is but I can post up pictures again!

A day before my trials ended, I made a few comic strips:

Had 3 weeks filled with exam papers. Totaling to over 20 papers to finish in 3 weeks. It serves as a ticket for me to advance to college next year. Feeling all tensed up due to exams and my PS2 that is still "hospitalized", I made these comic strips for fun.

I found these pictures from a website and edited them according to my liking.
These characters are from Transformers: Victory, a Japanese anime branching out from the original Transformers series.

A day before my exam ended, I wanted to get ready to accept certain questions. The first thing that people might ask as soon as your exam finishes is: How was your exam?
And the usual reply to them is...

It WAS gay. But my results are not that bad actually eventhough I only get 51 for my Physics. But that's my lowest among 10 other subjects :P

Well, I did make several other comic strips in the middle of my exam week to release some stress. So, here is one:

So, that's Icepick, another character from Transformers: Victory. Very old cartoon, but love the picture because it went nicely with the dialog. Anyhow that's just a parody from The Dark Knight: Joker. "WHY SO SERIOUS!?"

This is another comic strip. All done in one day.

This is a parody from South Park. Yeah, I do watch South Park and it's very funny. How evil Eric Cartman, our favourite can be or how we don't understand what Kenny is saying. :P

Credits to Shafiq for repairing my computer. Owe you, man...

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


There seems to be a problem with my computer.
Can't upload any pictures on the net.
I've tried blogspot and imageshack.
Tried re-installing Firefox. Tried Internet Explorer.
But they always tell me:

Connection Interrupted
The document contains no data.
The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

If anybody knows what's the problem, please comment on this post.
I really need it for my blog and other websites.
Your help is much appreciated.

Jackson Teoh