Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Warriors Orochi 2 with a Little bit of Dynasty Warriors 6

Just finished my add maths Gerak Gempur test (What my bro and I love to call: Gerak Gedempur).
Why? Because it sounds fat and funny. :P

Anyhow, this post is nothing about advertisements, eventhough it is like a promotion for a certain game: Warriors Orochi 2!

Great game as they merged the Chineses' and Japaneses' most famous histories into one.

The Chinese warriors or better known as Dynasty Warriors brings us back to the Three Kingdom period where 3 powerful forces: Wu, Shu and Wei struggle for the land, only to be tricked by Sima Yi, a Wei strategist in forming the Jin Dynasty instead.

While the Japanese warriors, better known as Samurai Warriors brings us back to the Warring States period. When Nobunaga started his attempt to take over the capital till... the time when Tokugawa Ieyasu became the first shogun of Japan.

The Japanese made both games and it is a dream come true for many Warriors' fans when Warriors Orochi was announced. Merging both worlds together with a mystical power forged by Orochi, whom escaped from his otherworldly prison in search for a worthy warrior besides Susano that is. :P

Anyways, when the game first came out, my brother and I sorted out some "look-alikes" throughout the series.

1st, and most obvious: Nobunaga Oda and Cao Cao
Nobunaga Oda (left) is from Samurai Warriors. Cao Cao is from Dynasty Warriors. They just look alike. But based on my opinion, Nobunaga Oda is cooler than Cao Cao. :P No offense.
Note: The name Cao Cao is not pronounced as Cow Cow, but rather Chow Chow.

2nd, cover boys!: Yukimura Sanada and Zhao Yun
Yukimura Sanada (left) from Samurai Warriors and Zhao Yun (right) from Dynasty Warriors. Both are coverboys for respective games and they do look alike. Somehow you just feel that they are a pair. :P
Note: Both Yukimura Sanada and Zhao Yun uses a spear. Not shown here because Yukimura just loves to pose :P

3rd, the Mr. Handsomes: Mitsuhide Akechi and Zhou Yu
Mitsuhide Akechi (left) from Samurai Warriors and Zhou Yu (right) from Dynasty Warriors. Look almost the same. They have long hair. Uses a sword as a weapon. Zhou Yu just looks a little bit like a girl. :P
Note: Mitsuhide Akechi, one of Nobunaga Oda's most trust-worthy and skilled warrior turned out not so "trust-worthy" when he burned Honoji together with Nobunaga Oda down to the ground. Sad thing. The game made his ending very touching though. Nobunaga's last minutes before death, he said, "The Japan under you would be the Japan that I'd love to see". At the ending, Nobunaga's spirit appeared to look at the Japan under Mitsuhide, when Mitsuhide turned around to see his spirit, it is gone (totally fiction) :P

4th, the cute girls: Nene and Xiao Qiao
Nene (left) from Samurai Warriors and Xiao Qiao (right) from Dynasty Warriors. They are cute and they look alike. Well... almost. :P I especially like Nene though, her cutscenes are so cute. :P Xiao Qiao is a little too cute because she's too childish.

5th, the love birds that in the end, falls into despair: Oichi and Diao Chan
Oichi (left) from Samurai Warriors and Diao Chan (right) from Dynasty Warriors. Okay, maybe they don't really look alike. So, I exchanged Diao Chan with her Dynasty Warriors 6 version.
Now, they look alike. :P Oichi whom loves Nagamasa Azai so much had to choose between the love for her brother, Nobunaga Oda or her "to-be-husband-if-everything-is-okay", Nagamasa Azai. During Nobunaga's conquest to the capital, he had to face the Asakura army which has Nagamasa Azai in it. At last... Oichi had to suffer the consequences when Nagamasa died in the battlefield against her own brother. So sad...

As for Diao Chan. Dong Zhuo loves her, Lu Bu loves her, she loves Lu Bu. At last, Dong Zhuo is killed by Lu Bu, but Lu Bu was captured by the Wei army in Xia Pi. He tried to offer his service to the Wei army (Imagine how powerful Wei will be with the most powerful warrior by their side). Cao Cao did not believe him with his records of killing both his previous commmanders. At last... he was beheaded. Sad for Diao Chan...

Next: the same weapons.

1st, bow and arrows (girls): Ina, Yue Ying (DW6) and Sun Shang Xiang (DW6)
Ina (left) from Samurai Warriors. Yue Ying (middle) and Sun Shang Xiang (right) from Dynasty Warriors. All three of them are using bow and arrows. The other 2: Huang Zhong and Xiahou Yuan are not included eventhough they use bow and arrows because there are no guys in Samurai Warriors that use bow and arrows! :P

2nd, fans fans fans!!: Mitsunari Ishida, Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi.
Mitsunari Ishida (left) from Samurai Warriors. Zhuge Liang and SimaYi (middle and right) from Dynasty Warriors. All are strategists. All uses a fan as a weapon in the game. I did not include Takeda Shingen because I can't find for his picture. :P

3rd, Most powerful warriors of their time: Lu Bu, Meada Keiji and Tadakatsu Honda.
Lu Bu (left) from Dynasty Warriors. Maeda Keiji (middle) and Tadakatsu Honda (right) from Samurai Warriors. All are among the most powerful characters in the Warriors series (besides Orochi). All of them uses a spear as a weapon.

That's all for this long post of mine.
Blog next time. :P

Jackson teoh
- jackson.teoh.sc@gmail.com


Anonymous said...


I think Mitsunari Ishida, Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi should be the Strategist lot, not the Fans. What were you thinking?

And you should have related Takeda Shingen to Liu Bei. Both led poor clans and they suck!

Jackson Teoh said...

Well, I did mention it below the picture. But I did not include lots of strategists in there. Like Lu Xun, Lu Meng, Zhou Yu, Sakon Shima, Takeda Shingen and Kenshin Uesugi. So, I didn't want to put "strategist" but I did mention about it. As for Takeda Shingen and Liu Bei... well, Takeda Shingen going against Kenshin Uesugi all the time made him into a legend. Really respect that guy. So, eventhough he might be some old and slow character in the game, his conflict against the Uesugi army is very interesting. As for Liu Bei... well, he is just TOO NICE compared to the cunning Cao Cao. :P

Anonymous said...

I never realized how many of the warriors looked so much alike. I'm not sure if they intended on it, since their personalities (cute, smart or strong) seem to determine how they would look; or maybe there are just too many characters in the games themselves that some are just bound to look similar.

On a completely random note, could someone tell me why some characters do not appear in Dynasty Warriors 6?

Jackson Teoh said...

Yeah, maybe there are just too many characters, so some of them should look a little bit similar to one another.

I think that some characters do not appear in Dynasty Warriors 6 is because Koei intended them to appear for later Dynasty Warriors series that are customized for the PS 3.

Hope that answers your question :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you very much. I can't wait for the upcoming games!

Jackson Teoh said...

No problem, man.
Me too!

Duneflower said...

Actually, "Cao Cao" is pronounced "Tsow Tsow". A "ch" sound is shown with a Q.

Duneflower said...
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