Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! & Kamen Rider Decade

Happy Chinese New Year!!
It is the Year of the Ox and everyone is curious about the installations of life for them.
During the Chinese New Year festival, we usually see this in stores:

You can even BUY Gold now! Woah!!!
So, basically, you are using money to buy gold... erm... interesting...
It's like buying gold with gold or more precisely, buying Gold "with a piece of Paper that carries a lot of weight~ for that means... means... Ohh... Means... Mean Green~ (Almighty Dollar!)"
- Taken from the O'Jays' For the Love of Money

Another very very very very cultural thing that we usually see during Chinese New Year is of course: The Lions!!
Aw... Isn't it cute?
It like has a big head and small body... So cute... :P
They dance and behave much like a lion (eventhough it is actually 2 people in a costume)
You should've seen the World Lion Dance Championship. It's Awesome!!
Team Malaysia can actually break-dance with the Lion Dance costume! So Cool!

Something even cooler and rare is the Dragon!

Why is it rare?
The Dragon is not something that you can just pick up your phone and go like:
"Eh, bring the Dragon Dance people to my house now! I want to make my house "Ong-Ong" lai"
(Ong-Ong means very... erm... lucky and filled with prosperity)
As for Lion Dance, you can just pick up the phone and call them.

The manoeuvre of the Dragon Dance troupe is a beauty.
The wave that they create with the long body of the Dragon will make anybody's jaws go like :0

So, where can you find a Dragon Dance troupe to dance?
Go to one of the road-shows!! During Chinese New Year or a very big festival like the returning of the Nine God Emperrors, there should be a few Dragons and Lions that would dance along a street.

Dancing with the Dragon is never easy. Lots of practice is needed to hold the pole that supports the dragon and careography must be in tip-top condition or else your Dragon might just fall off.

As Chinese, we usually believe that humans on Earth are represented by 12 animals:

This is in the Chinese Astrology Book where they classify each human being with animals according to the year that the human is born.
Let's say that you "came out" on 2009 (Year of the Ox) then your animal is definitely, The Ox.

Yeah, it does have a meaning.
You think that they let you see this on television during Chinese New Year for fun?
It is closely related to the luck that each people are having during that year.

As for the "Kid's Section or Young Adults", we have:

Ang Pow's!!! (Direct translation: Red Packet)
What's inside?
That is not the real meaning of the Ang Pow though. When a person gives you an Ang Pow, he or she usually says very nice things like wishing you an awesome year ahead or score 10 A's in your exams and etc. THAT is the real meaning.

But as kids, we usually just love what's inside the packet. However, as young adults and as we grow, we take the good wishes more seriously. :)

Skip, skip, skip, skip, skip...

There was an eclipse a few days back in Indonesia.
And according to a myth... during the eclipse, 9 worlds would be connected and exist as ONE!
There would be 9 "You" in different worlds doing alternate things...

That was taken from a fictional but very awesome Japan Hero Series: Kamen Rider Decade!

The first episode of Kamen Rider Decade was shown in Japan during Chinese New Year Eve.
What a coincidence!
This is the rider in the series:
Decade!! Which also means: 10
Why 10?
In the story, 9 worlds are connected and 9 different riders from different reality came into ONE world. Starting from Kuuga (Year 1999) till Kiva (Year 2008) and now... Decade! All worlds connected as One!

The returning of all the riders would really be an interesting storyline as we are able to watch the old riders in action! This is a direct reply by Toei (Kamen Rider) to Tsuburaya's (Ultraman) challenge to bring back all the old heros.

Tsuburaya made Mebius a few years back, bringing back all the old Ultramen like Ultraman, Ultra Seven and so on. It didn't do very well because fans did not like it.
As for Toei... Kamen Rider Decade is Awesome!!

That's all for now and Happy Chinese New Year!

Have fun with Decade's song, it's awesome!:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (PSP)

Really busy these days, going to college, Sunway Carnival to meet somebody for formal purposes... Driving across the Penang Bridge everyday... facing the crazy traffic there thanks to Malaysian drivers who are so... "concern" about the events there.

It's like whenever there is an accident on the bridge, the 2-laned-way will be turned into a one-lane only. What's worse is that Malaysian drivers tend to slow down their vehicle while putting their heads outside to look at the accident... Are they going to help those victims??


They just watch, then leave. Probably complaining about a bad traffic to their relatives or their wife or something. While the "bad traffic" was caused by themselves!! If you want to slow down the car to... 15 km/h, might as well get out of the car and help them! But no... these drivers love the drama. Personally, I do not slow down for this if I know that I can't be of any use in that situation... or if somebody has already tended to the victims...

So, this is the bridge of Penang!
A little bit of promotion for Penang despite heavy traffic... Ah, yes! I forgot about one of the causes of traffic jam. The bottle-neck entrance of Penang Bridge!! From the toll booth, about 10 lanes would crash into 2 lanes!! Isn't that cool!! More traffic jam!! Yay!!! Which means that I have to go through that everyday for the next 2 years, perhaps?

However, they are building another lane... so there should be 3 lanes by mid-2009. I think they should make a special lane for motorcycles because it gets pretty annoying when you are stuck in the traffic, moving 5 inches at a time and suddenly these motorcycles come in and reduce your space to drive to 2 inches (I wouldn't want to knock them), making the driving process a little hard.

Anyways, I encountered another version of Dynasty Warriors 6, specially made for the PSP while I was browsing through I love the Warriors series, even if some people said that they are all the same.


Because it made me love Chinese and Japanese History. The Three Kingdoms Era and the Warring States/ Clans Period are filled with drama and best of all, many strategies and the "unexpected".

Anyways, back to Dynasty Warriors 6: PSP. Okay, so it is NOT called that way. This Dynasty Warriors has another name, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce!

Characters should be the same... not much information about the game yet.

Looks like some regular Dynasty Warriors game, eh? Just kill people to release your stress or if you are a really big fan, follow the storyline of the game.

A power-up mode like the ones featured in Dynasty Warriors 5. The cool thing about this is that instead of changing the colour of their armor like in Dynasty Warriors 5, the Strikeforce changed the warrior's design entirely! Just look at Zhao Yun!! He looks so... Goku-ish from DragonBall. :P

"Awh!! It looks just like the previous warriors franchise! We've just been duped!!"

Not really.... as you can see, now Zhao Yun can walk around and talk to people. I don't know how to read Japanese words or even Kanji... but it looks like an action RPG to me.

"Is this an RPG?? Noo!! I want 2 players!! I want to team-up!!"

This game DOES have team-up. In fact, from what I read through the official website, the team-up can go up to 4 players!! 4-Freaking-Players!! Compared to only 2 people previously. BUT I am not really sure how you connect your PSP's together as one. If THAT is possible, then it would be really cool.

One more thing that really made me go like, "WHAT!??" is this:

It's a giant monster!!
Well, the Gyuki character from Warriors Orochi 2 is big, but not as gigantic as this dude.
Look at the size of that thing! It is so.... Supernatural... I don't know how can they tie the storyline to this giant beast, probably one of Zhang Jiao's sorcery?

They probably thought about the success and reviews of players that played Gundam Musou 2. In Gundam Musou 2, there are giant gundams and all... so... MAYBE that made them go like,

"Hey! I think we better do this for a change. I mean... We did it in Gundam Musou 2...".

Then the other creative staff must've been like, "Hey! Yeah!! That would be so awesome!! Fighting some lava monster in the middle of nowhere! That would be a new edge in our warrior's franchise!".

Then a girl goes like, "But we are using historical characters to picture their war against other historical characters... isn't that a little too extreme?".

Then the creative director for Warriors Orochi was like, "Hey, we warped Japan and China and merged them as one with some snake dude. With that, anything can happen now!"

Just look at the banner! The logo seem a little Need for Speed-like. Looks a little weird at first, but... it turned out okay after looking at the freaking-giant monster! Maybe not entirely okay. :P

One thing that I really like is this:

Their wallpaper! Look at it! It's beautiful!
And I believe Zhao Yun, Lu Bu and Sun Shang Xiang is in the wallpaper in their "hyper-form or something" form.

I don't know about you, but if this comes out on the PS2, I'll definitely buy it!

A new feel, a new edge, a new experience.

It might look dumb and stupid at first, but it seems okay after awhile. I really want to bash some giant monsters up if I have a chance :P

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Victim #8: National Service: Singing and Dancing (Gay-ness)

This is the advertisement shown every year in Malaysia to "promote" more youths to enter National Service or for short, NS.

What is NS?
NS is like a training session where youths train themselves to be soldiers or to develop soldier-like qualities such as love your country, how to use a gun, body-building, be ready to defend your country at all times and etc. This session goes on for 3 months and it always recieve mixed reviews every year.

Unfortunately... some camps are not as good as some other camps. So, there ARE lots of trainees that suffered from diseases and are not cured properly. Many parents have lost their children to this training camp. Some by lousy doctors or... well, people who loves taking "advantage", if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, some people viewed this camp as a step forward to what they want. Most of them just wants to enter public university with the certification by National Service. So, this IS a GREAT push for them. These things happen because they are not really active back in their secondary school life, so they really need the extra credit to qualify for university (only local).

For those people who are NOT going to local university and who ARE going to another country or private university... NS is next to useless. Basically you waste 3 months of your life OR if you are positive-thinker, you can think of it as a training to make a better you. Just be sure that you don't lose your life in the camp. :)

Anyways, back to this ad...
Number 1: This ad is obviously targeted to all NS soon-to-be trainees. It is shown through television network, one of the most used network nowadays besides the internet. That is an ingenius plan! BUT unfortunately old... BUT again... for now, we can use it.

Now, the bad part of all this is... what the heck is wrong with those trainees in the advertisement? GAYness! Jeez... is it really relevant to dance while walking, doing ballet with a broomstick. Is THAT really relevant? Obviously nobody believes that there will be singing and dancing in the NS camp, so why make yourself (NS or the copywriter of this ad) look stupid? It looks as if this ad was make by some guy that really loves High School Musical.

Look at reality, man. People wants to know about the camp. How is it like? What to expect? Not look at some people singing and dancing which will NEVER happen in National Service. Especially parents. They would want to know how are their children, will they be safe? Are there nice food? The other ad about these 3 trainees... THAT is way more relevant than this crap. (Eventhough people know that they are told to act that way, but way more relevant than this)

One more very lousy part of this ad are the activities in the camp. The "grabbing the rope and jumping to the other side" activity looks fun and also the flying-fox. But those activities got like... 8 seconds of air time? What is THIS? Those are the fun activities but they showed more of the "sweeping the floor" kind of activities. NOBODY loves sweeping the floor or picking up trash, alright?

For this ad, you have to ask yourself:
How do I make more people join the National Service and make them keen about it?

Obviously the copywriters did not ask themselves this very important question. This is what the advertisement is made for, dear Mr. Copywriter. Who came up with this gay idea of having these kids jump around, singing and dancing? It doesn't make any sense to you, does it?

For those who wish to protect themselves, they will say, "It does" but let me ask you this question: Will there be singing and dancing in the National Service camp?
If they do have it, then I'm speechless. However if they don't (which what most ex-trainees claim) then you are totally stupid because it obviously doesn't make any sense to anybody!

You have to know what youths want from the camp. A lot of my friends love PE class, why not target them and show more of the Flying-Fox or any activities that these people consider "FUN"? Why in the world, do you have to show boring activities like picking up trash? If you go outside and ask around, people will say, "Oh, I love to pick up the rubbish if it can help others" but that's just for the sake of making themselves look good to the public. When you turn around, they will just ignore the trash.

THAT is reality. Now, THEY are in-charge because THEY are the ones that we need to even call ourselves "a camp". So, it needs to be a grabber to grab attention and make them come to you.

Another thing is your public image.
Your image unfortunately is not very well built because of your past doings and how do we know that you are not keeping any other bad news from the public? Now, your weak "good impressions" by parents and ex-trainees are nothing compared to the strongger "bad impressions" by parents and ex-trainees, especially those who lost their children to your camp. You tried your best to wipe the bad things off, but you still have a very bad public image. No doubt, there are people who wants to go for the camp, but their REAL goal is just to qualify for a local university, not picking up rubbish.

Do you get me?
In conclusion: You should know what they would want to know and show it to them. Not showing them some activities that people see as "a-forced-to-do" activity or probably just give it a little bit of air-time and more air-time for the fun activities. Please have a look and may you do better this year.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009 to everyone!

The best part of all is that I celebrated ALONE! In my dark room! Jumping around, going crazy just for the fun of it. when I realised that I missed the countdown! Luckily those 8tv Quickie people had their own late countdown, so... I just joined in the fun.

Why did I miss it?
I was watching this movie:Eagle Eye
Awesome movie! Their story is pretty cool. What I think about this movie is that the computerized girl: Aria was doing the right thing to teach the government a lesson since the US government bombed an innocent man in one of the Islamic countries. She advised them to stop their operation on the man but as humans, we just want to be sure that the terrorist are killed, so... ah, well... the "terrorist" which is just a regular innocent guy attending a funeral was bombed and an entire city went with it. So, Aria was pretty pissed off and decided to "clean" the government by killing everybody in the cabinet with a very cool plan.

That's the starting point of the movie... Oh yes, this movie features Shia Lebouf, the main character for Transformers about a year back. This movie is very professional and the idea is very mature. So, if you are looking for movies where the storyline twists or sound effects of bombs, this is the movie for you.

Anyways, after "counting" down with the 8tv Quickie people, I spent about 30 minutes sms-ing people that I can remember with my very limited memory bank. :P Sorry to those that I forgot to sms... I just changed my handphone to my bro's "hand-me-down" handphone. So, I have to key in the numbers again.... just remember that I wish you all Happy New Year too!

Yesterday, was the first day of the new year. Head down to Penang Island to visit John and the final 12 of D'Graduate, a competition looking for very successful under-graduates. Had a nice time there... then I returned home and turned on the television and I saw a little boy shaving off his "wings" in the toilet... I was like, "Wait a minute... that's ArchAngle!" It's...

X-Men: The Last Stand!
I've always dreamed of watching this movie! I couldn't find the DVD outside since it's quite old, so I watched the movie through television. The movie is really cool too! The sad part of all are the death of Cyclops, Professor Xavier and Jean. So sad... but I didn't expect Cyclops to die so early in the movie :P

It's like he found Jean still alive near a lake and the next thing... he disappeared. Probably turned into sand like what happened to Professor Xavier when he tried to enter Jean's mind. I bet there will be a future installment because it seems that the "cure" for mutation is temporary as Magneto was still able to move the chess piece a little bit with his... "controlling-of-magnet" powers. :P

About today, went to sign up with:
Inti International College. Class starts at 5th of Jan which is next monday. :(
Hope I still have time to blog since classes are from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. ... I"ll keep you updated :P
Okay, that's it! Next post WILL BE THE National Service Ad.
Sorry about that, I mean it's New Year! :P

Happy New Year!

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