Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why some Mutations are Awesome?

Hey, people!
Jackson Teoh is here and all geared-up with some illustrations explaining to you,
"Why some Mutations are Awesome?"

When I say, "Mutation", those who study Biology would think about mutated cells, mutant hands that have no use at all. While for Marvel/DC comic fans, it's more to superheroes. Anyways, let's get down to business as this IS about self and business mutation.

Let's say that in 10 years, your competitor grew into a perfect man.
And in 10 years, you are also a perfect man. Thus, there would be a scenario where Perfect Man (You) VS Perfect Man (Enemy).So, now... each of you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Both with each gun. Probably even kill each other. That's not too bad, right? I mean... it's not that you lost. So, both companies would go down fighting each other and both companies will die out at last.

Mutation can be classified into 2 (not biological):
a) Negative Mutation
b) Positive Mutation
(Mutation here is the idea. Eg: Negative Mutation = Negative Idea)

Let's start with Negative Mutation...
Let's say that you are fighting with your competitor and it seems like it is going to bring you to a draw. However, something happened... Your cells start to change and you turn into something else in the Evolution Chart:
Yes, a Mutant Duck!
(Lousy business plan - proven by continuous super-negative feedback by consumers)
So, now you are a duck and when you fight with your competitor...
You are dead!
Yes, when your business plan receives super-bad reviews by the consumers, plus since it is continuous, you might probably be a dead duck already. And, you know that it's not easy to turn yourself back to a human. Basically, you are pretty screwed, unless you suddenly came up with a super-awesome plan that will make your business a killer.
So, this is the example of Negative Mutation.

Next is the Positive Mutation:

Haha! Now from a normal person, you mutated into SuperMan!
(Awesome business plan that makes the consumers keep coming)
Okay, SuperMan is not a mutant in DC, but let's assume he is here.

And when your enemy tries to fight back:
SuperMan is like... super-awesome as bullets cannot penetrate his body. So, if you are SuperMan, your enemies would have a very hard time killing you off.

Let's say that Coca-Cola is SuperMan and Pepsi is the Perfect Human. Pepsi would not stand a chance against Coca-Cola because they always come up with great business plans that will bring consumers to them. Plus, the Coca-Cola brand name is a few times more trustworthy by consumers as it is "the Best coke on Earth" compared to Pepsi. No doubt, Pepsi is fighting with introduction of new products and innovation, but as for now, Coca-Cola is still dominating the Cola Market. Unless of course when Coca-Cola suddenly mutates into a duck, then Pepsi might take its place as the #1 Coke Brand and Microsoft will take its place as the #1 Brand on Earth.

*Illustrations designed by Jackson Teoh*

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, February 27, 2009

College Life (24th Feb to 27th Feb)

Okay, just to keep in contact about my story in college with my High School friends, here are the events for the last 4 days.

Day/Date: Tuesday (24th February 2009)
Location: INTI International College Penang
Time: When the power suddenly went off!

Yes! At about 12.40 PM, just as everyone was getting bored cracking their brains to solve the triple equation BASIC Mathematics question, yes, BASIC and we are already cracking our brains. :P The Power went off!! The college just blacked-out due to power failure. We were like... "Yay!!! No need to study!!!". Then our Mathematics lecturer was like, "Oh... I guess you don't have the mood to study already, okay, class dismissed".

So, we had about 2 hours of break. And for the first time, we would like to thank the power failure :P
Alright, so now the power is down, no electricity anywhere in the college. And when things starts heating up in the Lecture Room, anything can happen.
So, I drew out my camera, and started a snapping frenzy!

Right over here is the picture of the girls going crazy with the heat of the room, but the window saved our lives! However, Caryn, the girl sitting in front of the window blocked the wind!! NOOO!!! But she said that she looks damn 'yeng' here :P
Note: I was playing "SIMS" with Kah Zhe's (another friend) handphone.

When we thought that we could go home, the power went back on!!
NOO!!! (yet again)
We are so... lazy to study...
So, we snapped more pictures before the lecturer came in...

Okay, I don't know how to spell their names, but I will spell it the way I call them.
From top left: Alex, Michael, AbdullahWazeer, Jack, Ying Wen, Yu Ting.
From bottom left: Boon Xiang and yours truly, Jackson Teoh.

Well, actually I don't think that you really care what their names are, but just to give them credit for the picture :P

Next, the girls!
Okay, I think that 1 is missing.

From Top left: Vicky, Lee Ann, Caryn Teoh, Sabryna, Chiu Jin.
From Bottom left: Shiro, Kah Zhe, Doreen.

Yet again, nobody really cares but just to give them credit for being my friend :P

We had General Studies after that and you can't imagine how bored we were.
I can't even recall what she taught us :P

When it's time for IT at 4 PM, an awesome news came to us!
The lecturer's computer crashed due to the power failure! We were like, "Yay!!!" till of course she said, "But we will replace some other day", we were like, "Awh!!!"

So, schools out, time to go...
Wait.. go where?
Since we were so bored and yet happy, we went to Queensbay Mall to catch a movie!

The girls were buy popcorn and drinks, they were nice enough to share it with me :P
Ah, yes. We went to watch a movie by Marvel, known as The Punisher: War Zone.
(Note: This Punisher is different comparing to the old one. They said that the old one sucked)

It was pretty awesome... with all the shooting, reloading, smashing of peoples' faces, blood splattering everywhere, it's like... super-violent. But it's not a bad movie. Jigsaw looks nice and his brother, James, is pretty whacky.

Oh, yes. And I encountered my movie selection of the year's poster: Transformers 2!!

This is like so much clearer than the ones found on the internet, I wonder why?

Day/Date: Thursday/ 26th Feb
Location: INTI International College Penang (IICP)
Time: Forgot :P

The girls came up with a very cool idea! In order to pay a tribute to our fellow monkey-ancestors, the girls started Picking Fleas!!

Over here, you can clearly see that Kah Zhe is picking fleas off Lee Ann's head. Look at Lee Ann smiling while Kha Zhe picks them out. Haha!!

Alright, it WAS a lie. They were actually bored, so they started tying her hair into a bundle.

When two people can no longer stand each others' jokes:

Day/Date: Friday/ 27th February 2009
Location: IICP, in one of the many cubicles in Level 4
Time: Er... Forgot too :P

We have to pass up our Malaysian Studies a.k.a Sejarah assignment today. We were given 2 choices:
1) Lone soldier
2) A Battalion of soldiers

Naturally, I had to pick "Lone Soldier" due to our geographical difference (Mainland-Island)

And when you didn't do things on-time:

Just look at the table!
(Oh, ya, the girl on the left is Damanis, she was the missing girl in the previous "Girl Group" photo.)
And look at her face... It's HILARIOUS!!
But I think they managed to finish their assignment on-time.

That's all about my college life in INTI.
To all high schoolers: INTI college is awesome!!

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Evolution is Bad for You?

Jackson Teoh is back with "Why Evolution is Bad for you?".
Yes, I am saying that Evolution for you is a very very very bad thing. It is a risky business.
Okay, for the supporters of Charles Darwin, I am not saying that his theory is wrong or stupid, I am just explaining why evolution is bad for you TODAY.

Note: The term "Evolution" here is about your progress to self-development. Can be applied to your company too.

1) Evolution is a super-ultra-mega SLOW process
Let's say you've just started your company, so you are an ape. Then you evolved and evolved till you became a half-man, half-ape (as shown above). It will take millions of years to evolve from an ape to a half-ape, wouldn't it? Let's say that your company has evolved from an ape to a half-ape in 6 years. Your company grew slowly, step-by-step into what it is today.

Now, for every company, there are always competitors.
2) Some competitors have already grown into a full man
While you were growing slowly, you competitors who have been running and growing their business for 10 years, would have grown into a perfect man. Now that you are just a half-man, versus a full man. (Look below)

3) BANG! Your full man competitor comes back and shoots you, you half-man!
Evolution is so slow that it take years for your company to grow. And before your company can continue growing into a perfect man, your full man competitor comes with a gun (business plan) and shoots you at the heart! Thus, eliminating anymore competition and causing your company to go down and finally close.

4) Another scenario where you defy the length of time for you to grow into a full man
Let's say that you didn't like going through evolution, so you ZOOM into a man within 6 years. Your competitors took 10 years to be a full man. Now since you grew in 6 years, you have defied the law of time that states that evolution is slow. Giving you... (look below)

A Fighting Chance! To kill off your competitor! *Notice the guns at both sides?*

The truth is that some companies, especially new ones would die if they do not keep up with the competitive edge. If you evolve too slow, your senior competitor would kill you off with a gun. If you evolve very very fast, you would still have a fighting chance to kill your competitor!

Remember Cao Cao's words: Speed is the Essence!
Indeed, speed IS the essence to win a war!

Oh, yeah. Once you are a full-grown man, you can kill any competitors that are still apes with a gun. Do that and show them that they have to ZOOM in order to continue fighting!

*Illustrations deisgned by Jackson Teoh (Myself!) :P*

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable. It is an on-going process that dominates the function of this world.
You can take technology as an example. Compare the the change in technology for the past 5 years. How much change is that?

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, February 21, 2009

4 Steps to Great Presentation

Jackson Teoh is here to give you some advice about presentation before he goes to a meeting in Queensbay Mall.
Okay, first of all, I "stole" this idea from Michael Teoh, my brother, about teaching people stuffs in your blog.

*Note that these secret techniques that I am going to teach you is through my research on books and others.

Through my years of the "Formal Learning Process" or what I would call... The "FLP", people tend to freak out when ever somebody tells them to do a presentation. They will be like, "Oh! Shit! Presentation! What must I do?".

A long time ago, I was like THAT too. "Oh, my god... I better take out a paper and read it or memorize it!". I did, I took out the paper and my judge was like, "Haih...". That time alone, I was like... *SNAP*! I knew that I wasn't doing a very good job. I read through the paper and that was the first time I felt terrible about myself.

Now, reflect yourself on your computer screen. Can you imagine or remember that same experience? When was the last time you are really satisfied with your presentation? When was the last time you bragged about your presentation? When was the last time you told your team, "Hey! Let me present!"? When was the last time you actually step-up to the plate?

By reflecting on your own, some of you might be like, "Hey! I did last Monday and Tuesday and multiple times too!", if that is your answer, then you may choose to read on or just go to another blog post :P
IF you are the one that go like, "Hm... I can't answer that", then Read On!

So, through my research about presentation for over a year back in... Form 4 to mid-Form 5, I think. I found 4 steps or 4 D's as written in Neuromarketing.

Step 1: Diagnose the Pain

Now, what is "Diagnose the Pain"? Diagnosing the Pain is a super important thing in a presentation. Or better, do it before the presentation! Diagnosing the Pain is like knowing what people want to hear. Know what they want to know, see, hear and etc. You have to know what they want in order to present your idea to them based on what they want.

Ask yourself: What hurts them the most? What triggers them to do something? (Preferably "Wh" questions to provide you simple answers)

As an instance, you have an idea about a new kind of cola drink. Let's say you are the creative director for Coca-Cola and you are in a joint-venture with StarBucks. As we all know, StarBucks is like the heart of coffee beans. So, if you present your cola drink without any elements of coffee, they will be wondering, "Will we sell this in our store?". You guess the answer yourself.

Step 2: Differentiate the Claim

Differentiating the Claim is what makes you so different that I must listen you? The "Claim" here is refering to the "Extras" or what Seth Godin would say, "Free Prize!" that you will give to your consumers or the judge for presentation sense. You have to try to be different in style during your presentation for people to remember who you are. Your Style is what everybody is looking for. The style matters greatly as it makes people know if you are interesting or boring.

I once went to a talk in KL called the Youth09' (I think) and this guy was talking about how he reach the top among other presenters in one of the events held in Malaysia. How did he do it? He was different! He wore a "Hawaii" style costume with the hat, beach-like shirt and some flowers around his neck. Why do I remember him saying that? Because he was the ONLY ONE doing that! He wore that attire and he told us about that experience.

Another thing about style, when Kenny Sia talked about waves and passion, he has his own style. He seems energetic, he walks all over the place, the hand signals start coming up, his talks in dialogue and that made him unique and energetic. So, the entire hall was like, "Woah!" because he has his energetic style! Now, let me ask you one question: What is your style?

Step 3: Demonstrating the Gain

Now, you know how to diagnose the pain, differentiate your claim, now time for the next step: Demonstrating the Gain. Now that you have your claim, it's time to do a demonstration about the claim that you are talking about. There are several techniques in demonstrating the gain, but I will talk about that in later posts.

Demonstrating that gain is demonstrating your claim to satisfy the consumer's gain. When you are talking about something in a presentation, you have to demonstrate what ever your points are. Some of it is definitely giving examples and doing acts that makes your claim strongger. It is like the art of influencing people to go along with your idea.

During a presentation, I usually give examples, mostly regarding life or something that I have read based on the condition of the audience, who they are and where they come from. So, once I talk about my point, I start relating the point into the audiences' lives showing them the benefit of using my point of view. Bulding contrast of both negative and positive ways, the crowd really enjoyed what I was talking about.

Now, put yourself in my shoes. What would you feel when you know that the crowd is enjoying what you are saying?

Step 4: Deliver to the Old Brain

The Old Brain, based on Neuromarketing is your subconscious mind that tells you what you have to do based on your liking. Emotions, thoughts of buying, loving all comes from your Old Brain. It is basically the master of decision making in your brain.

During a presentation, you have to be sure that you are using the right techniques, tone of voice, content that affects the listeners in their old brain. Like inflicting emotions into their brain. Making them feel what you want them to feel by doing something or by saying something. Make them put themselves into the situation that you are talking about. Make them FEEL your presentation. Because THAT will trigger a pulse in their Old Brain making pursuasion easier and faster!

Now that you know all 4 steps in general.
Let's reflect yourself on the computer screen again... ask the guy in the computer screen:
"Did you follow the 4 D's during your presentation?"

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, February 20, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Dang Tests!

Hey, people!
Jackson Teoh is back after a week of obtaining marks for some subjects.
IT - 13/20 (not very good, I mean... come on, I am not technical :P but the highest is 16/20!)
Malaysian Studies - 8/10! (Never knew my Sejarah was Okay!)
English - 46/50! (Highest in English, man... :P One girl jokingly accused me of copying her :P)

I had an exam on Wednesday and it is a subject that I don't really like because of all the

Rules! Rules! Rules!

Of course what I am speaking of is non-other than Maths!! The "Best" part is that there are no formula papers for you!!
Screw you guys, no formula paper for you! (Eric Cartman Style)
As a result, there were some formulae that I slipped off and just wrote a whole lot of crap in the piece of paper :P

So, on Wednesday, an hour before exams, everybody was pretty tensed up.
We don't know what to expect as this is the first time doing the test. So, we were pretty nervous.
However, being pretty comical in class, I took Damanis' (a friend) pencil box: a lion and started doing stupid things with it, like giving people the "Lion Slap!". Obviously it didn't hurt because it's made out of cloth and cotton :P
In fact, I think it felt pretty good receiving a "Lion Slap!". :P

This is the picture of the attacker!:

If you see this pencil box anywhere, remember to pinch it's nose because it's nose is so soft that you can't resist!
I not only give them the "Lion Slap" service, take note that I was pretty tensed about the test, so I started talking using the Lion as my representative. :P
It's like a ventriloquist!
And it always end up with the Lion getting pinched in the nose or slapped by the "victims". :P

Now, it's time to get serious, so I was talking to Ying Wen, my friend about a Marketing Campaign.
And it goes like this:

I was talking to him about something:
Jackson: Hey! What is this? I was expecting more from you. I taught you how to do this already, I showed the steps to you one-by-one and you give me this? I expected a professionally made report about the progress of the Monopoly Marketing Campaign.
Ying Wen: Oh, erm... sorry, boss. I will redo.
Jackson: Yeah, you better do it, or else...!
Ying Wen: Or else what?
Jackson: Exactly!

Haha! Alright, that was a joke!
We were actually talking about the Mathematics test. This guy, Ying Wen is like a Maths-Whiz. He taught me almost every question in the book and most of the time I will be like... "Har?"
Jackson: Hey, I know that you no longer need to study, man. Your Maths is like... Woah! So, just relax. Look at us (not including Ying Wen)! We suck in Maths, so just shut up about being stressed out about Maths.
Ying Wen: Er... I was just flipping my book...


"Things" happen when you are stressed out about Mathematics :P
I mean... come on! I became a ventriloquist with a cotton Lion!

After the terror of Mathematics, I think I did okay.
Just a little careless and some forgotten formulae.

It's Thursday and class starts at 12 PM.
Went in my car at 11.10 AM and expected to arrive INTI at about 11.40 AM.

Freaking traffic!!
I was stuck there for so long that I took out my camera and snapped the photo of myself, driving in the middle of the traffic.
I heard that something happened the the bridge, the new road suddenly detached itself from the main one. What happened?


There was nothing there, nothing could be seen.
But thanks to the news report, everybody slowed their vehicles down to have a look. I kept my cool thanks to for playing pretty updated and nice songs.
However, the traffic was terrible! I was stuck there for 2 hours!! 2 freaking hours!
So now let's do the Math for the time that I read INTI.

11.10 AM + 2 hours = 1.10 PM!

I was late for IT class! Great!!
You know what is even better? I only stayed in Penang for 20 minutes!
20 minutes left in IT class, so I just sat there and pretended to listen to the teacher eventhough I do not understand a word she is saying.

After everything is done, I had this fear of going back due to the 2 hours traffic experience. So, I stood in front of the college main door and started talking to my fellow comrades of CFP. Talk, talk and talk till 3/4 of the group goes home. Naturally, I would go home out of bored-ness.

Oh, yeah!
I need to explain about the Ultramen. It appears that there is a kindergarten in front of the college. And to me, Ultraman is pretty much an inspiration eventhough I like Kamen Rider better. They have been through a lot and it is really a business inspiration.

Alright, so a guy wrote in my ChatBox to comment about the 2 posters made for the upcoming an awesome movie:
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
I only manage to find one of them. They said that this is a teaser poster, so... I don't know which one is the official one.

A few things about this poster is number one, if you do not have a computer, you would be wondering what this poster is. What movie is it promoting? There is no title for it! Of course, this might be like the... "Suspense" type of poster, so I guess it is a good thing because it makes the viewers go like, "What movie is this? Looks like Jurassic Park. The Dinosaurs are taking revenge?! Oh, NO!"

For people like myself, this poster is definitely Transformers as I read it through a bunch of websites online and searched for this poster in Google. Through the looks of it... I still can't tell who is in the poster? Is it Star Scream or Megatron? Megatron should be dead. Michael Bay even commented about the rumours about the return of Megatron as a Cybertronian Tank. He said that the tank was made for toy sales only. But as for me, I think they will include it in a special edition comic book of Transformers.

The black background and the red eyes obviously tells you that the "Evil" is coming. People who have never seen the movie or do not know that this is Transformers might probably think that this is a "creature" movie. However, the suspense it pretty high as people do not know what to expect from the poster. Plus with the word "Revenge", there would be only 2 possibilities:

Possibility #1:
People do not know that this is Transformers might think that this is a sequel from another movie. The enemy was defeated and it is back for revenge.

Possibility #2:
People might think that this is a "Super Natural" movie where disasters caused by a monster due to pollution or environmental impact. Putting the "Revenge of the Nature" factor in.

Eitherway, I can't wait for the movie to pop up in cinemas worldwide. Let's hope that I am free to go. :P

Thanks for reading!

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Victim #9: Hirudoid Cream: Say GoodBye to Damaged Skin

Hey! Jackson Teoh is back!
Just had a long week of a 3-day test, which are Malaysian Studies, IT and General Studies.
Malaysian Studies was... ok, IT was crap, General Studies was... ok as well.
I have also received my Management test paper and I scored 17/20!! The highest! Haha!! I was so... happy!

Anyways, back to business.
It has been awhile since I criticized any lousy advertisements, so I am back to criticize a "skin care" advertisement: Hirudoid Cream...

Below is the advertisement in a whole:

They have a very attractive title: Say GoodBye to Damaged Skin (Solves Damaged Skin Problems)
Excellent title!
It gives people the idea that it is able to solve their damaged skin problem.

Notice that the title is made up of ONLY lower-case letters. That is a technique, but I can say that this technique is up to your judgment. To me, the word "goodbye" and "damaged" stood out the most... and THAT is a problem. If I flip through a newspaper, most probably I will not notice that it is for my skin because the word "skin" is smaller than "goodbye". So, why not bold the word, "skin"? Or make it bigger?

And overall, this is a very boring advertisement. Nothing exciting, no action, no pictures except the product. Yes, that is good, but it questions whether your product would stand-out in the crowd of other products. A black background just doesn't seem nice and unfriendly. Be like a car advertisement where they have the car but the background is at least somewhere! Imagine a car advertisement showing the car but with black background... You will be like, "It's so dark... It makes me feel negative"...

Because it loses it's "friendliness" value.
And when people have a negative mind, what would they think about your product?
Very dull...

One more thing is... where on Earth is the company's logo??!!
Who manufactured this thing?
And you care so much about your company's reputation, your BRAND!
Where is your brand? Your pride? Your identity?
This is such a screw-up!!

The title is very attractive.
It makes people read it if they ever notice it is for their skin and if they don't mind the black background.
However, now... the title is set, I am attracted.
Now, Convince me to buy:

The body copy is... not bad...
Their writing skills is pretty focused.
However there is only one problem...

"Why are you using white on black??"

Have you ever designed an advertisment before? Geez...
Luckily you left them to the minimum. Or else this would really screw you up.
This alone makes it hard to read!

So, the body copy is pretty focused, very straight forward, just the color scheme is
pretty bad

Now, there is another problem... A very severe problem that makes me question your company's professionalism:

Notice anything?

Have a look at the third line of this copy.

"An Unique"

"An unique"!!!???, "An Unique"!!!???, "AN UNIQUE"!!!???

Excuse me?
"An Unique"? What the heck is wrong with you people? This is such a stupid mistake! Who wrote this? Who checked the advertisement? Who approved it to be published? Is it the marketing department? Or is it the manager of another department?

Who ever that wrote this should be sent to an English Class.
Seriously, this mistake can never be allowed to happen in an advertisement. People do make mistakes, do doubt about that, BUT this mistake is UNFORGIVEABLE.

When I first saw the mistakenly written "An Unique", it really made me question the company's professionalism. That doesn't seem very professional. In fact, I immediately downgraded it to be lower than professional. This is such an obvious mistake! Thanks to these two words alone, I downgraded your company's brand by over 98%. It spoiled EVERYTHING!

All your efforts to make this ad a winner is LOST! All LOST!
And you have to realize how important your brand reputation is. Your reputation is EVERYTHING! What made Coca-Cola the number 1 brand? The positive-publie-feedback and also the positive-public-view towards the brand, "Coca-Cola". Coca-Cola advertisements are very unique and professional. Plus... they do not make stupid grammar mistakes like this.

Even a 12-year-old knows that you do not put an "An" in front of "Unique". It's like saying, "An University", "I am studying in An University in country X", does it sound right to you? "I am wearing An Uniform", does it sound right, now?

Take care of your grammar. If there are any grammar mistakes that are not noticeable or are hardly noticeable, then it is okay. But THIS is "crap that spoils the fragrance of the toilet".

Get it done!

- Jackson Teoh

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

What do I think: Red Cliff 2

Hey, Jackson Teoh is back and ready to comment about Red Cliff 2!

Above is the trailer of the most awesome Chinese movie: Red Cliff 2!
Red Cliff 2 is a movie directed by John Woo, based on ancient Chinese history: The Battle of Chi Bi during the Three Kingdoms Era. It serves as a sequel to his 2008 film, Red Cliff.

The first one is really awesome, you can't stand it but to watch it multiple times. Especially, people who played the game: Dynasty Warriors (like myself).

Back to Red Cliff 2...
I finished college at about 1, since I have a business gathering that night (Friday) which starts at 8, I have 7 hours in the island doing nothing. Then, I thought to myself, "Hey! I am free now, I'll go watch Red Cliff 2 on MY OWN!".

Yes! I watched Red Cliff 2 on my own! I'm just lazy to go through all the process of: "Hey! Wan'na go out with me?", then the other party goes like, "Erm.. Busy lar". So why not watch it ALONE! It's easy and it saves the environment (because then that person doesn't need to drive a car to Queensbay Mall, thus saving fuel :P).

Booked the 3 o'clock ticket and it was a nice spot right in the middle of the giant screen. So now, I have 2 hours to waste before the movie. What do I do next?
Go to my favourite spot in Queensbay Mall: Borders! They have awesome books!
One of it is this!:
Is it ONLY for retail?


It is also for online business!
But unfortunately... I don't have much money in my pocket, so... I put it back on the rack... :(

It's now 2.45 and time to rush to Red Cliff 2!
Despite being shown in cinemas for 2 weeks, the crowd watching Red Cliff 2 is still enormous! The seats were full, I was lucky enough to get there early, plus my spot is like one of the best spots in there!

Really enjoyed the 2 hours and 15 minutes movie.
When a lot of people went like, "So disappointed", online, only one sentence went through my mind: Screw You!!

This movie is great and it is on par or better than the first!
More action, more strategies! (Plus a new element: Very scary)
Why do I say that the movie was "very scary"?


There is this part in the movie where the Wei Army was attacked by a plague. Since Wei is from the North, they are not used to the Southern environment. Lots of soldiers died due to Typhoid. The doctor was like, "We can't bury them, we have to burn them to stop the disease from spreading". Then Cao Cao smiled and said, "No!".

The scene jumped to a ceremony. A priest wore a very very very scary looking mask, a demon with 4 eyes, 2 horns and long hair. It's black in color. The priest together with a few other people in white (the dress of the dead) started dancing freakily... the dead soldiers were then loaded onto a small boat. When the ceremony is completed, the dead soldiers were sent to the Wu Army (opposing side).

As you can expect, when they found the little boats, they would reel them in and take all their belongings... leading to... a spreading Typhoid! Now the Wu is attacked by the plague! Cao Cao is so... EVIL... even a general of Wei went like, "This looks very wrong". Cao Cao just laughed when a scout came informing him about the infected Wu Army.

*spoilers end*

What happens next?
Go watch it!

The battle sequence was very cool. The effects are so real!
The strategies that the Alliance, Shu and Wu came up with to destroy the Wei Army was brilliant! Even the person watching gets fooled! Nobody expected "Ah-hem" to return.
(Note: I used "Ah-hem" to avoid more spoilers :P)

The battle is awesome, very realistic and it makes you think: "People of the Three Kingdoms are so... SMART" which of course makes you feel dumb :P

They picked the actors very carefully and they made very awesome decisions! The actor for Cao Cao looks very cunning, Liu Bei looks very poor, Sun Quan looks like a young Commander! Even the girls look awesome! Xiao Qiao is very pretty and Sun Shang Xiang looks kinda boy-ish, but still pretty. :P Basically, all the characters were picked very carefully and their faces do fit their characters.

This is truly one of the best Chinese movies that I've seen so far... And it is now rank #1 in my movie of the year 2009! Until of course some other movies knock it out of position. :P

This movie is great and I recommend you, regardless of race, to watch it! (Watch the first one first. :P)

- Jackson Teoh

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael Teoh VS Shafiq trailer

This January...

2 Friends find themselves on different sides...

There is only ONE thing that they have to do...

From the director of the award winning film,
"Who ate my Pie?"

Featuring Michael Teoh



"Michael versus Shafiq"
Rated R

Just something that I made up out of bored-ness...

Brought to you by:
Jackson Teoh (the guy on the left)