Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Evolution is Bad for You?

Jackson Teoh is back with "Why Evolution is Bad for you?".
Yes, I am saying that Evolution for you is a very very very bad thing. It is a risky business.
Okay, for the supporters of Charles Darwin, I am not saying that his theory is wrong or stupid, I am just explaining why evolution is bad for you TODAY.

Note: The term "Evolution" here is about your progress to self-development. Can be applied to your company too.

1) Evolution is a super-ultra-mega SLOW process
Let's say you've just started your company, so you are an ape. Then you evolved and evolved till you became a half-man, half-ape (as shown above). It will take millions of years to evolve from an ape to a half-ape, wouldn't it? Let's say that your company has evolved from an ape to a half-ape in 6 years. Your company grew slowly, step-by-step into what it is today.

Now, for every company, there are always competitors.
2) Some competitors have already grown into a full man
While you were growing slowly, you competitors who have been running and growing their business for 10 years, would have grown into a perfect man. Now that you are just a half-man, versus a full man. (Look below)

3) BANG! Your full man competitor comes back and shoots you, you half-man!
Evolution is so slow that it take years for your company to grow. And before your company can continue growing into a perfect man, your full man competitor comes with a gun (business plan) and shoots you at the heart! Thus, eliminating anymore competition and causing your company to go down and finally close.

4) Another scenario where you defy the length of time for you to grow into a full man
Let's say that you didn't like going through evolution, so you ZOOM into a man within 6 years. Your competitors took 10 years to be a full man. Now since you grew in 6 years, you have defied the law of time that states that evolution is slow. Giving you... (look below)

A Fighting Chance! To kill off your competitor! *Notice the guns at both sides?*

The truth is that some companies, especially new ones would die if they do not keep up with the competitive edge. If you evolve too slow, your senior competitor would kill you off with a gun. If you evolve very very fast, you would still have a fighting chance to kill your competitor!

Remember Cao Cao's words: Speed is the Essence!
Indeed, speed IS the essence to win a war!

Oh, yeah. Once you are a full-grown man, you can kill any competitors that are still apes with a gun. Do that and show them that they have to ZOOM in order to continue fighting!

*Illustrations deisgned by Jackson Teoh (Myself!) :P*

- Jackson Teoh

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