Thursday, March 26, 2009

BarCampKL - I'm there!

Hey, people!
Jackson Teoh is back with a pretty tiring brain at the moment due to Management Test this afternoon. Studied for about 3 hours only and went for the test. :P
Busy, man!

Anyways, there is an event known as:

BarCamp!! Coming up on the 4th and 5th of April!
And as the quote says, "I'm there!"
It's true! I AM there!

It's like a conference... Oops... Unconference!
It is made by participants for participants.
This whole BarCamp concept is very unique as many talks will be held at the same time and you get to vote which one that you like with your feet!
Means that if you don't like the presenter, you can just walk out and go for another one happening at the same time.

Another unique thing is that the speakers are participants too!
You can register yourself as a participant and also a speaker!
So, here is YOUR chance to make a name for yourself by talking about what you are passionate about!

For more information or if you wish to register, just go to:
BarCamp Malaysia - BarCampKL

See you there!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

New Facebook Group for The Art of Ads!

Hey! I am writing this post 5 minutes after I wrote my previous post about Journey Through the Decade. :P

Just to let fellow readers and visitors know that has made a group on Facebook!

Just follow this link
TheArtofAds Facebook Group

If you want to join, just click "Join this group". :P

It is actually a way to know about my past and present life, especially getting to know my friends from all walks of life and maybe expand your network of friends and of course brag about the number of friends that you have. :P

I am opening this group to everyone. :D
Just be fun, you can post whatever topic you like, but make sure it is not sensitive as said in the Malaysian Constitution. Haha!! Just learned that from a history book last week. :P

Up to you guys, but just try to filter because I don't want any fights going on about sensitive issues in the group. :P

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Jackson Teoh

Journey Through the Decade

Jackson Teoh is back and typing this early in the morning at 1.30 AM.
It is seriously exactly 1.30 AM. :P

The main theme for Kamen Rider Decade was released about a week ago, but I was only able to download it today due to some miracle. I wasn't able to download it at first, but finally it started to transfer datas to me.

This song is awesome! Just like any other Kamen Rider songs out there, in the new era of course starting from 1999. Except for a few that you think kinda suck. :P

Some of you might be like, "Yuck!", "Blek! Kamen Rider!"...
But look at it this way, it is still an awesome song! :P

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Jackson Teoh

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Praise #2: DiGi: Windows Live Messenger on DiGi

Jackson Teoh is back after finishing his freaking General Studies research.
Above is the advertisement made by DiGi to promote their new function that enables DiGi users to use Windows Live Messenger on their mobile phones.

There is one thing that I wish to quote from Johan Dennelind, CEO of DiGi:
"Actually, sometimes you need to change something that's not broken in order to keep things running for a long time."

He talked about change!
And to prove that, he changed the DiGi icon from the Yellow-Coverage-Guy to a Yellow Rubber Duckling!

Anyways, back to this advertisement.
It clearly shows what you can do with this new feature.
Send messages, receive messages, send icons, anything to do with Windows Live Messenger! Just like being online!

Here, they used the demonstration technique and they focused on a message most discussed among youths of today = LOVE!

Plus, the advertisement was made in a very simple way. A guy using MSN to message his friends from his handphone to computers, receiving replies from his friends from computers to his handphone. When suddenly... next!!

On top of that, they have the suspense where people will be wondering who the girl is. What does she look like? People might be expecting some very beautiful girl in red or something, but suddenly...


A really funny advertisement. Check out how that guy screamed!
I think I would have screamed too!

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, March 20, 2009

It is Okay to be Wrong (Something I hold onto)

Great Leaders may be Wrong, but can never be Unclear

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why must Brand Names be Good?

Hey, people!
Jackson Teoh is back...
Currently, super busy with assignments, tests and exams.
Finals is next month!! Crap!!

However, I still find some time to blog about business and stuff.
Today, I present you, "Why must Brand Names be Good?"
I did some study early in the year about branding and all, so I just decide to blog about it to share it with you.

Almost anybody who owns a business or studies business knows that these three brands:
Coca-Cola, Microsoft and IBM are the top 3 most valued brand in the world.
Topping the list is Coca-Cola at #1
#2 is Microsoft
#3 is IBM

Note: Some books made a guess that one day, Microsoft will be #1, replacing Coca-Cola

As you can see from these 3 awesome brands, they share one similarity:
their Brand Name is awesome!

They sound nice, classy, trust-worthy and the list goes on.
Coca-Cola is a very unique name and when you think about Coca-Cola, you'll think about the coke in a tall and red Coca-Cola mug.

The Brand Name is very important in keeping your company alive. It serves as an identity, like your name. When people say "Your Name", they will picture your appearance and any memories concerning you.

Comparing the name: Pemborong Kim Seong and WalMart, definitely everybody will be attracted to WalMart and remember it.

What if Coca-Cola was named as something else? More on that later...

Alright, back to the topic.
Let's say that humans do not exist yet and God is still making the structure of the human, the system and et cetera. He wanted the human to have a pair of arms, legs, ability to think and others. Then finally, the first ever human is done!

God looked at the human (to Him, it is still known as "Unnamed Organism") and thought of a name for it, a classification...
Suddenly, God came up with a classification for that "human":
"You will be called a 'Chicken'. Yes, from now on, may you step into the world classified as a Chicken".

Then God created another creature. He wanted this creature to be smaller than the "Chicken" he created before. He wanted wings that can flap, claws and small legs.
Then, yet again, he had to think of another name for this new "Unnamed Organism".
He thought hard and finally he came up with a name!:
"I will now call you... Human... Yes, you will be known as a Human in this world"

So, now everything gets kind of mized up:
In this parallel world, Chickens are called Humans and Humans are called Chickens.

Then, when you go to a shop... let's say.. TheHumanRice Shop in Malaysia.
(Note: In our world, it is called TheChickenRice Shop, but since Chickens and Humans switched names, it became TheHumanRice Shop in the parallel world)

So, you are passing by TheHumanRice Shop and you saw this banner:

"Roasted Human. Only $9.99! Feast on Juicy Human Heart... Mm..."

So basically, you will be buying a roasted human and eating it. Squishing it's heart and biting it, chewing the human heart to pieces and swallowing it. Mm... Tastes so awesome!

Alright, now bring yourself back to our world where Chickens are Chickens and Humans are Humans. Now think of the picture above being called "Roasted Chicken", now think of "Roasted Human". Don't you think that the "Roasted Human" sounds very odd compared to "Roasted Chicken"?

You go to school and your 1st Grade teacher says, "Remember, we are called Chickens!"
Or a President of a country, let's say United States says, "As Chickens, we must remember the needs of those unfortunate Chickens in country X"


That's the power of the brand. If it sucks, then everybody will think that it is weird and start running away from it.

Now, with me, I have the Microsoft brand name:
It has a professional click to it. It sounds professional enough to be ranked #2 as the world's most valuable brand.

Now what happens where Bill Gates comes up with another name:
Hmm... sounds pretty weird, eh?
"Hey, I am looking for the Kikosoft Windows XP!"
Don't you think that it sounds like you are buying some cheap shoe from some lousy store?

Kikosoft, Microsoft, Kikosoft, Microsoft, Kikosoft... Kikosoft... Kikosoft...

Let's take another example:

Coca-Cola, the #1 brand in the world. Specializing in Coke.
"Hey, you sell Coca-Cola here?"

Now, let's change the name to:

Aklatam-Cola, the #1 brand in the world. Specializing in Coke.
"Hey, you sell Aklatam-Cola here?"

Erm.. Aklatam?
Aklatam sounds like some cheap drink that tastes like sock sold in a 3rd world country!

If Coca-Cola is named as Aklatam-Cola, they will never be in the top 1000 list of most valuable brands in the world. Just because of the brand name! It doesn't sound nice! Sounds like some cheap sock drink!

The Brand name is the beating heart of a company. If the brand name sounds pretty funny or weird or low-class, then your company is in trouble. Your brand name symbolizes who you are. What people know you as, how people make it sound nice together with their sentences like: "Hey, boss! Get me a Coca-Cola!" instead of "Hey, boss! Get me an Aklatam-Cola!"

Or you can try calling yourself a chicken and telling a chicken that it is a human. Doesn't it sound a little awkward to you?
"We are Chickens that will protect other Chickens!" or "Human intestines for Sale!! Human intestines for Sale!! Nice and Juicy human intestines!!"

So, when you want to come up with a brand name, think about it.
Would you want Coca-Cola? or Aklatam-Cola?

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Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So far... (January - March)

Hey, people!
Sorry for the long break. I was busy attending a camp in Lumut, Perak.
The RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for five days...

Anyways, I am blogging to go through what I have done since 1st Jan 2009 to 11 March 2009.

Event: Youth 09'
Date: 10/01/09 - 11/01/09
Place: PWTC, KL

10 days after the beginning of the new year, I was at an event known as Youth 09' in KL. Recommended by my brother who had business ties with the organizers, Joel Neoh and Khai Lee (If I am right). The awesome part is that anybody who is in this event is from 18 to 30 years old. So, everyone is pretty young and I get to relate myself with a lot of them. The event was great, the energy in the hotel hall was great!
It IS for Youths by Youths. :P
I met Carren, my brother's friend (he met her for the first time there :P) and we get along pretty well.
This is a picture of the Awesome-Trio! Soon to shake the world with their influence. :P
Me on the left, Carren in the middle and Michael Teoh, my bro, on the right.

Another picture of the Awesome-Trio is the 2/3 Trio that couldn't stop discussing about things. :P We sat on the stage and started talking about stuffz. It was a great feeling as it made us feel important and awesome! Hope to get there again next year for Youth 10'!

Skip, skip, skip, skip...

Event: RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)
Date: 04/03/09 - 08/03/09
Place: Outward Bound School, Lumut, Perak.

Alright, despite all the political madness in Perak, Lumut is somewhat safe... why? Maybe it's because the OBS is located near a small beach and it is quite far away from ANYWHERE! So, there is NO ESCAPE!

Plus, our handphones, wallets, money were all confisticated. Why? I guess they want us to interact with each other and make awesome friends. And you know what? It worked! We felt so tied to each other that we felt very sad when we had to leave. Eventhough it has only been 5 days, it felt like we have known each other for 5 years!

Above is the picture on... er... Haha! I forgot when did we take that picture. Our instructor, Hidayah, is in the middle, standing, doing the double cheese or something. And I somehow got addicted to the "MAJIDE!!" sign. :P
(Note: Our instructor claims that she is 17+, yet she ran down a very steep mountain! Seriously... She RAN!! SHYAT! We were like "Oh, my god...")

Below is the last day of our camp, Sunday. Sad...

Me again with Majide!! :P
Friends in the front posing as a tribute to our own-made war dance. It was awesome!

I was pretty sad that day. I mean... we have been through the canoe and also the Peak 300 jungle trekking (Peak 300 was named over the height of the first out of four checkpoints for being 300 metres above sea level) o.0!!! I was pretty good at the canoe since it is my 2nd time riding on a canoe but pretty lousy on the jungle trekking. :P

You should see the size of the ants and moquittoes in the Peak 300 mountain, it is crazily-big!!
Some of my team members even saw Dwarf-like "Things" running across the river near out camp site *scary*
The worst part of the camp out was that when we were enjoying the cold breeze outside our tents, resting on the floor, going to sleep at 3.00 AM, it started Raining!! We were like, "Ah!!" and quickly ran over the river and into the tent, which I did not sleep for the rest of the day. :P

Something unbelievable:
Here, you can see me, Diane and Sylvia
The remarkable thing, or the unbelievable thing is...
Me, Jackson Teoh is 18, Diane (the girl in the middle) is 22!!! and Sylvia is 24!!
And I thought they were 17 or 16 or something. :P

And finally I would love to thank Andrew Lim, President of Rotary Club Georgetown, Michael Teoh, my bro and Peter Pek, President of Rotary Club Gombak for this awesome opportunity! Without them, I would not have ever known about RYLA. And especially to Andrew who fetched me there and went back to Penang after that (2 hours drive is a long...... drive)

Note: Above is the picture of Andrew and I

That's all the big stuff for now.
And more to come in several weeks, maybe days. :P

- Jackson Teoh