Friday, May 15, 2009

Scary Ending...

Since I blogged about Ghostbusters before this post, I decided to watch the cartoon over again on YouTube, you know... for old times sake. :P I think I was only 7 or 8 when Extreme Ghostbusters shows on Malaysian tv.

However what I forgot was that the ending was scary!
The sounds of ghosts after each episode can really freak you out when you watch it at 2 A.M. in the morning. :P And that was what I did today! I forgot all about the ending and suddenly, "Whoo~~~" and I was like, "What the hell?". Haha! It was kind of a funny re-experience. :P

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ghostbusters: Change with Time

As usual, I was strolling around (It has been happening a lot lately) when I thought about Ghostbusters while I was watching Little Manhattan. First up is the pioneer of Ghostbusters, in which they now call themselves "The REAL Ghostbusters" while the newer one remains as "Ghostbusters: Extreme". Eitherway, both cartoons are pretty classical.

Here is the opening of "The REAL Ghostbusters":

And compare that with this, the opening for "Ghostbusters: Extreme":

It's pretty obvious here that the market for both songs are different. The second one is more to new and realism. It looks pretty cool, actually. :P

Anyways, I am still looking for the full version of Ghostbusters: Extreme song. Meanwhile, feel free to knock your socks off with the classic "The REAL Ghostbusters" full theme song:

Pretty awesome song and the radio does occasionally play it. :D

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Malaysia is Promoting Women Entrepreneurship!

I was watching television when I came across Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane reality show. Kimora is managing some kind of fashion company and this show shows how she manages her projects involving her career.

Then there is The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency reality show. Don't really know what the show is about, but she is like, "Models, money, it's all the same thing. Commerce baby, commerce". She sounded kinda funny saying that, but she is a very successful woman entrepreneur.

Then, there is America's Next Top Model starring Tyra Banks. More fashion-related reality business shows and such. I bet that there are others on television, but I didn't really keep watch after every show.

Through these 3 shows only, it is very obvious that Malaysia is promoting women to go into entrepreneurship rather than the traditional belief that all women must be housewives eventhough they do have Desperate Housewives on television. :P

This is an awesome effort by the media of Malaysia.
Keep it up!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ultimate Duck Hunt (The Worst Game Ever - GT Review)

As usual, I was browsing through videos in Youtube in search for game reviews for the XBox 360 because I just realised that not only the PS2 hardly have any new games, same goes to the XBox 360 which is pretty unfortunate. The latest game that came to Malaysia was X-Men: Origins of Wolverine and usually, movie-based games do not live up to the reputation of the movie.

Anyways, getting back to the worst game ever in the history of mankind is "Ultimate Duck Hunt". In the video, this guy "killed" himself in an hour or so by just playing this duck hunt game. So, if you want to torture somebody without going against the law, be their boy friend or girl friend and force them to play (with the help of "you better play or I don't love you" technique) this game.

The reviewer of this game who claimed himself to be dead, said that this game is for those people who really love to kill ducks. Or to be more accurate, those who love to kill ducks but do not have a gun to do it. If you do not like even holding your rifle to shoot something that does not attack you back, then this game must be a load of crap to you.

No doubt it gives you the experience, but by looking at the videos on YouTube about this game, you will realise that GT is right about this game being the WORST GAME EVER!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Value of Everything

Have you ever realised that the value of credit cards are the values that you give to it?

Credit cards and alike are just plain pieces of thick paper if nobody gives a value to it. The same can be said towards:
The value of money was given by you or probably somebody else that influenced others to follow suit. Or else, money is just a green piece of paper that smells funny. Not that I hate money or anything, money makes the world these days.

Not only money, but people as well:

Obviously nobody would give a crap about the guy above, but they do give a crap to these people:Politicians! Influential people, people that you like or love.
You gave a value to those people. And this value is given by yourself.

When people ask me about this, I always tell them:
"You love your wife but if I do not know her, I will not love her. Even if I do, I do not love your wife as much as you"

The value of human life as well.
When you are watching television and you see those people in third world countries, suffer and die, you would feel sympathy towards those people there. You would also most probably send them a dollar. Or at least you can feel thankful that you are living a better life (Unless of course you are in the Satanic religion where they think that the weak only drains resources from the powerful). You are giving a value to human life. And as for Satanic religion, they give no value to humans who cannot stand on their own. That is the value that they give to those people.

Same goes with brands all around the world:

These brands are awesome because you gave them a value. And when you were given a choice to buy a high-valued brand (in which you gave the value) and a low-valued brand (in which you also gave the value), you would most probably buy the one that you gave a high-value to.

We as people, we tend to follow the pack.
Same goes to the value of things. Like money, people gave it a value to be used in trading and such. And since society is putting a value to this piece of paper, you would also have to follow suit or else they will call you crazy!

It is because this move is secured but you would most probably be like the few billion people in the world who are living a normal life. Like a pack of elephants, they feel secured by sticking together in a pack, minimizing the damage of a possible attack by a predator.

Something that I would love to share with fellow readers and remember that the value of something is only as valuable as what you gave to it.

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What I Learned Today: The "Real" Facts about Managing a Team"

Do you know how is it like when a politcal leader says, "This country is a democratic country and I will leave the power to the people to decide if I am suited to be the ruler"?

This is the actual answer to democracy:

Well, not actually a full dictator, but it is also not a full democracy. There will always be one ruler and probably a whole group of ministers or helpers to help out. But the real power is always with the "democratically-elected" leader. This leader or ruler decides everything, he or she is the final decision-maker.

Have you ever played strategy games?
You have to know who is in control of your army in the game, as an example:
The picture above is taken from the game, Celtic Kings: Rage of War and it shows an army or sort that is led by a 'leader' (The guy on the horse). When you click the leader and tell him to go this way, the entire army that he is commanding will follow.

Now let's look at it in another perspective:
"The person controlling the leader in the game is you. So, now YOU are the supreme leader who controls the leader and his men."

You do not have another person controlling your army. If you want to argue by the use of A.I, remember that the A.I is programmed by a person and THAT person is the leader. The final call for your army to advance, attack, stop, defend and such is YOUR call. They cannot move till you call them to move.

Now let's talk about the chain of command.
Ever notice that if you are the big boss and you give an order, the result is far far away from what you are expecting or it is totally out of the lane:

The fact is that when you are in an organization and you have all these managers and secretaries and supervisors. No doubt they are necessary for the organization to run, but do take note that I did not say, "run smoothly" but just "run". When you give an order, your manager will then transfer to some other 10,000 people before getting to those men at the bottom.

When I was a little kid in my primary school, my club teacher had this exact theory and she tested it out in one of our many club meetings.
The sentence was (Don't really remember, but I have a small clue about it):
"Bob from New York went to London to meet Smith who then invited him for a cup of tea"

During that particular meeting, about 30 people were there and it started out with the 1st person and the information was passed on till the 30th person. The teacher then asked the last person, "What was the sentence?" and he said, "Bob, New York, London, Smith's tea"

Notice how information is dropped off after each person?
When information is passed down from a chain of command, things will become very general or some people who think that they are smart will misintepret it. This caused the message to be like this sign here:I clearly do not understand this unclear message. The information is not clear, general, probably even redirected to another road. And at last, your REAL target turns into another person's target.

Something about another person's target is that whenever you are in a group, do know that people do not care about what you want. They are here for their own reasons, their own intentions. Also do note that we are selfish and we are also doing this for our own reasons.

Also do be careful when you are recruiting people into your group because nobody really cares about you. Some people might seem like they care, but in actual fact they are just:

Mirroring you to make themselves look good in your eyes. Queen Elizabeth I knew about this and she kept her own thoughts hidden to avoid anybody from mirroring her.

So here this the golden question:
So what should I do to stop all these mirroring, vagueness of information and such?

The thing that you must do to stop the dizziness of the chain of command is to be specific with what you want and how you want it to be done:
When you state the detail, be sure to not let their hearts be broken because broken hearts can lead to 2 possibilities:
1) I don't want to work anymore.
2) I will follow whatever you say because I am scared of you.

The 2nd one is good but when you need REAL help, they would just walk away. As for the 1st one... it's pretty bad because of the lack of energy.

Something else that you can do is:
Do it face-to-face!
Look at them in the eye and of course, in a friendly way and ask how is the progress like? Let them have the freedom to write letters to you, expressing their feelings about how things are going. But you can't do that all the time because if you have over 1,000,000 employees, you can't read all 1,000,000 letters! You will go crazy!

So, what you can do if you can't do that is:
Produce clones of yourself!
Get a protege and train that person to have your views and way of thinking. Then let that protege have his or her own protege and the chain goes on! Till you have a bunch of people that think like you, orders given can be easily accepted and done in your way (Or at least not going off the road.)

Or if you can't do all of that, then you have to find:
a spy!
This spy however has to be one of your trusted subordinates or protege to spy on the progress of the work then report to you about the current situation.

That's just something that I read from a book and wish to share with all of you.
Have a nice day!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Resident Evil 4 Hilarious Dubbing!

I was browsing through some Resident Evil game videos through YouTube ranging from Resident Evil 1 all the way to Resident Evil 5. I found that there are several levels in the creation of the game and it has improved so much since Resident Evil 1 to 5.

Anyways, as I was aimlessly browsing through the videos as usual, I stumbled upon 2 really funny videos of Resident Evil 4. Both are dubbed and I think that the "cinema scene" is for real...

Do note to be careful because after the scenes are over, this guy will play some very loud "LinkinPark-like" songs as the "casting" rolls off.

1. The Cinema scene:

I had a great laugh watching the Cinema scene!
"You wan'na buy DVD?"

The next scene is also dubbed by the same guy I think and it is also hilarious!

2. The Audition scene:

I hope that gave all you readers a good laugh too! I know I did! I hope this guy makes more stuffs like that! Haha!!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Wolverine (sad...) & No Girls Online (weird...)

I came home today, tired after the first day of the second semester.
I can say that the teacher of Economics is pretty boring :P
Everything that she talks about is only about Economics and it made things pretty intense!

Anyways, class ended at 12 and hey! We have the entire afternoon to spend! And so we went to Queensbay Mall again for food and a movie.

I was hoping to watch:
But unfortunately, it's like 1 and a half hours before the movie actually starts and the only movie that would be rational enough to watch was:

Because it's just like a 20-minute wait before the movie begins.
My friends decided to watch the movie! Some made fun of it because it IS a Malaysian-made movie and it's a Malay movie. While I just said that I will go home if it is a movie not worth watching and there it is!

Bohsia = Movie not worth watching

And so I went home.

Well, not that I hate Malaysian-made movies or the Malay language. I just feel that I will see it on television for Hari Raya next year. So, why spend RM 6 to RM 8 for the movie ticket?

I came home, turned on the computer the screen and to my "amazement":

None of the girls in my contact list are online!
What a suprise!?

It has never happened before or it did happen but I did not turn on my computer screen!
What a tiring day and I think I will just go to bed after typing this down. Oh yes! There are lots of awesome movies for May! Angels & Demons, X-Men: Origins of Wolverine, Terminator: Salvation and several others. Hope to get to watch Angels & Demons and Terminator: Salvation!

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (It's Coming!)

Jackson Teoh is back and pretty busy with BarCamp Penang.
Hope you guys can come for it!

The details of BarCamp Penang is here:
Facebook: BarCamp
BarCamp Malaysia

Anyways, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is coming out in nearby cinemas on the 26th of June!! Just 20 days after BarCamp! Awesome! Can't wait!

It seems that Megatron returns and it also seems that Sam Witwicky is having the same "illness" as his great-great-grandfather, Archibald Witwicky that is they can see alien symbols and markings (which caused Archibald to be sent to a mental hospital).

And it also seems that Optimus Prime is going to get beaten up by the Decepticons (Destrons in Japanese) . Why do I feel that this will be like one of those Star Wars movies where there will be one movie that the good guys lose like crap?

Anyways, here is the trailer to the movie!

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