Monday, June 29, 2009

How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Girls

I was going through a "How to" channel to know how to read peoples' minds when I came across this video. I thought that it was some regular video where they teach you how to get a girl, but... it's so funny that I just have to blog about it :P

How To Make Yourself Irresistible to Girls

I wouldn't want to spoil the fun by telling you what happens in that video, so enjoy!

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Emotional Tag in Facebook

I was just scrolling through some friends' profiles when I came across this picture:

Really cute picture and when you move your pointer to a specific picture, the tag box appears and it states the name of the friend of that guy.
It's a fun way to classify your friends. I even saw a Naruto version where you can tag your friends based on their characteristics similarity with the Naruto characters. Not such a big fan of Naruto, so I am not very keen to put that up :P

Jackson Teoh

Thriller song: Michael Jackson version VS Indian version!!

I was scrolling around YouTube looking for Michael Jackson's most successful album, Thriller and I found a real awesome video!

This is the original version by Michael Jackson:

And this is the awesome version: Indian version!!:

It IS Thriller (Indian Version). Just check out the music. :P
And don't look down on the Indian Version because Michael Jackson actually put the video in his "Favourites" list. :P

Jackson Teoh

Awesome Transformers Toys display in Queensbay!

Michael Jackson's death was a very sad news yesterday. played Michael Jackson's songs over and over again (Top 10 best hits, voted by Malaysian fans). 8TV too kept playing his songs over and over again in the midnight music video chat till 2 a.m. I myself, turned on the radio till 1 a.m. just to remember the times when I listen to these songs and never knew the meaning.

Eventhough yesterday was a sad day for the world due to the death of an 80's icon, we had to move on with our lives. My friends and I went to Queensbay yesterday for lunch and we suddenly bumped into multiple displays of Transformers toys! These toys occupied Levels 1 and 2 and it was awesome! There were Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen posters everywhere and also a cut-out of Transformers characters.

This is me and the cut-out of StarScream:
Many of my friends do not like StarScream due to the fact that he is the all-time antagonist of Transformers, but what the heck, I took picture with the cut-out anyways. Just love the design of StarScream. :P

Caryn and the twins, Mudflap and Skids:
What can I say?
She loves Muflap and Skids. So you see, eventhough there are a lot of "Hates" towards Mudflap and Skids, they are still favourites to some people!

Caryn and Bumblebee:
Don't ask me what is she trying to tell in the picture because I have no idea...

This is a scene from Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen movie in toy form:

What a spoiler!!
Just joking...
Almost all characters from the movie appeared in this set!

And ever wondered how does Megatron's new vehicle form looks like:
A Cybertronian Tank.
Pretty cool design, I have to say so myself.

After that, we went to an Arcade called "Wonder Land" in which everybody renamed it "Caryn's Land", where Caryn and Lee Ann played some games that I thought and still think that do not bring anything back in return for your RM 1. But they played anyways while I stood there and watched.

Caryn's dissapointed face:Haha!
She looks so disappointed after she can't grab the bear. Obviously they won't let you win all the time, it's just business :P

After that we went back to college to continue our little study life. Received my Marketing paper results and I obtained 45/50 :P Highest in the class *BRAG* *BRAG* *BRAG*
What's there to brag about?
It's just a paper. If I can convert 45/50 people to buy my product, now THAT is something to *BRAG* about...

P/S: I actually took over 70 pictures of the Transformers display, just lazy to upload it on Facebook :P They have Transformers toys from all the universe in Transformers, even some that I do not know of

Jackson Teoh

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to the King of Pop, Rock and Soul, Michael Jackson

At about 7.00 A.M. today (Malaysian time), I was just driving to college as usual when suddenly the back-up radio crew started talking about tributes to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, Rock and Soul. Then I thought it was just a regular tribute where they randomly choose an artist to talk about but I was so wrong when they said that Michael Jackson has just passed on at 5.21 A.M. today.

I was shocked and at the same time, very sad over the loss of a treasure of the world and also my childhood idol, I mean... that's where my bro and I got our nicknames and now identity names: Michael and Jackson, breaking the boundaries of the family that states that every grandchild must have a name starting with "A".

I arrived in college and the news had already spread like wildfire, while those who didn't know were like, "You sure or not? Don't lie la...". I guess nobody would believe that the King of Pop would just die like that, but we have to face the truth.

So this blogpost will be a tribute to Michael Jackson... Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

Above: Picture of Michael from Smooth Criminal.

Ever wondered how did he do all these moves that defy the law of physics?:

I went through Wikipedia when I returned from college to read about Michael Jackson and remember how he rocked my childhood and I found this: The secret to his anti-gravity moves...
His shoes!
Hey, I think most of you might already know that, but what can I say?
I might be a "Jackson" but you can't expect me to know all about Michael Jackson :P

Michael Jackson was supposed to make a come-back concert in London, said that it would be the come-back of the CENTURY! It's an 8-month long concert tour starting from July 13, 2009 to March 6, 2010, totalling up to 50 concerts which Michael himself called it "This is It!".
After that he plans to retire, but guess what. He didn't get to retire!
He passed on before he could actually retire, so I guess he died trying his best to regain his singing talents and impress his many fans. In that case, he was born with singing talents and he passed away with it.

While I was around 9 years-old, I was fortunate enough to travel to USA with my family and we found this plate somewhere (I forgot where :P) and my bro and I took pictures with the plate, he was on the "Michael" side of the plate and I was on the "Jackson" side of the plate.

Here is the music video for his song, "Smooth Criminal" and one of my favourites:

I still can't believe that Michael Jackson is gone, but he would probably be performing his supposedly London performance else where in a London-Alternative in a world beyond ours.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

Jackson Teoh

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Awesome Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen!

I watched Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen in QueensbayMall today with Caryn and Lee Ann (friends from college) and it was awesome!

A lot of people have been saying how bad and lousy Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen was.
It cannot be compared to the first one, but that is to be expected because "Wow!" factor only comes once or maybe twice, but will never come again after the first few or the first "Wow!".

People have been saying how bad it is compared to the cartoon and all that, but dudes, look at it at this perspective: Transformers 2007 movie started the whole cycle again, a separate series, where Optimus Prime comes to Earth and introduces himself to the humans. This is the sequel to that movie, so why do you want to compare it to the cartoon? They have no connection! Just using the characters and some plots.

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is still and awesome movie. They just have some weaknesses in it:
1) Not enough character development on characters like SoundWave and many others
2) Decepticons die too quickly (SideWays, Devastator, The Fallen and others)
3) Too many robots!!

And those people who think that Skids and Mudflaps are characters that portray racism, dude... it's a movie and these 2 characters are having very normal brotherly interactions. They are like the comic relief for the movie. I mean... they started out as a ice-cream truck which was pretty funny when they suddenly separated.

I think what affected most people to say that the movie sucks is that some websites like Rotten Tomato and all that or maybe certain people kept saying that it is bad till it went into their minds. Basically, they are forming a negative circle around Transformers. You might deny this, but it is actually something very hard to detect within your brain.

OR maybe we just have different views about the movie.

I am fully supporting this movie, it's an awesome movie. Love the fight scenes, love the animation and the story, just too many robots. :P

Good job, Michael Bay!

P/S: The movie development team thought about bringing in the Dinobots. I think they will appear in the next movie in 2012 because through Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, they showed that Transformers exist since the beginning of time. So, maybe Grimlock and his gang will come from there. Probably hiding or something.

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Youth Jam 09'!! (Are you going?)

Youth Jam 09'
Penang Largest Merdeka Youth Carnival!

Date: 30th August 2009
Venue: Penang Time Square
Time: 7am to 12 midnight

and it's FREE!

Register now! to get exclusive passes and goody bags!

Visit our blog for more information!
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Check out and join our facebook group!

The Merdeka celebration with outrageous activities on youth events*:

* Open Stage for Local Artists and Band Performances!
* Street Ball 3 on 3 Competition!
* Street Dance Workshop Challenge!
* Cheerleading Workshop!
* Dj Spin The Plate Workshops!
* Food Fair!
* Entrepreneurs Bazaar! (
* Photography competition
* H Factor (Making the difference, with whatever YOU have!)
* Last but not least the Merdeka Countdown!


* KDU College Penang is giving out 9 Sports scholarship total of RM90,000 for the winners in national Streetball 3 on 3 Challenge in Penang Largest Merdeka Youth Carnival
* Free goody bags and exclusive passes!
* We have tonnes of activities going on! Youth community gathering, crew from kl coming in, and more!
* Chance to meet local artists and witness awesome band performances!
* Opportunity to participate in cheerleading and other workshops!
* And much more!

*Events are subject to change without notice. For more updates, visit our blog, or register now!

So here is the big question: "Are you goin? If you are, see ya there!"

- Jackson Teoh

Resident Evil 5 could have been Better...

A few months ago, I bought a game known as Resident Evil 5 to play. I did enjoy it, the graphics, gameplay and all that were amazing. Especially the graphics.

One awesome day on YouTube, I came across the trailer to Resident Evil 5 and I watched it and found out that it is soooo... DIFFERENT!:

The trailer showed hundreds of Manjinis coming at you at the same time, as for the finished version, there are still a bunch of Manjinis coming at you, just not HUNDREDS! I would love to have hundreds of manjinis chasing after me, then I can use the rocket launcher and blow them all up, but... haih... quite a disappointment even though it is an awesome game.

And it seems like you can battle the Manjinis at the start of the game where you walk through a neighbour hood, but it seems like they cut it off due to storyline reasons and the arrival of Sheva (A.I partner). In this trailer, Chris seems alone, that's how he made those jumps and all.

Some things that are missing in the final piece are... the prompted button to evade when somebody attacks you with a weapon and also the ability for Manjinis to tackle you to stop you from moving. Some other things are like the guns used in the game. From the trailer, Chris is using a handgun+shotgun kind of weapon. This also includes some other weapons featured in the trailer but not in the final cut. Some cutscenes were cut off too, like the final scene in the trailer where Chris jumps over a building to escape the Manjinis.

If only we can fight those hundreds of Manjinis... haih... sad...

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Funny Neon Signs Accident

Some Neon signs are just sooooo WRONG!

I think that it is STARS, but due to the broken "T", it became one deadly disease, "SARS"

Erm... Shoes or Hoes?

Hotel Hass --> Hot Ass! Haha!

Wouldn't want any Black Anus in a steakhouse, now do we?

Danals --> Anal. Dude...

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, June 19, 2009

Real Gundam in Odaiba, Tokyo!

Okay, maybe it's not a real Gundam. But check out the size of the Gundam!
It really huge and I think they scaled it according to the cartoon. This Gundam was built to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the existence of Gundam.

It will be open to public on the 11th of July and would be there till 31st of August.
If you really want to check it out, head to Odaiba, Tokyo from the 11th of July onward and check it out!

Gundam under construction:

Gundam pictures:

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally I watched Angels & Demons! (Spoiler Warning)

The movie that I have been dying to watch since it's release.
Due to my busy schedule with BarCamp Penang, I wasn't able to catch up with this awesome movie, so I hung on till yesterday!

Some call it boring, but based on my perspective, the movie is mind-challenging and also filled with mystery. They even have this awesome statue of a half-angel-half-demon:

Not sure of it's existence but the statue is cool!
Just look at it, there is an angel on the left (statue perspective) and demon on the right. Basically, this movie is about the revival of the Illuminati, a secret society that is more to Science than religion. Of course, it went against the church's teachings and went to the scientific world like uncovering the scientific truth behind human existence and all that.

Above are ambigrams made by the Illuminati (based on the book).
Look at the word, "Illuminati", if you rotate the picture 180 degrees, the word will still spell, "Illuminati".

Now check out the last ambigram. If seen carefully, it says, "Earth, Air, Fire, Water". Now if you rotate it 180 degrees, it still reads, "Earth, Air, Fire, Water".

Same goes with the Angels & Demons title, rotate it 180 degrees and it still looks the same.
Below is the rotated version:
Isn't that cool?!
I am not going to spoil the whole movie, but just one thing. At last, you are going to find out that what was happening had nothing to do with the antagonist, in fact it had something to do with one of the good guys. Another big plot is the destruction of Vatican City using Scientific technology of today.

That's JUST like Dan Brown. The Da Vinci Code is like that, what can you expect from Angels and Demons? Haha!

Anyways, some of the events of the modern day were suspected to be part of an Illuminati plot. Using governments all over the world, the Illuminati is still active. Of course, those are just rumours. Or "were" they just rumours...

Contact me:
Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't Drag Me to Hell! (Spoiler Warning!)

I went to watch a movie yesterday with my college friends after class as usual and we went to watch this movie:

Drag Me To Hell, directed by the director of Spider-man movies, Sam Raimi.
After a long break from horror films since the Evil Dead series, Sam Raimi returns with yet another FREAKING scary movie. Alright, maybe not FREAKING scary, but just a lot of goo to keep its PG-13 rating.

The story of Drag Me to Hell is pretty simple:
Woman gets cursed by some old Gypsy woman for her greed, woman tries to find a way to get rid of the curse, woman gets tormented by Lamia for 3 days, the Lamia was suppose to drag her to hell on the 4th day, the conclusion is... (Go watch it) :P

The simplicity of the story might seem very corny and all that but how they spent those 4 days was amazing! Very spiritual 4 days and when the movie is over, you will find that sometimes, it's better to have some humanity and give way, especially to some old Gypsy woman :P

I was sitting at the end of the line in the cinema, next to a girl who is also my friend, (not to be named due to confidential concerns), and she screamed and screamed and screamed. It was pretty fun sitting next to some girl that screams and screams because it makes the movie more lively :P

All on all, the movie was pretty good. Simple storyline, easy to understand and it is pretty much not a lame horror movie like some regular horror movie. But you will be shocked by the ending. Hehe...

Awesome movie by Sam Raimi!
I give it an 8/10!

Suggestion by me about how she could have lifted the curse:
Dude, just sow the button back onto the coat and give the coat to some people who are getting high on drugs or something. You can't just give somebody the envelope with the button in it, it looks very odd!

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Awesome Decade + Hibiki music!

BarCamp Penang is finally over!!
But it continues next year! Hoho! Just looking for a retainer to do the second one :P
BarCamp pictures later :P

I've just downloaded Kamen Rider Decade Ep. 19 and the last part was so cool!
Basically, Decade enters into Kamen Rider Hibiki's world and on the 2nd part of it, as usual Decade will launch his final attack using that specific Kamen Rider's body as a weapon. The music produced or also known as the Ong-gekidou by the Kamen Riders' instruments are so cool! A mixture of drum, guitar and also trumpet can go so far!

The music is epic and awesome!

Love the beat, love the music, love the guitar!
I can't get over it!

- Jackson Teoh