Friday, July 31, 2009

Golden Screens Cinema in Gurney is a Monopoly

I was suppose to go to Gurney Plaza today in Penang Island to catch a movie called "Public Enemies". Called a bunch of friends and they responded:
1) Sorry, man... already catching another movie
2) Sorry, man... got'ta wash the car and go to Tesco
3) Aiya... going back to KL already la
4) "Sorry, the person you called, cannot be reached"

Have been wanting to watch that movie.
I checked out the reviews on Wikipedia and it scored like 3.5/4. That's insanely awesome!
And this movie is starred by 2 pretty awesome actors of our time: Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

I guess Johnny Depp quit his job as a robber of the sea into a robber of the land. While Christian Bale became a legalized hero after finding out that The Joker is dead, by being a detective.

I have been waiting for 2 weeks to watch this movie with somebody and at last... I think I would have to watch it on DVD in 2 months time... maybe longer... :( Well, what can I say? Everyone is busy with their own lives. :P

Anyways, back to the real topic of this blogpost is that Gurney Plaza's GSC is a monopoly.

Basically, Gurney Plaza is the place where you get to catch old movies. Like Drag Me to Hell is still screened in Gurney Plaza, despite being a 2-month-old movie. Public Enemies is ONLY shown in Gurney Plaza. And 3D movies are ONLY shown in Gurney Plaza.

Basically, Gurney Plaza's GSC has monopolized the market of the people who missed their chance to watch some movies in the past, but are too lazy to wait for the DVD to come out which will take a few months.

With GSC's brand name being quite well-known in Malaysia as quite a prestigious cinema, it's not shocking that GSC in Gurney is able to dominate the market of those living in the north part of the island, while GSC in Queensbay Mall dominates the market of those living in the south part of the island.

Now there is a difference between the 2.
Both might dominate the market of the north and south, but ultimately, Gurney dominates the market of the entire island. Queensbay's GSC does not show outdated movies, but GSC Gurney does. So regardless of which dominates which part of the island, GSC Gurney has dominated the entire island for outdated movies. :P

News Splash!
My bro called his very good and awesome friend, also a very awesome youth, Shafiq to go to Gurney GSC to watch Public Enemies!
Rejoice! :P

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Mindset of Yesterday VS The Mindset of Tomorrow

As promised last week, I will post up a blogpost about my English presentation on free topics in which I chose, "The Mindset of Yesterday VS The Mindset of Tomorrow".

The rules are simple:
1. Choose a Comparison & Contrast essay or an Illustrative essay (In this case, a talk)
2. You are given about a month to prepare (Wow! That's pretty long! That's great!)
3. You will be judged according to your mouth, ears and eyes (Pandai-pandailah...)
4. You are given 5 minutes to present (... ... ... ... shit)

Yeah, I was like, "What???!!"
The first 3 rules are easy to do, but the last one... I had a lot of doubts.
I finally created about 25 slides for the presentation and it took me about 2 hours to figure out on what to say and what to put on. That was the easy part.

Then came Monday ("D-Day" as what OverHaulin would put it)
Went out to eat with Caryn, Lee Ann and big sister ShiLou. Everyone was like, "Urgh... no mood to eat". I bought some waffles and it sucked ass! I hated that waffle ever since!

I was pretty cool with the presentation except that fact that I have to finish 25 slides in 5 minutes kinda spooked me out and also I was pretty sick that day, having flu and cough but still cool :P
Caryn, Lee Ann and big sister ShiLou were not very enthusiastic to talk, then the stress spreaded like a virus which infected my brain and caused me to be pretty damn stressed out too.

Returned to college and it began.
I was pretty happy with what I was going to do, but everyone else's stress got to my head and I was like, "Damn! My brain is filled with crap right now!"

Whatever it was, I went up to the front and started talking, trying to finish 25 slides in 5 minutes. And you know what?
I DID finish the 25 slides in 5 minutes!

I usually take about 30 minutes to finish a regular presentation, especially in BarCamp, but now it took me only 5 minutes! Cool!

Pic of me, looking at the crowd minutes before the presentation:

My topic and the shadow of me (Okay, that IS me :P):

Me talking about Devastator eating dirt:
Me talking about a sleeping Garfield:
Me talking about me owning a brand as big as those next time:
Me asking the audience a question: Which one are You?
Me thanking the crowd and myself :P:
Of course there were a bunch more stuffs that I said within 5 minutes. But the pictures just kept adding up, so practically, I can't upload all of them here :P

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Censorships can go SO WRONG!

Having freaking Computer Science test tomorrow.
Basically, they tell you to memorize steps to perform a Microsoft Office action. That's cool except that they tell you to write it out in a sheet of paper!
Ok, I can show it to them in front of the computer, but I can't write down the steps without looking at the computer! I can't remember all the names of the buttons! DAMN those people!

Anyways, I studied till I was like, "Okay, that's it! I'm done with thie CSC thing!"
Went on to YouTube and checked out their featured video of the day: Jimmy Kimmel show!

This time he talked about Unnecessary Censorship. It's so funny how they censored a word at such an accurate timing to make them sound like F**K! and A*S!

Enjoy the vid, it's pretty damn funny. Especially liked the Obama one. Haha! Imagine if he really said that :P

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, July 27, 2009

How Common is Monopoly?

We basically learn in class (Economics class) that monopoly is a bad thing, evil thing, unnatural occurence, rare and all that. But after reading some stuffs from a book, monopoly is proven to be very very normal. In fact, is happens in every single corner.

If there is only one grocery store in the middle of a town, the grocery store has monopolized the market in that area. If there is only one hotel that is only 200 metres away from an airport, then the hotel has monopolized the market of people who needs to catch a flight in time.

Monopoly is in our face: Cinema Coke
Coca-Cola is everywhere.
McD has Coco-Cola.
Any malls sell Coca-Cola.
7-Eleven sells Coca-Cola.
Canteens sell Coca-Cola.
Vending machines for Coca-Cola can be found almost anywhere!
They are all priced almost the same... RM 1.50?
And in McD, you can refill the Coca-Cola for FREE!

However, for the case of the cinema Coca-Cola, you have to pay RM 4.50!
Cinemas are not sustained on tickets alone, they are also sustained by their food prices. When you buy a cinema ticket, only cinema food and drinks may be brought into the theater. And you would have to result in an RM 4.50 Coca-Cola and a box of medium size pop corn for at least another RM 3.50.

The Coca-Cola tastes the same, the paper cup is about the same size, the colour is different, but that plays very little role in the taste. Basically you are paying extra RM 3 for the Coca-Cola.


Because as soon as you want to go to the movies, the cinema has monopolized the market of movie-viewers by having the rule that bans other food from entering into the cinema theatar. Isn't that monopoly?
The cinemas has monopolized the market of movie-viewers.
You want more Coca-Cola? You have to pay another RM 4.50 for it!

By looking at the case of the cinema, it is proven that monopoly is happening everywhere in this world, we just didn't realise that it has.

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, July 24, 2009

The HiJack

I have just returned from college.
I went onto my hotmail account or should I say my "social account" to check my mails
I found out that I received an e-mail from myuncle calling me to be aware when I board the aeroplane.

Inside, he said:
"Hi Jack!

Beware! This may happen to you!

So I was like, "Okay, this requires my serious attention"
I scrolled down and read this:

> Subject: A piece of advice while
> flying

> After a month-long holiday in the US , my wife and I
> finally boarded
> the plane in San Francisco last Sunday heading home to UK.
> As the plane reached cruising altitude & speed with the
> seat belt sign
> switched off, a 6-footer black man with the build of
> Mike Tyson in the
> front row
> got up from his seat, turned to face the back,
> raised his arm and
> yelled, 'HIJACK!'
> Everyone was frozen
> to the seat, expecting the worst to happen. Two
> stewards were about to jump onto this guy to overpower
> him when
> another voice answered from the back of the plane:
> 'HI JOHN!'
> The moral of the story is:
> If you have a friend named Jack, for heaven's sake
> don't ever "HI" him
> in the plane. Otherwise you may land yourself in
> deep shit!

It's so funny how my uncle sent it to me to "warn" me about

So remember people, if your name is Jack or has anything
to do with the "Jack" pronounciation,

be aware that you might get pinned down for no reason :P

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Female Singers "Using" their Break-Ups for $$$

I was listening to a few days back and I am a big fan of JJ & Ean.
So Richard Reid came on to talk about gossips in Hollywood and it was still another love story.
Then after Richard Reid goes off the air, JJ & Ean were like, "You see, this is what they always do if they are female singers. Their boyfriend breaks up with them and they make an album about the break up and sell for millions of dollars"
Then I was like, "Oh, wow! Never thought about that! But that's pretty true!"
Okay, I don't know who made awesome albums out of a relationship mess, but it made a lot of sense!

Since the singers are very emotional while singing the song about their break up, they will be able to sing it with their heart! Then the album cover would be called, "Girl on Heartache" while the main song will be, "Boys But Not Boyfriends" or "The Broken Pieces of Me" or something like that. Then fans will buy it like crazy!

So there you go, that's a pretty awesome suggestion by JJ & Ean from

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Longest Eclipse ever = Most Disappointing One too

The craze of today is about the longest Eclipse ever (6 1/2 minutes).
As for Malaysia, it might be very disappointing for such an amazing event as there would only be a partial eclipse and worst of all the freaking haze is crazy!
But you know... if you can't experience it in Malaysia then visit Japan! Japan is expected to have a clear view of the eclipse.

Now you must be wondering:
How the hell am I suppose to go to Japan?

Dude... there's YouTube!
I bet somebody from Japan must have taken it with a special video camera or something. Just go to YouTube! Since you are going to miss in Malaysia anyways, so the one on YouTube should be okay.

Alright, so now back to the topic of "Longest Eclipse = Biggest Disappointment"
The question is "Why?"

For the Chinese, those in Feng Shui predicted that if you look at it, you will have bad luck for the next 6 months. As for the Indians, they said that you must not go outside if you are the elderly or pregnant. And everybody said that you must not consume food or drinks during this time.

Don't know why, but just to be on the safe side, use YouTube.

Okay, so everybody is getting their cameras ready to film it and put it on YouTube or maybe Facebook. Unfortunately for them, we are in the "hazy" season! "Whee!"

Yeap, clouds will be blocking, or should I say "blocked" since it's already over, the view of the eclipse. Thanks to those people from Indonesia who burn forests for... god knows what. Indonesia is like a brother to Malaysia (as said by Mahathir or Badawi) and they seem to have less care for OUR environment. Their problem became our problem. Well, the tsunami 3 years ago cannot be stopped since it's a natural thing, but the burning down of forests CAN be stopped! And yet, they still burned down their forest and we have to share their mistakes because we are "Brothers", very very annoying!

When I drive across the Penang bridge every morning, all I can see is the road ahead and the islands around the bridge disappears as if somebody has taken these islands away. I hardly see the island that I am heading to every morning!

Basically, Indonesia has added more polution to our already poluted country. Bravo!
And due to that, the eclipse cannot be seen. Yay! Let's go to YouTube then...
Okay, I don't really know if it is up yet, but it should be up in a couple of hours.

I've found some pictures online about the eclipse, these 2 are from China:

While this is from Vietnam:
See! The power of "Getting Online"...

- Jackson Teoh

Presentation... erm... Not THAT bad...

Basically, we had a group presentation thing today for our Business Studies subject.
My group consisted of myself, Caryn, Lee Ann and ShiLou, if you don't know who they are, just categorize them as my friends.

4 groups presented today and I would have to say that it didn't go very well. Somehow I grew uncomfortable about the whole presentation.
I always stick to the principle of "delivering what the audience would like to hear" and "delivering what I would like to deliver". But right now, I am delivering something that I know nobody gives a crap about, except for the examiner (the judge) and also because I dislike talking 5 topics at once in 20 minutes! 5 topics in 20 minutes!!?? Dude... that's pretty short!

But, what can I say?
It's part of the assignment to talk about 5 topics in 20 minutes (a very short amount of time) The topics are as follows: Introduction of the company, products of the company, marketing functions, target market and also strategies for improvements.
Together with elaboration and examples, 4 minutes do not seem very sufficient.

We started out sad because of this:
What a way to demotivate people...

In a group presentation, we always hope that one does not slip and say irrelevant things.But she did fine. Lucky us!

Alright, so to spice things up a little bit, I talked about political views...
Yeah, man...
Just some random things that came up in my mind. I know that it's lame, but... I just do it anyways because I feel like doing it.

After that, everybody was like, "Finally..."
To me, it didn't go very well because of my uncomfortability to talk about something that people care very little about... but you know what?
It's "Playing with Jackson's camera time!". So, who cares??
Just acting here :P

Oh, yes!
Another presentation is coming up, this time it's for English. I will be talking about The Mindset of Yesterday VS The Mindset of Tomorrow. Stay tuned... hehe...

And Econs test is coming up... To me, Econs has got to be one of the most boring subjects ever! But still better than Science subjects. Probably the most boring subject this semester. :P No offense to Econs lovers, it's just that when the lecturer comes in, everybody will be like, "urgh... not another 2 hours with Econs..."

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Day that Man Landed on the Moon

Today, we celebrate the day when man landed on the moon.
To honour this day, I provide you with a sketch by Eddie Izzard about Neil Amstrong, the first man on the moon:

Original version:

LEGO version:

Eddie Izzard can just make everything sounds so funny. :P

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bon Odori: Penang

Hey, peeps!
After a long night fighting against the "awesome" traffic, I finally reached home at exactly 12 a.m. and dropped on the bed.

Anyways, a little bit about Bon Odori.
Bon Odori was okay, depending on who you hang out with, but I was actually expecting more japanese stuffs like... stalls made out of wood, instead of canopies, more cosplayers (which I think I missed)

I went for Bon Odori with my parents, reached there at about 8.15 p.m. only to be greeted by tonnes and tonnes of people walking around and also tonnes and tonnes of cars! It's crazy!!

We split up because I was looking for my friends and hey! I found them within the Ghost School line! There were like... tonnes of people waiting in line and I found them, thanks to Caryn's bag which I see every day in college. I didn't want to go into the ghost house due to the crazily-long waiting line.

Then Caryn, Carrie, their friend and myself went for a little walk around the Bon Odori scene. I was pretty happy because I don't need to walk around alone anymore :P but... Caryn just didn't seem very happy. She was looking for another friend who is lost within the crowd. I left them at about 10 p.m, only to be greeted by the crazy traffic!

The awesome thing was that I fortunate enough to witness the Japanese's traditional dance! It was awesome!

And... the fireworks was... ok... :P Still... no one beats Disney :P

Did I feel Japanese yesterday?
Erm... A little bit... but could've been better... :P

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, July 17, 2009

About James Bond by Eddie Izzard

Basically, I got bored after my friends went offline.
They planned to go for the Japanese Ghost Festival, or Bon Odori tomorrow in the island and all that. Not very enthusiastic of going, just enthusiastic about the hang-out.

Anyways, being bored as I am, I would of course watch random videos on YouTube or just read a book, but I went to watching videos on YouTube because one of friends is having a stand-up comedy tomorrow night but she just doesn't have any jokes!

So, I suggested her to watch Eddie Izzard videos on YouTube and she laughed like there is no tomorrow, but she still went like, "He pro mah...". Ah, well, it's up to her then.

I went to search for Eddie Izzard too on YouTube and I came across his James Bond video:

Most of his jokes are very random, yet funny.
I think that his actions and way of telling the story are the factors that made his jokes very funny.

Just check out the James Bond video :P

- Jackson Teoh

That has got to be the Cutest thing I have ever seen all week

No it's not about a girl.
No it's not about an animal (okay maybe a little bit)
No it's not about business (even though I can relate it to the event)
Yes it's about a news report!
Yeah, news reports can be boring except for this one story which I find very very very cute. :P

Basically, this squirrel was running around with a yogurt cup stuck on it's head. One of the news reporters saw it, filmed it running around with the cup on it's head until it fell off some where:

That's just so cute :P
Now that is something that we don't see everyday.
And this concept can be utilized in business. Doing something that we don't see everyday attracts attention, even to boring stuffs like the news. :P

Just something to share and a little bit of business here.

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leave Britney Alone!! and everybody goes HAHAHA!!

I was watching a South Park episode about Canada going on strike.
After about half of the episode, they showed YouTube celebrities like the Numa Numa guy, TronGuy, Cute Sneezing Panda and do note that they are all real people from YouTube, also known as YouTube celebrities. Then I came across this guy who kept calling people to leave somebody alone.

I went to YouTube and looked for his video and it was pretty cool because his video was featured in the Jimmy Kimmel show!

Over here, Jimmy KImmel makes fun of him and the audience kept laughing whenever he cries and screams about leaving Britney Spears alone. It's kinda like, you are crying in a very funny way and everybody just keeps laughing at you. :P
That's the hilarious thing!
Then at the end, his dad comes and makes his own version!
Haha! It's hilarious!

- Jackson Teoh

My Indian Video : The Steak Story

I went picking more vids and remade their subtitles!
This is a story about a man who broke his bones due to some incident:
<a href="">identité visuelle Graphéine</a>


- Jackson Teoh

Make Your Own Subtitle Movie!!

I was just chatting with my bro about his TuneTalk strategies when suddenly, he sent me a link to a video. I watched it and it was hilarious! You can actually edit the subtitles of Indian movies!
I did several tries and it was so funny!

This is the one that I made:
<a href="">Buzz marketing internet Graphéine</a>

No offense, just found it funny!
Try it out! It's fun!!

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to Pull a Team together?

Now I am typing on how to pull a team together.
Basically, a team is very important in heading any project. This team needs to know that they are a single entity and if one falls, the rest will also. That is why we use the singular "needs" rather than the plural "need". (Too gramatic over there :P)

Basically, I am typing this to remind you and myself on how a team really works towards a goal. We can be amazed by all those people who did it, like the world leaders, religious heads etc.
The question remains: How did they do it??

1) The Cause
A group is strong when they fight towards the same cause. With the strengthening of a group, it becomes a team. The cause has to be progressive and is fitting towards time and situation, like if you don't like the government charging you 60% tax for everything you do, form a team towards that cause. A cause can be strengthen by having a common enemy among members of the team. Then they would fight towards destroying the enemy with all they can. Make them hate the enemy. Since you are talking about going against the crazy government who charged you 60% tax, you need more than mere 10,000 people.

2) The Full
Basically, people love others who care for them. Who doesn't? "The Full" refers to the materialistic needs of your army. However, if you give them too much, then they will be spoilt. Too little and you become a dictator and they might turn on you for a better deal. Giving items is not very good at keeping them full because it's temporary and might spoil them. Show them that you care for their needs. Interact with them, listen to their problems, go out and have some food together, show them that you care.

3) The Front
"Leadership" is a very powerful word and sometimes too powerful. So I will use "The Front". "The Front" refers to your ability to guide your troops in the front of the line rather than at the back. Your army wants to see you as enthusiastic (or more) as they are towards a cause. This also shows that you are willing to share their hardship towards this cause. Have you ever wondered why King Leonidas from Sparta in the movie 300, stood in front of his troops rather than behind them? "The Front" a.k.a you, are the symbol of power and hope.

4) The Chi
In Chinese, we believe that our world revolves around the Chi energy. Everybody is filled with Chi and always flowing but at different rates. Basically, Chi is what keeps you driving towards your cause. You can't be on the defense and wait forever, as when the enemy strikes, your will and confidence to fight is not as high as when you are on offense. Keep your troops working towards the cause, never stopping to defend or stopping for 3 weeks of holiday. When they keep running towards the cause, their Chi energy becomes focused, thus they will have the energy and mysterious inspiration to keep running towards the cause.

5) The Emotion
Humans are not logical. Everything we do are based on our emotions and what we feel we need. Logic on the other hand is just a phrase used by people to hide their emotions, but at last, it will destroy them due to mixed emotions. As a commander of an army or a coach of a team, you have to tap into their emotions. Be warned that emotions are hard to tap into as when you are trying to talk to them emotionally, they will think that you are playing psychology with them. What most people do is that they lower the guards of the target person and make them bond as a group. This can be done through entertainment like movies, stories etc. Make a story that is focused towards your cause and indirectly control their emotions

6) The Harsh & Kind
Too much kindness and your troops will start taking you for granted. Too much harshness will destroy their morale. You have to achieve a balance of both. Make your kindness very very rare by when it is out, show them that your kindness is more than others. Similarly, make your harshness rare but when you explode, be sure to set it at a high standard. That way, your troops will hunger for more kindness than harshness.

7) The Myth
"The Myth" is not "The Fake" but it is more to "The Experience". Most armies gain very high morale after winning more and more battles. As they win more and more battles, their victory becomes their pride, thus they will be ashamed of a loss. This is a myth that people do not believe will happen, a winning army suddenly faces a loss, but it happens. So first start of with small battles and keep going bigger and bigger, allow them to gain more confidence, experience and pride so that they will fight till their death to defend it!

8) The Kick-Out
There are bound to be some trouble-makers within your team who are trying to down-grade it to a mere group. When you find them, always find for a way to eliminate them if they can no longer be cured. Or if you can't then just isolate them, giving them jobs that are not important at all. There are also people who are very motivated to fight alongside you, these people are the people who must be acknowledged as an example as they are your best men. By showing them as an example, others who serve you will strive to be better or as good, eliminating those who are ignorant of your cause.

Jackson Teoh

The Power of a Smile

Yesterday was like any other regular day, I will write a little bit about it.
But why I am writing this today is to spread the Power of Smile.
Michael Jackson's memorial concert revealed that his favourite song was "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin and he even did a remake. I listened to the song and was pretty touched at how a simple smile can make your whole world a happier place.

This is the song re-sung by Michael Jackson:

If you listen to it, the meaning of the song is very nice.
Many people love love songs, but I love this song because it holds a meaning that everyone can take-in regardless if you are an old person, a person in love, a single person etc.

As a curious guy of how effective positive thinking is, I tried it out yesterday.
As usual, myself, Caryn, Lee Ann and Big Sister ShiLou went out to eat in QueensbayMall. I like hanging out with these people because they make me happy and I can smile. Okay, so anyways, we hung out and then we decided to go back to college.

We stopped at a traffic light and usually traffic lights just piss you off, but if you are with a bunch of friends, then they won't. Anyways, we stopped at a traffic light and I was just smiling, just kept smiling wide with my teeth showing off and I turned to them and they looked at me with "The Eye". After about 5 seconds, staring at them, they started smiling too which of course lighted up the atmostphere in the car to be a smiling atmosphere!

Basically, it's like a laugh, a clap and a scream. Smiles can be spreaded by just smiling with the person next to you, behind you and in front of you. I smiled and I made them smile and the atmostphere in the car became very very happy!

So, people!
Smile! Smile! Smile!
Smile to your friends for always accompanying you, smile to yourself for making others smile, smile even when you are down because a smile marks that there will be a way to overcome a mess, smile to anyone you meet and see and they will smile with you (but of course... appropriately)

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to do The MoonWalk?

So, the moonwalk became a craze in college today (maybe today only). A bunch of my friends were talking about doing the moonwalk and they took guesses and I don't know if they are successful in it. The moonwalk is actually pretty easy to do if you practice it. I learned it through this video on

So to all those moonwalk lovers, dream no further because technology is here to become your teacher, of course a repetitive one... :P

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ice Age 3 (Funny! Watch it if you are Stressed out!)

Watched Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs today with Caryn, Carrie (her twin) and Lee Ann as usual...

The movie was pretty funny and fun to watch.
The storyline is very simple, a search and rescue story, but movie directors just have the urge to make their movies longer by putting in sub-plots.

The movie was kinda nice.
This is my first time watching Ice Age and I enjoyed it as a new-comer. Just look at how much revenue they made during the 1st week. The movie was created with a budget of $90 million and in it's 1st week, it made $215,506,000!!

And to calculate the profit, revenue - budget:
$215,506,000 - 90,000,000 = $125,506,000!!
In a WEEK! I wonder how much will the film make in a month!

Alright so before that, we went out to eat, then went to Caryn's house to go get her twin, Carrie to come along. As usual, I don't get along well with dogs for some reason, so her dog kept barking at me.
Ok, so the four of us were in Caryn & Carrie's room.
I thought that things will go like, Jackson says, "Okay, Carrie, grab your bag, time to go" and then we immediately get to the mall to watch Ice Age 3. Until of course... Caryn decided to brush her teeth! What?? Brush her teeth in the middle of the day? Ok, we don't do that in Malaysia :P
So we just go like "Har?" and the weird part was when she decided to pose with the toothbrush.

That's Carrie, Caryn's twin:

And the standing one is Caryn and the one getting her hair messed up is Lee Ann:

Carrie and Caryn: they are twins but so different :P
And of course, myself:I look so evil...
So... we arrived in her house, she suddenly wanted to brush her teeth (for some reason), then we had a chat, I looked at their Bleach action figures and then we are off to Queensbay Mall yet again...
That's about the long and short of it :P

Oh, yes.
This is what happens when things get too boring in my class:Yeap, we sleep when the teacher is busy writing on the whiteboard!

And Carrie spent RM 40 for 2 Bleach character figurines. I thought that it was expensive and she said that it's not. I don't know... we can see how people spend. It's crazy...

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, July 4, 2009

3 XBox 360 Games to Look-Out-For for 2009!

Hey, guys!
Had a long break.
My bro was back to Penang and we played Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 all day for 3 days. It is a very cool game. Really nice to release some stress. I recently found a shop that is willing to fix my XBox 360 for me and I was so damn happy that I can't resist looking at awesome upcoming games:

#1. Assasin's Creed 2

If you played Assasin's Creed 1, Assasin's Creed 2 will seem very very awesome. With a lot of interactions and the CPU is very advanced. The only thing is that Assasin's Creed 2 "Altair" seems to have a gun... hope it doesn't spoil the feeling of the silent killer.

#2. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2!
There has been a lot of debate on the name of the sequel to Left 4 Dead and everyone came up with their own sequel names like Left 2 Die, 2 Death and all that. I told my cousin, a Left 4 Dead fan as well, and he said, "Left 4 Dead 2?" in a very sarcastic way and I laughed when the official name for the sequel of Left 4 Dead is indeed Left 4 Dead 2!! :P

#3. Halo 3: ODST

I seriously think that Halo 3 is over-rated.
But I think I'll give Halo a chance since their trailer has quite promising graphics, unlike Halo 3. :P

And of course many other awesome games coming out for the 360. Just can't wait to grab them all! Wahaha!!

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is Michael Jackson REALLY Dead or is it just another Thriller?

I was talking to my brother earlier in the evening of the 1st of July and he told me that Michael Jackson is not dead. Of course, as a Jackson myself, I would look it up on Google and I found this really REALLY interesting video:

His body rose up inside the helicopter as it was taking off.
*Thriller music plays at the background*

Plus, nobody has seen his autopsy pictures. So... hey, if Michael Jackson is alive, that would be cool. Or maybe we are just losing our minds due to the fact that we miss him alot. I have no idea. But if he is still alive, this would be the BIGGEST HOAX of the CENTURY for the BIGGEST COMEBACK of the CENTURY!

You decide...

- Jackson Teoh