Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kamen Rider Sketches

Kamen Rider Decade ended today!
Well, they didn't really have an ending, more to "The End??" with a big question mark.
The series will REALLY end in the upcoming movie on the 12/12/09!
Great!! What a way to make fans wait!
Japanese people can be so smart to solidify their ticket sales :P

So since Decade ended today, I felt a little sad because that has to be the best Kamen Rider series I have ever seen! Anyways, for those of you who don't like Kamen Rider, I'll just skip this part since you don't care and just show you the sketches that I did today:

Decade logo, I got it from Google:

And this is what I worked out:Drawn using the pen tool from Adobe Illustrator, and not using the square commands or something.

Now, THAT is simple.
Then I drew the character, Kamen Rider Decade:And this is how it turned out to be:
It's not too bad :P
At least we as fans know that it is Decade :P

I felt like drawing Kamen Rider Kuuga, the first rider of the Heisei Rider series!
I also felt that the normal Kuuga would be too simple, so I instead drew his final form, Rising Ultimate Form:
Turned into:

Yay! :P
Not too bad too :P
A little rough here and there... but I think it looks ok :P

So yeah... a little something for Kamen Rider fans and a little something to all my awesome and very supportive friends!

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sketching Death Note characters

Another day of sketching!
I was just sketching the faces of my friends this afternoon when I suddenly thought about sketching anime characters.
My favourite anime of all time is Death Note.
I love the anime like crap! Their manipulative storylines, characters... it's just cool!
The first arc where Kira goes against L was the best!
L was so close to solving the case if only some holes were patched up!
The second arc was okay. The documentary of the second arc was cool though, where L introduced and talked about how Near and Mello competed to stop Kira.

So, I decided to sketch some characters from Death Note.
The first sketch I made was from this picture (Near "Nate Rivers"):

This is a picture of a thinking Near, in front of his "city" made out of matchsticks.
And this is how everything turned out to be:Okay, that was my first attempt.
Then I decided to draw L:
Turned out to be like this:
Everything is getting more and more specific!
Notice the eye-bags! :P

And then when I looked back at the sketching of Near, I thought that it was quite simple and not very detailed. I tried searching for his picture on Google but most of them had a portion of his hair, cut away. So, I Google-searched for his manga version:

It featured his whole head!
Just what I needed!
So this is the result:
It took me quite awhile because I was watching War of the Worlds + doing this sketch.
It's more specific now, and the hair really "kills" me!
But everything came together at last, so it's cool... :P

What do you think?

- Jackson Teoh

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Maximizing the Week with Designs

Okay, so nobody can hang out this whole week for their own respective reasons.
Some wanted to have a "just girls" hang out, so I had to stay out of it.
Some are busy finishing up college assignments before Independence Day.
Some need to take care of their house while their parents are not in.
Some are just lazy to go out.
So this was suppose to be a very boring week, but I maximized it by learning how to design stuffs using Adobe Illustrator CS2.

My first work is about lighting and effects. I've even modified my old work into an improved version:
That's my initial with a little bit of glassy looks.
I designed a few more for my friends as part of a training.

And then I went on to use the pen tool to draw pictures of my own.
As advised by YouTube users, I did some tracing first.
This is the picture of me that I chose to trace:And this is what I traced out:I have also traced some of my friends' faces.
I will show you one, her name is Kah Zhe and she is the girl in the middle in front of the birthday cake:And this was what I got out of this picture:
And she gave it an 80%!
Of course some did not come out the way I wanted them to be, but majority of them are ok :P

Why didn't I trace the eyes and mouth?

1) I think drawing the outline looks cooler :P
I mean my picture looks cooler with one eye...

2) It's pretty hard to draw the eyes and mouth!

It will either be slanting or looks very uneven...

Those tracing took me about 20 to 30 minutes each and I am pretty satisfied that I used my time more wisely than sitting at home doing nothing :P

What a week of knowledge and creativity...

P/S: If you have a request, do e-mail me or message me on MSN... I'll see what I can do.

- Jackson Teoh

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day for Illustrations

Today would have been a boring day if I hadn't done anything.
But guess what?
It's not AS bad as I thought!

I finished writing up the proposal for an event that I am working on with a good friend of mine, and also a very awesome dude, by 12.30 p.m..
That was my main goal of the day, so now you must be wondering, what am I gon'na do for the rest of the day?

I just realised that I don't really know how to design stuffs.
I can take a picture and edit it on Photoshop but when it comes to designing something out of scratch, I don't know anything!
So after realising that, I realised that I can't live without having to not at least have some designing skills. As an AdMan, I need to know a little bit about designing. I popped in the Adobe Illustrator CS2 disc last night and started installing the programme. Did run into some difficulties using it and I re-installed it 3 times! Just because I screwed something up in there, I had to re-install the whole thing which usually takes about 20 minutes, so it's cool.
Now, since I don't know anything about Illustrator, I went onto YouTube and the videos are just there for me to watch and learn! I ended up spending the whole afternoon trying to design something. I also noticed a lot of bugs in the Illustrator CS2, like sometimes I can't save my work, so I had to start all over again when the error thing pops out. But, I found a very noob-ish way to save my work into JPEG file. I pressed "Print Screen" on my keyboard and opened up Photoshop where I pasted it on a blank document and cut out the design. It took me 3 tries to realise that. This is the end result:
Yeap, I designed it.
I know it's not much, but... I enjoyed myself!
Seeing something that you worked on come to life is a really satisfying feeling.
"J" stands for Jackson (yours truly) and I just love red. Anyways, the concept of the misplaced "J" actually came from Facebook. The had a misplaced "f" and it looked really good! So I copied that and put it into my design.
The reflection was inspired by Apple apps. Usually in the Apple website, their apps are always reflected to the floor. This reflection might not be as good as theirs but I tried :P

So, yeah... it was pretty fun clicking, measuring, paying attention to details of the graphic. Thus, I can say that I had loads of fun playing around with Adobe Illustrator CS2.

And I know that there are more advanced Illustrators out there like CS3 and CS4. I will look into getting CS4 when it is completely configured by Adobe. I heard that CS4 is still missing some old features from CS2, so I guess I will wait. In the mean time, I will try to play around with CS2. :P

P/S: CS does NOT stand for Counter Strike. And also, I don't even play Counter Strike
Yeah, I know... not such a computer game guy. But... I just thought that it wastes my computer space and my time.
XBox 360 and PS2 are exceptions though because they don't take up computer memory :P

- Jackson Teoh

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

80-20 Rule on Priorities

Another awesome vid by Brian Tracy

- Jackson Teoh

How to be 1000%?

Very awesome video by Brian Tracy!

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Resident Evil-ish...

Remember I blogged about watching Public Enemies?
Basically the movie ended at about 11 p.m. or so and we were getting ourselves back to the car when a zombie popped up!
Yeah... right... as if that's going to happen...
Maybe a dude with H1N1 will pop out and start biting everybody who will then have H1N1 and the list goes on... but you know what? Nothing of sort happened!

Usually after about 11 p.m., if you walk around Gurney Plaza, it's just like one of those Resident Evil scenes where you go like, "Where is everybody?":

That's the car parking lot... as you can see, nobody around, except for a car... that's normal, right? But look at this:

Inside Gurney plaza itself!
Nobody is around and it really reminds you of Resident Evil. :P
It would be cool if the next game has a city setting because I am pretty bored of the village setting in RE4 and RE5... we need to be more modernized :P

Just to share a little bit of stuffs that you can imagine in Gurney Plaza after 11 p.m. :P

- Jackson Teoh

G.I Joe

On Tuesday, 12.00 p.m., in INTI I managed to get hold of Boon Seng to discuss on a project that we are going to launch with the GEW fund of RM 500. It's pretty hard to get a hold of him because somehow, it is very hard to contact him. I got his help in recruiting people whom he thinks is passionate about entrepreneurship to help us out.

At about 1.15 p.m., I was off to KDU to meet my friend that I met from Perak during the RYLA camp, Sui Aing. Her class ends at 2.00 p.m., I arrived at about 1.30 p.m. or so. Messaged Jazz to see if we can meet for awhile to discuss about this Saturday's talk. It seems that she is so busy with her Youth Jam that she is not really sure what's going to happen this Saturday. I was quite shocked when she said that but I understand how she currently feels because I have been in her shoes, except that mine was smaller. :P

At about 2.00 p.m.+, messaged Sui Aing to see if she is already out of the classroom and she was like, "You are in luck", she was just at 5 o'clock of my location. Awesome!
It's pretty awesome when you get to meet somebody that you didn't meet for months!
Drove her back to her dorm, then we left for Gurney to have our lunch at the food court and man... it tasted like crap!
Queensbay's ARENA food court serves better food than those goons in Gurney Plaza.
Gurney just didn't seem right for me, so we went to Queesnbay instead.

And what else to do in Queensbay besides watching a movie (unless you are here for some other reasons). Went to GSC to look for the earliest movie since she must be back in her dorm by 7.30 p.m. and the earliest movie was G.I Joe! Fortunately, I have been wanting to watch the movie, so I was pretty lucky :P And it turned out that she has already watched the movie, but... ah, well, she followed suit anyways. :P

If I remember, we had like... 40 minutes to spend, so we went to walk around aimlessly, talking and stuffs. Then went to Toys R' Us for fun :P
Saw a little panda bear, and she took a picture with it. Okay, in this picture, she wasn't ready, but I snapped it anyways for fun :P More spontaneous that way :P:
How much has she changed since April?
Well, this is Sui Aing in April:And she still looks the same, I guess :P
I did change my hairstyle and am very happy that I did :P

Anyways, about G.I. Joe.
It was awesome!
I have never seen any of their cartoons, but the movie was great!
The story has some loop holes in the beginning but patches everything up by the end of the movie. And the best part is that we don't have to wait for the credits to finish rolling to see what's next for G.I. Joe!

I've read the reviews for the movie and I don't know why but it received negative reviews. That's weird! I am guessing that those G.I. Joe hardcore fans found some differences between the cartoon and the movie, so they rated it pretty badly.
What is the logic behind that?!

Planning to go watch District 9 soon since everybody said that it is a nice movie, but I have to see when am I free and who can come with me to watch it :P

After the movie, it ended at about 6.30 p.m. and Sui Aing has to return to her dorm by 7.30 p.m.. But we had our dinner anyways at Johnny's. :P Finished at about 7.10 p.m. or so and off we go back to her college dorm, where I bid her goodbye and all that. I think she didn't reach in-time (7.30 p.m.) but that's to be expected :P

So yeah... that was a pretty fun day since it is outside of home and it's more fun than staying in the house for the whole day :P
Got loads to think about, till then!

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, August 14, 2009

About Terminator Salvation

Just finished my exams yesterday!
Well, it's kind of a small "Wooh!" for me because I have loads to do in 2 weeks!

Number 1:
I have to prepare my slides for a talk about marketing to a bunch of youths from KDU. The talk will be on the 22nd of August in KDU Penang.

Number 2:
I have to find out what I can do with the INSPIRE fund.

Number 3:
Need to look into SIFE and actually make it happen in INTI, my college.

Number 4:
Gather people to join Sampah Masyarakat campaign in Penang.

Number 5:
Need to meet people coming from KL to Penang to talk about business.

The list goes on...

I thought of just staying at home and chill and I tried that today.
And I was sooooo BORED!!
I tried playing Terminator: Salvation and shockingly, it worked!
Finished the game in several hours. :P

Was quite happy today because finally I got to see my old friend from secondary school, Zer Ling through webcam! She still looks the same, except with longer hair :P

Alright, so was also quite happy that those dudes from the gameshop updated my XBox 360 without me knowing! So, I got to play Termintor: Salvation. The game was okay... not bad... :P Does make you feel like you are John Connor, running around killing Wasps, HKs, Motorcycle Terminators, some annoying bug thing and also the T-200. I was expecting the T-800 to be like... the final boss or something, but nothing came up, ah well... this IS the prequel to the movie version of Terminator: Salvation.

The cover and fire system is pretty cool though. You basically go from one cover to another and start firing whenever you have the chance. The surroundings are cool. It makes you feel exactly like the movies, but battle systems can be quite repititive. I am a Terminator... not to say "fan" but just liked the movies, so the game was pretty cool for me :P

I went on to search for any videos concerning Terminator: Salvation to see if there are any interesting things about it, ranging from the game to the movie for fun...
And this was what I found! A deleted scene from the movie!:

Okay, maybe not so deleted since it was not meant to be in it!
But it's funny how they played with Arnold's accent!

- Jackson Teoh

"Everybody needs somebody to tell them that everything is going to be alright"

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yume De Aeta Nara... (If We Met in a Dream...)

I was aimlessly looking for a song to listen too since I got bored of all the songs that I have downloaded. Then I bumped into a 3 year old song that I once liked.
Listened to it, went to Wikipedia and found out the meaning of the song.

The shocking thing is that it is the movie song for a Kamen Rider Den-O movie!
The song is called "Yume De Aeta Nara..." or in English, "If We Met in a Dream"

So, I was like, "Hey... sounds very meaningful". Went onto Google and read the translated version and I just realised how touching the song is... after 3 years of not knowing the meaning :P

The Vid + Song:

Japanese Lyrics:
"Yume De Aeta Nara..."

yume de aetara hora
donna kotoba de kimi wo daki yoseru
dare nimo jama sarenai
manatsu no yoru ni ...

hitomi tojireba hora
yume no naka de konya kimi ni aeru
tsukare shirazu no yorusa asa ga kuru no mo wasurete
moshimo aetara hora
donna kotoba de kimi wo daki yoseru
dare nimo jama sarenai surou na yoru ni ...

yume to kimi to genjitsu to boku denara
jinsei kandou kyohen no dekiagari desu
kamawanu mon bakkari de
muzukashiku kangaeta toko de
iki teruuchi no sanpun no ichi kurai
tanoshimanakya sou nan desu

hitomi tojireba hora
yume no naka de konya kimi ni aeru
tsukare shirazu no yorusa asa ga kuru no mo wasurete
moshimo aetara hora
donna kotoba de kimi wo daki yoseru
dare nimo jama sarenai surou na yoru ni ...

soredemo yappa tsurakute
omoi wo todoketaku natte
iki teruuchi no sanpun no ni datte
kimi ni aitaku narun desu

ichido kiridemo iisa
konya dake wa kimi no yume wo misasete
okubyou datta boku ni kitto sayonara dekirunda
moshimo aetara donna
rasutosongu(last song) de asa made odorouka
dare nimo jama sarenai manatsu no yoru ni ...

yume kara samete shimau hodo
you&me de it's show time kimi to futari dancing all night
you& me kara samete shimau hodo ni ...
hey! you&me..

English Translation:
"If We met in a Dream"

If we could meet in a dream, look..
What kind of words can I use to embrace you with
No one can come between us
on this midsummer night..

if you close your eyes, look..
i can meet you in your dreams this evening..
the evening when we are not tired, also forgetting that morning is coming.
if we can meet, look..
What kind of words can I use to embrace you with
no one can come between us on this slow evening.

if it's the dream, you, reality, and me..
a great work of life and deep emotion is finished.
it is only a thing that does not come true
I've just thought about it deeply and..
within one-third of our lives..
we've got to enjoy it so that we don't waste it.

if you close your eyes, look..
i can meet you in your dreams this evening..
the evening when we are not tired, also forgetting that morning is coming.
if we can meet, look..
What kind of words can I use to embrace you with
no one can come between us on this slow evening.

even so, it really is heart-breaking
coming to feel that my thoughts must reach you
even if it is within two-thirds of my life I just want to meet you..

it's okay if it's only once.
please let me see your dream on this evening only
I can surely say "sayonara" to my once cowardly self
if we can meet what kind of last song shall we dance to until morning?
no one can come between us on this slow evening.

until we have time to wake up from the dream
it's show time for you & me..
with you, the two of us are dancing all night
until we have time to wake up from you & me..
hey, you & me..


After knowing the meaning, the song became more meaningful and nicer somehow :P
So, who says that Kamen Rider is all about kids? :P

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Of Truth and Of False

Have you ever wondered the meaning behind "Truth"?
How do you define "Truth"?
Each of us has our own definition for "Truth"
"Truth" can mean "I believe in it, it's the truth"
"Truth" can mean "Others believe in it, it's the truth"
"Truth" can mean "The professionals believe in it, it's the truth"
and the list goes on.

The fact is that the meaning of "Truth" is different from one person to another.
That is why you have "people who believe others very quickly", "people who seek evidence before believing", "people who believe in the court" and so on.

In this world, there might be some lies.
In fact, we might even be living on a lie as we speak.
A lie can be the truth if everybody believes in it.

Like in Transformers 2, Sam Witwicky stood up and said that Einstein is wrong in some of his theories. Einstein is a great guy, no doubt about it, but he can't be right all the time!
The theories of Einstein only became the "Truth" after everybody in the world believes that it is the "Truth". When a person gets up and says that he is wrong, everybody will laugh at that person.

But WHAT IF Einstein IS wrong!
Nobody cares!

Because everybody believes in Einstein and they can't disprove what Einstein said.
So now, even if Einstein's theories are "False", the belief of the people made his theories the "Truth"!

In short, "a lie will be the truth if everyone believes it is the truth"

- Jackson Teoh