Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lie To Me 102

Hey, guys!
Jackson Teoh is back.
Watched Lie to Me on television yesterday and now I will share what I can remember from that episode:

1) Talking with illustration
When a person is talking to you, he/she moves his hands around to express a story (illustration), but suddenly, after you ask him/her something, he/she stops moving his/her hands and just put them on his/her lap, but he/she answers your question, he or she is LYING! (until the illustration starts again...)

2) Blink Blink Blink
When you are talking to somebody, and suddenly, that person blinks his or her eyes faster than usual, he or she is hiding something from you...

3) Slight shoulder movement
When a person talks about something, then suddenly, his or her shoulder/shoulders move a little bit, he or she knows something but does not want to tell.

4) Still...... still...... Move!
When a person talks while standing without hand movements (probably lack of enthusiasme about the topic) and suddenly, there is a slight movement occuring at the hand, he or she is trying to cover something up! It might just be a split second movement.

5) Touching jewelry
When a person talks to you and suddenly, starts to touch anything that is valuable worn on the body (watch, ear ring, necklace, ring, etc.), he or she is lying!

6) Relief...
When a person feels relief, most of the time, he or she will breathe in more air than usual and release them from the mouth. Most probably accompanied by the widening of a closed mouth.

I can only remember 6 so far...
There were a few more but I couldn't catch it due to scientific terms and scientific names of muscles.
Most of these actions are reflexes that our body produce to make us feel better and secure... so beware... :P

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lie To Me 101

Why 101?
Well, it's because this is the 101st post!
There is this show on Malaysian Television.
I think it is on NTV7, Monday, 8.30 p.m..
It's called "Lie To Me"...

Alright, I don't really care much about their long term plot, but I do care about their lie detectors. There is this phrase in their ad where they said, "Your face will betray your intentions" and I thought that it's pretty cool!

I watched a few episodes... 3, I think. Of course, I didn't watch it in an order as I do miss or forget about the show.

Some things that I can remember from Lie To Me about detecting "thoughts" through expressions and gestures:

1) When somebody looks down after telling you something, they feel guilty about what they've just told you or is shameful about what they have just done
It's something like this... let's say you are a doctor doing a research about a drug that will somehow cure cancer. You have been working hard on it but can't really finish it due to some holes that you can't patch up. Now, your superiors are businessmen who want to push this product out or the company, together with your research will come down with it. So you started adding stuffs into the drug to cure cancer, but in return for lifelong blood coughing. You thought that the side-effects are too severe and that it will cause sales to drop, so you told the audience that there are no side-effects. After your speech, you looked down on the floor as a sign of shame.

2) When somebody touches their ears after telling you something or touches one of their ears, they are LYING!
Okay, they won't make it so obvious. They can make it look as if they are pushing their hair to the back of their ears. Or only do it on one of their ears.

3) When somebody pushes both or one of their lips inside their mouth after telling you something, they are LYING!
When somebody tells you something, and both or one of their lips sink into their mouth, they are lying, so that is to swallow their nervousness.

4) When somebody swallows saliva after you state something, they are afraid of telling you that you are right
When you talk to somebody and ask them a question and you give them the answer by asking, "Is it X who did it?" and the person you are asking swallows saliva till it's visible from the movement of his/her Adam's apple, he/she is afraid that you are right! So, X did do it!

5) When you tell somebody about a happy thing, and they smile with their teeth out, but their eyes are not "smiling" (an action of making their eyes smaller while smiling), they are FAKING the smile!
When somebody smiles/laughs, if it is real, their cheeks will pull up, and their eyes will be smaller in size and their facial lines will go up. Then their forehead will move up. Most of the time, people who fakes a smile will not realise that the upper part of their head is not being pulled up.

6) I got this one from their ad: People are surprised for 1 second only, if it exceeds a second, it's a LIE!
When somebody is surprised, it's usually a split second thing. If it is longer than that, they know that they've already known about the information and is thinking of what to do next, which will require some time. Of course, more than 1 second. So their facial expression for "surprise" will stay for over a second. Caught in action!

7) When somebody lifts up his/her chest or lifts up his/her head a little bit, they want to appear confident and in-control
It's like when you are in a meeting, and you want to crack a deal by convincing the other party that your company is strong, so you push your chest forward and/or lift your head higher to APPEAR confident.

8) "If he doesn't believe you, he'll curl a lip or suck on the inside of his lips to show contempt. He'll also move his eyes downward and move them back and forth. When he does that, he's talking to himself, then testing how he feels about it, then talking to himself some more and then retesting his feelings." - Lie To Me blog

9) "If he has stopped listening, he'll be non-responsive. His eyes will defocus. When people are not focused on anything specific, they tend to get diverted by something bright or anything that moves. So, the guy who is not listening to you will likely display that by looking away from you - watching a car go by or a bird fly past or just out a window." - Lie To Me blog

Those are the ones that I can remember... of course there are lot more.
The last 2 were taken from their blog.
Just wanted to share about Lie To Me

So, to those who are looking for a BF or GF, look for these signs and most probably... they are lying :P

- Jackson Teoh

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 100th Post of 2009!

Happy 100th Post of 2009 to me!
And Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Malay friends, readers, dudes at the streets, dudes that I don't know, teachers, policemen and everybody else...

Anyways... Hari Raya is just a regular day for me since I don't celebrate Hari Raya... but of course, I get to watch exclusive Malay movies like Cicakman 2 and Evolusi: KL Drift

First, let's talk about Cicakman 2 (in English: Lizard/Gekkoman 2):Erm...
Well, obviously this poster is inspired by Spider-Man:Not bad eventhough there is a lack of originality.
The girl that is the villain is a bat motive, much like Batman.
She doesn't have special powers besides gadgets and her motorcycle and she does throw sharp bats towards her enemies. And I believe that she is Indonesian or probably a native Malaysian since her accent is very different from modern Malays.

There is a part where Prof. Clone (another enemy) was modifying a robotic arm (much like IronMan). But look at the bright side... if you can't find any innovative ideas, copy them! And put your style in! Cicakman 2 was... pretty good as it shows how much Malaysian movies have grown since the days of P. Ramlee to the days of "Misstress" Malay movies where there is a fight between 2 wives for attention from the husband. Plus, now Malaysia has her very own superhero!

Next, let's talk about Evolusi: KL Drift (Evolution: KL Drift):
Not a bad movie either...
Their drifts are nice and they do have race girls in revealing clothes (eventhough it is against Islam, which most Malays are). Again... they copied The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift:But the movie was pretty good too...
I've never seen Tokyo Drift, should be cooler with the nitrous oxide and all that, but as of Malaysia... KL Drift has marked yet another benchmark in the movie industry in Malaysia.

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, September 21, 2009

L Detective Agency advertisement

Just a random ad that I created out of a single *snap*
It's just a fictional agency... for all Death Note fans, you should know that Near became L after the death of Kira/2nd L. So let's say that this is some kind of alternate universe where L Detective Agency is open to the public to investigate "unsolvable" cases.

They are using their "Kira case" as an achievement that can be promoted in their ads to prove that they can solve difficult cases (a.k.a unsolvable cases). The detective's face is not revealed (if his face is revealed, people will try to assasinate him, right?) :P

Just felt like making an ad for the agency :P

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My 4th ad of the Year: Milo (5 Milo Choco Recipes for you)

Hey dudes!
Alright, so I am now crazy over requests to make an ad and I asked my friend, Carrie to choose a brand. And she picked Brands at first but I thought that the ad that they made that showed a bunch of students holding up brands was... erm... okay, they did get awesome results but... I don't know... just don't feel convinced. So I asked her to pick another one because I can't write what I don't like... so she picked Milo!


I always thought that Milo went too much into telling people the scientific value (which most people won't care) since they only care about the taste of awesome Milo.

So, I made this ad, similar to my CampBell's soup ad, showing recipes that they can do with Milo. It shows 5 new ways to enjoy your cup of Milo rather than making only Milo "Kaw" or Milo with milk.

I actually tried Milo Dinosaur in Kim Gary during the holidays and it was awesome!
Milo blended in ice, topped with Milo powder, it tasted amazing!

This ad came together with ways to get to the recipes, which is online.
I think I should make an ad specifying which recipe so that people don't need to take the hassle to go online (if you are still using the phone line, then it will take forever!)...

That's all for today....

P/S: I swallowed a small fish bone and it's stuck! Feels like shit, but they doctor can't find anything, so maybe it's just my imagination :P He sprayed some sedative (I think that's what it's called) and I couldn't even swallow my saliva! It's wearing off though, so it should be fine... :P
And I think it's still in there somewhere (unless my imagination is playing with me)

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Common Mistakes That Startup and Small Companies Make

10 Common Mistakes That Startup and Small Companies Make
BY FC Expert Blogger David LavendaFri Sep 11, 2009 at 4:54 PM
Taken from: http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/david-lavenda/whatever-it-takes/10-common-mistakes-startupsmall-companies-make

Young companies have small margins for error. Mistakes made early on can sink a company before its gets off the ground. Below is a list of 10 common mistakes made by young, small companies. In the list below, I use the generic term “product” to refer to either a product or a service.

Over the next few posts, I will expound on these ideas; for now, here is the list :

1. “Drinking Your Own Kool-Aid” – Overestimating the Enthusiasm for Your Product/Service – thinking your product is more special than your customers perceive.

2. Not Validating Market Demand – thinking that your product is a “winner” before making sure you get a solid base of people who agree

3. Starting to Work with Customers Too Late – only engaging with customers when the product is ready for sale.

4. Underestimating the Difficulty in Penetrating the Market – not expending enough effort to reach customers and to get them to try the product.

5. Overestimating the Product’s Uniqueness – related to “drinking your own Kool-Aid” this refers to not taking competition into account, where competition can be another product or service, or whatever customers are using today.

6. Underestimating the Effort Needed to Build the Product – promising to get to market before you can actually finish the product.

7. Hiring the Wrong Kind of People – hiring “big-company types” who are used to having a support staff to help them do their work.

8. Not Focusing – being tempted by side projects and spreading yourself too thin to focus on developing your company’s main value proposition

9. Not Pricing Correctly – under or over-pricing the product may inhibit adoption.

10. Not Having a Long-term Vision That Scales –having a “one-trick pony” that does not lead to future sales

In the entrepreneurial spirit of “under-promise and over-deliver,” here are two more mistakes young companies make:

1. Never Finishing the Product – the “never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over” syndrome. Constantly redo-ing the product but never finishing it.

2. Not Offering Employees Enough Fun – sadly, a common quality of many startups – despite what you read in the pubs.

Disclaimer – as the veteran of six startup companies (two that were successfully sold), these are mistakes I have seen time and again. If you have some additional ideas, feel free to comment.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 3rd ad of the year: iPod Nano with Video Camera

I spent my entire morning re-reading the Ogilvy book which I have read 2 years ago.
But due to my limited understand years ago, I can't really catch what is Ogilvy trying to say.

So after doing some re-reading of the book, I decided to just put them into practice.
I asked a friend of mine, Vicki to name me a brand and she said "Apple"
I went into the Apple website and found out that their new iPod nano is able to take videos now!

Thus, I decided to make an advertisement for it.
This ad is about capturing every second of your life with the new iPod nano rather than capturing one second with the picture function.
However I made the headline "nano Shoots Video" as that is the new function of the new iPod nano. If I put something like, "Capture every single second of your life with the iPod nano"... it might sound catchy and touching, but this is an electronic stuff! The stuffs for youths!
So, I instead tell people that it has a new function, that is to shoot videos.

Any comment is appreciated and I will reply you ASAP.

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My 2nd ad of the year: CampBell's Recipes Under $10

My 2nd ad of the year...
Just a simple advertisement about CampBell's recipes which now cost less than $10 to allow consumers to save while still enjoy CampBell's exquisite recipes.

The eight pictures are the recipes suggested by CampBell's in their website and all of them are guaranteed to be less than $10.

There is also a step-by-step instruction in the advertisement as to how consumers can get to the recipes for these 8 dishes.

Basically, the target of this ad is to people who wants to enjoy the exquisite food made with CampBell's recipes and still enjoy saving money.

That's all...
A simple post by yours truly,

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why do You Advertise?

I went to pick up a book written by Ogilvy, the advertising guru, from my shelf.
I read it back in Form 4 and didn't really understand, but as time progresses, I started seeing his points.

I flipped the pages and his first section is "Overture" which literally means a introduction to an opera. So that served as the introduction to the book.

After reading a few sentences, one sentence really attracted me:
He asked us (the readers), "Do you want your advertisement to be creative?"
Obviously, the answer would be a "Yes".

But he continued by asking, "So what if it is creative?"

They love your advertisement because it is creative, with flashy colours, patterns and all that.
When asked why does Ogilvy write ads, he simply said, "There is a message that I want to convey"

So what is your message?
Flashy colours?
Nice visuals?

Now, the question is not, "Is it creative enough?" but it is, "Will this message covert to cash?"
Because that is the reason why we advertise!
So what if your message is very creative with colours and graphics but in the end... does nothing. It is only "a creative work of art"

He gave an example of a guy giving a speech to excite the crowd to overthrow somebody.
The first one came up to the stage and spoke and everyone was, "Damn! He is a bloody good presenter!"
The second one came up to the stage and spoke and everyone was, "Let's overthrow Mr. X!"

Now this is the difference between the second and first speech.
One is a very good speech, filled with energy and he looks good.
The second one... might be just a regular speech but it ignites the spirit among his followers to take action.

So, the question that everybody should as themselves as an advertiser:
"Will my message convert to cash?"

- Jackson Teoh

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My First ad for the Year 2009: Hibiki's School of Music

Hey, dudes!
Jackson Teoh is back with a post of an advertisement that he created for Hibiki's School of Music. I have been having these visions of me making this advertisement, so I just have to do it to put my brain at ease (at least a small part of it)

So yeah...
this ad is focused on asking people to join Hibiki's School of Music to defeat the Makamou that is on a hunt to kill off all of humanity.

It's just an ad made for fun :P
Even the website doesn't exist :P

Just leave a comment about it :P

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hitler gets Pissed over KR Decade Ending

I was sick for 3 days!
I felt like shit for those 3 days! And seriously felt like shit!
The disease gave me cough, flu and high fever! (It's not H1N1, so don't walk away from me :P)

Anyways, getting better now, but not fully operational yet.
Just got control over my brain, so now I can use my brain :P

Anyways, Decade didn't have an ending and fans like myself, who waited months just to know how "everything started" and "will end" didn't get to know both until the movie at the end of the year... And of course, some very influential people (also fans of Decade) are pretty pissed off!:

Wild Force and Operation Overdrive are the American versions of Toei's Super Sentai
Masked Rider and Dragon Knight are the American versions of Toei's Kamen Rider

Anyways, a new Kamen Rider series took over the Decade slot, this time he (or they) is/are called Double. This is the Opening:

Pretty awesome song!
Hope I recover soon... :D

- Jackson Teoh