Saturday, October 31, 2009

Memories: Tunak Tunak Tun

Hey, people!
I was just browsing through when my bro shared a video called Tunak Tunak Tun.

Ah... this song is so old.
I remembered the last time I listened to it was like... when I was still... 4?
That time, it was featured on television. My bro, myself and also my cousins always make fun of the chorus but it took me 14 years to just realise that this is a pretty AWESOME song!

I always remember the chorus part of the song!
"Turturu Turturu Turturu TaTaTa"
Haha! Sweet song!

Just realised that it's very energetic. :P
Well, this is like... one of the very few Indian songs that I like...

- Jackson Teoh

Halloween Special: Indian Thriller with Lyrics!

I just figured it out that if I can't go out trick-or-treating since I am in Malaysia and nobody believes that there are decent strangers due to high crime rates, I will bring trick-or-treat to me!!

Remember last time, around March (I think) I posted up an awesome video which featured an Indian version of Michael Jackson's Thriller. This time it is with Lyrics!!

English lyrics:

And for those who understand Malay, this is for you.
Malay Lyrics:

Awesome song with awesome lyrics!
If you had a good laugh then just click on comment and say, "Haha!". I am seeing how many people are actually affected by this Halloween special of :P
So, Halloween ain't that scary! Even in India!

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SEACHANGE (Are you one of the 1,000,000 youths who will change the world?)

Hey, guys and girls!
I was going around Facebook and found out that they were promoting something called SEACHANGE.

Okay, now... if you are my classmate for the past 10.5 months, you'll realize that I always talk about Change and stuff. Now this is the REAL thing. This movement has been initiated by, Malaysia's largest online youth community and hey! If you are a youth, just go to this website:

Read up on how to join and stuff.
Now of course to every sign up engines, there are always some offers that they will give.
The website above is attached to YES (Youth Engagement Summit). Now it is a summit, but you will have a chance to meet people who made Millions and Billions of dollars through effort and smart-ness of course :P So if you are able to be there and befriend them, then try to learn from them, your millions are there for you to grab.

Now, of course, to get the ticket is not going to be easy.
Once you sign up, the more people you call to sign up for SEACHANGE, the higher your chances to win a ticket worth 2,500$ USD. We are very lazy people (me too :P), so I will do the conversion for you.

1$ USD = RM 3.40
2,500$ USD = RM 8,500!!

Basically, all you have to do is sign up to SEACHANGE first. Then ask your friends to sign up to SEACHANGE too! The more friends you call to sign up, the higher your chances to win a FREE ticket to YES (Youth Engagement Summit) worth RM 8,500! This includes your flight, hotel, and summit pass worth USD2,500. You will be joining 500 Southeast Asian youth to meet global change icons, right here in Kuala Lumpur.

This is the website on the step-by-step process to get the ticket:

This is a rare opportunity, it's like... a pot of gold to grab!
So, dudes! Get clicking!

- Jackson Teoh

WhiteOut review (Awesome, Good, Not bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

Hey, dudes!
Jackson Teoh is back with the 2nd post of they day!
Basically I went to watch the above movie with my friends on Wednesday. We thought of watching Surrogates but thought that a movie that starts at 6.00 p.m. is just a little too late for most of us.

Anyways, here is what I think about WhiteOut:

I was impressed with their trailer as I get curious on whether it's a horror movie, thriller or sort. However, I wasn't impressed by their actual storyline. Their story is just this girl in the Antartica who goes to investigate a murder of a fellow ally. At last the bad guy gets caught and he kills himself. That is it!
The story is not impressive, nor do the other plots. It's very... normal and nothing special at all!

The good thing about the movie is that they show you the life of human beings living in the Antartica. The temperature can go down to -60 degrees and people can still live there! That's cool! That is of course until the winter season starts. Even so, if you live inside your cabin for the next 6 months, you will be safe :D

I can tell you that I was pretty bored in the cinema as I was expecting more from WhiteOut. While The Prestige, a supposedly boring movie, blew my mind with their plots and characters filled with deception and paranoia. As for WhiteOut... everything went too smoothly that it does not make you go like, "Ohh!!". It's just... TOO smooth!

Overall, the movie is okay along the way, but after you find out who the murderer really is... you kinda think that the movie is kinda lame...

Because I spent RM 6 to watch the movie and I think that it is the price that the movie is worth, I am giving it a rating of "Pass" but it gets pretty lame by the end of the day :D

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, October 23, 2009

THAT was a Busy Day!

Hey, you!
Yesterday (23/10/09) was a damn busy day!

9.30 a.m. - Woke up, got ready for college. Checked e-mails and replied e-mails.

10.10 a.m. -Drove to college, over the always busy bridge. Reaching at around 10.40 a.m.. Went out with Caryn and Lee Ann to have Pan mee. Returned to college at around 11.30 a.m..

12.00 p.m. - Had MacroEconomics class (I don't know... but MacroEcons is kinda fun sometimes, especially when you know what is he talking about. And of course when you are praised :P) Who doesn't love praises? Learned about the Multiply thing in MacroEcons and he said that he is going to teach something new, but by the end of the day, he was actually teaching us the same Aggregate Demand-Supply curve, except with more detail.

2.00 p.m. - Finished MacroEcons class. Friday is always one of my favourite days because we have 2 hours of break, so I usually go hang out at Queensbay with Caryn, Shilou and Lee Ann (my friends). But for today, I have a meeting with a part of the INTI management team (Marketing and Students Affair) to discuss about an upcoming event that I am organizing called 'The Adliers' in support towards Global Entrepreneurship Week.) I thought that the meeting would last about an hour, but shocking it lasted for 2 hours! There goes my break! I didn't have the time to eat!

4.00 p.m. - Went to Statistics class, bought 2 suasage breads on the way to eat in class. I was so freaking quiet in class and also ignoring any questions aimed at me by the lecturer as I was freaking tired! Busy all day and only ate 2 buns? I was amazed that I survived! Statistics was easy, all we got'ta do is understand how things happen.

6.00 p.m. - Statistics class ended and I said good bye to all my friends who were already on their happy mood for the weekend. I was happy too! I went upstairs to Level 6 to meet with my GIT team mates to film the video. Nope, no food yet, except water. Met a portion of my team mates with some outside help. We ran up and down the building looking for locations to shoot the video. Finally, everything was done by 9.30 p.m.

9.30 p.m. - Everyone was relieved after the filming was done. In reality, I should be freaking tired, but I wasn't! In the end, my drive took me this far throughout the day with only a small bowl of Pan Mee and 2 sausage breads. We went to Kim Gary to eat and I had a very nice mixed fruit ais kacang there, but I always love the Pearl Juice more :P due to the price. The mixed fruit was like RM 4.50 and including government tax, service charge and all that, resulted in an RM 6.00! That sucks!

10.20 p.m. - Drove home, reaching at around... 11.00 p.m. I received news that my bro is coming back at around 2 a.m. Not that I was excited as it is pretty normal now :P

12.00 a.m. - Watched South Park's new episode: WTF on my computer. That episode was really funny and the part where Edge and John Cena appeared was cool! Finally, WWE is in South Park! I ate Sah Poh Fan while watching.

12.30 a.m. - Went downstairs to read Gordon Ramsay's book: Playing with Fire. I want to finish up the book but I just don't have the time to do all that these days! Damn!!

1.00 a.m. - Went to Facebook to check out updates on friends and such. Why? For fun! Replied some e-mails and then realised that it was already 1.30, so I went to sleep. Why didn't I wait for my bro? Neh... I was kinda tired. But I didn't realise that I was tired until I dropped onto the bed.

2.00 a.m. - Bro came back while I continued to sleep, so I didn't realise it till morning.

Well, all the way throughout these busy hours, I received calls and also answered e-mails, sent out e-mails. I guess this is what it feels like being busy :P And I can say that handling 2 projects at once is never easy, you need loads of help, motivation, self realization and such... Just another busy day with Jackson Teoh. I have to get used to it :P

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Facebook (You are 299 lbs! applications)

Hey, dudes!
Have been really busy and stuffs just keep happening and happening and I feel all stressed out, but the stress made me realize that the only way to curb this is to solve the problem that is giving me this stress. Slowly, I worked it out with my awesome team and we have a solution! Awesome!

Alright, Facebook is a freaking large online community now.
It's like a freaking online world! Where you can poke your friend and your friend can poke you back... weird stuff but people do it anyways.

If you constantly use Facebook, you will realize that there are many funny applications out there like "How much do you weigh?", "What is your girlfriend like?", "How many girls are thinking of you right now?" and all that. And you will start to see people typing "Har? Serious?", "Wow! This is so cool!", "Wow! 8 girls are going to kiss me this year??" and such after they get the results.

Are you freaking serious?
Dudes... it's an application! It is not the book of life and death or something!
Okay, so maybe I am just taking this a little too seriously, but seriously... it's just an application.

From my understanding, we do these applications and get excited over them because we have an unfulfilled need. Or we just do it just to pass the time. Or we just do it for fun and of course out of curiosity.

No, I am not saying that it's wrong to feel and behave that way. It's totally fine!
It's like a form of relaxation and also something to temporarily fulfill your need to know something that you can't answer! If somebody can give me the answers to all of my questions, then I would love to allow that person to talk to me about my questions.

When you are stressed out, take some time to relax. Don't be like me as when I am stressed out, I will think until I find the solution. Only then can I be at rest. And Facebook applications just don't cut it. Music? Sometimes... but sometimes it gets annoying too. I guess the only way is to solve it! Just felt that relaxing will only add into the damage as there is no progress in the problem.

Just some thought about Facebook "weird" apps :P

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 is out!

Hey, dudes!
Great news!
Modern Warfare 2 is finally out!

I watched the video of the gameplay on and I immediately fell in love with it!
It has offline multiplayer, means that I can play with my bro and best of all... Check out the Gaphics!!

! They look like real people!
Eventhough I do think that they can work on the rocks and close-up environment a little more :P and it will be perfect!! Like a real world!
How cool is that?!

Can't wait to get the game in nearby stores... let's just hope that my XBox 360 can play the game and not stopped by the dumb-ass region code problem!

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lie To Me 104

Hey, dudes and babes!
Jackson Teoh is back with more updates on "How to detect lies?" - learned through the show, "Lie To Me"

Oh, yeah... and my SIM card is broken!
Not physically, mentally! Basically tomorrow, I will try to get the soul of my SIM card, transferred to another body. :P

Anyways, back to business.
What I learned from yesterday's episode:

1) Touch below my nose
When somebody talks to you and he/she states something, then touches below his nose (or while telling it), as if he/she is wiping mucus off below his/her nose, he or she is lying about the statement or is hiding something. As an example:
2) Talk, talk, talk, WAIT! stop...stop... stop... talk, talk talk
When a person is talking, then you asked him/her a question. After that, he/she stops talking for awhile, then starts talking again, during the time when he/she stops talking, he/she is thinking on a reply. Now he/she can have the choice to lie to you (hoping to see more signs of lies) or can choose to tell you sincerely.

3) High High High Low.... low.... low... High High High
When a person is talking about something, pay attention to his/her tone of voice, if it suddenly goes soft, take note about that. After he/she beats up his/her tone of voice again, you know that while he/she is speaking in a lower tone, he/she is not confident in what he/she is saying.

4) Don't worry, I'll look at my partner
When a person is talking about something, then suddenly he/she looks at his/her partner while talking, he/she and his/her partner have already planned the story up to tell you.

5) Becoming somebody else
When a person tries to act as somebody else, everything that he/she does will look like a lie or will show a lot of signs of lying.

6) Touch my hair~~~
When somebody touches he/her hair while talking to you, the statement that he/she is talking about is a fake! He/she is lying!

7) Look! It's a spot!
When somebody looks at a spot or something, as in ALWAYS look at it, he/she is concerned over what he/she is staring at.

8) Tilt while talking
When a person tilts while talking, there is some information that he/she is keeping away from you. He/she knows that if the information goes to public, his/her position will not be good. As and example:

9) Point your lips - regret
When somebody talks about something, then suddenly, both upper and lower lips sticks out of his/her mouth, he/she is expressing regret.

10) Shake head- doubt
When you tell a person about something, and then he/she starts shaking his/her head, he/she have doubts in what you have just said/suggested.

11) Stare at you - Frustration
When you are talking to a person (most of the time, interrogation), then that person stares at you. His/her forehead tilts to you and his/her eyes look at you with a sharp stare, he or she is frustrated. Example:

There are lots of things that I can learn from Lie To Me.
You should watch it too :D

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, October 9, 2009

I knew they will do this!! (South Park Season 13 - 08 )

I watched South Park today (Yay!! South Park is back with the next half of the season!)
And they featured Michael Jackson! Again!
When Michael Jackson died, my bro and I knew that South Park is going to rip on him again!
And you know what?
They did!!

With so many celebrities dying over the past few months, why wouldn't they rip on Michael Jackson again? Haha!
Eitherway, it was really funny!

Ike was possessed by Michael Jackson and he sang, walked, talked and all that just like him!
They took some old voices from Michael Jackson's previous appearance in another South Park episode, "The Jeffersons".

Some notable characteristic returns of Michael Jackson:
1) Loves climbing trees
2) Loves to be a child
3) His voice
4) His dance and his "Cher-che-pid-ter-tap! Oww!!"
5) Loves to play
6) Loves saying "No~ you're being ignorant~"

Some new characteristics introduced into the Michael Jackson character:
1) Loves being white
2) Loves being a girl
3) An altered version of "You Are Not Alone" into "I'm Just a Lil Girl" with the exact same music

Then they had these guys from the "Ghost Hunters" show.
And they were really funny too!
Any occurence that is considered normal by most of us are considered "super-natural" by them! Like when they got too scared, they started pissing in their pants and they called that "Super Natural" occurence too! Haha!! Then this guy shit his pants for being too scared, and THAT is also considered super natural!

What a way to rip people off!
Nice one!

Overall, it's a pretty funny episode with a slightly more major for Eric Cartman but the character with the most dialogues is Kyle, 2nd in line is Michael Jackson :P

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Kaspersky ad is Lousy!!

Above is the new ad created by Kaspersky.
I saw it on television (not this version, it's much shorter and more stupid) and I was like, "Dude... why must I buy Kaspersky?"

So the question remains, "Why must I buy Kaspersky?", "What makes it different from any other antiviruses?". Because these simple questions are not answered in the commercial!
What the hell?

I realised that Kaspersky is promoting itself alot now, most probably because lots of people are using AVG, Norton, Anti Spyware, Crawler, Spybot, and Kaspersky is just losing it's popularity. I heard it on the radio and I found out that the radio ad also did not answer my question or solve my problem.

If Kaspersky can scan the entire computer in 1 minute, then dude! That is a bloody good antivirus software because now we don't have to wait long to ensure that our computer is safe! But what the hell? Nothing like that! No special quality at all!

Just answer the bloody question: "What makes you special that grabs my attention?"
Or "What do you have to offer to solve my problem with other antiviruses?"

Fixing something that is broken is always very effective in relaunching a very potential product. People got sick of Red Ring of Death from the XBox 360 and they loss some of their market share to PS3. XBox 360 is a damn good console and Microsoft realised that, so they tried to patch it up by doing repairs for RROD and relaunch XBox 360 again (new ones) without the RROD problem. I am not saying that they regained their market share back because PS3 is also another damn good console, but it's just an example of fixing something that is broken.

So to Mr. Kaspersky as what the commercial said, the advertising agency that did this advertisement for you... is freaking eating your money. And by hiring Jackie Chan to be in the ad? THAT is bloody expensive! and actually quite noobish.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jackie Chan. I grew up watching his movies. Besides... he is a "Jack" like Michael Jackson! It's just that I don't know if this ad was created by Kaspersky themselves or an advertising agency.

If it is by Kaspersky, then my message is this:
"Dude... for the love of god, please consult your marketing director or something then work something out"

If it is by an advertising agency, then my message is this:
"What the heck, dudes? It's not such a good ad for an over-a-minute commercial. You guys better brush up. Even guys like me can come up with better ideas than this!"

To Jackie Chan:
"Awesome, dude! Cool to be a star like you! Becoming the cover dude in their commercials must have also boost your reputation and your pocket!"

In summary, lousy ad...

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lie To Me 103

Hey, dudes!
Awesome weekend, my bro and I played Halo 3: ODST on Co-Op mode and it was awesome!
We've just started Gears of War 2 on Co-Op as well, but time didn't allow us to play far since we are pretty busy with our own things. My bro is pretty busy with his things, I am pretty busy thinking what's next. :P

Watched Lie To Me today at 8.30 p.m. on NTV 7.
It's amazing how much we can learn from a movie if we pay attention.
I've always loved investigation movies, best if it involves a lot of psychology like Criminal Minds and Lie To Me. CSI? Well... it's still great! CSI: Miami is my top choice, eventhough it does not involve a lot of pyschological puzzle, I am just curious about the main question, "Who did it?"

Anyways, somethings that I learned about an hour ago:
1) Raise One Side of the Face
When a person is talking about something or somebody, then suddenly, he or she starts to raise one of his/her cheek, he/she is feeling contempt. By raising the cheek, that side of the mouth will also rise, but NOT as in "happy".

2) The Love Letter
Love letters are always sweet and all that (stereotypically). However, when something important comes up and your lover calls, you will surely tell him/her about it to gain some attention and comfort. If you are not telling them... then you are lying which might just mean that you don't have much feelings for him/her anymore.

3) Holding Breath
When you say something to a person and that person starts to hold his/her breath and his/her lower lips is "eaten" into his/her mouth, he/she is feeling anxiety or stress about what you have just said.

4) The Silent "Don't Touch me!"
When you touch a person (grab on the shoulder, hand, etc.) then he/she grips his/her hands (or hand for one side only), he or she is feeling anger towards you.

5) Angry Motion
When a person is angry in a fight and starts shouting about an issue that caused his/her anger, his/her iris are raised and his/her mouth will shrink very quickly.

6) You can't hide your sadness
When a person's forehead wrinkles, eyes turn smaller, gulp, followed by the widening of his/her mouth, he/she is sad... he/she is expressing sadness that is very visible through the eyes and forehead.
7) Angry Eyebrows
When a person is angry, the gap between his/her eyebrows will wrinkle. This will bring two eyebrows closer together with a wrinkled middle.

8) Smile at the Unfortunate
When a person has a small smile after a statement, eventhough it is a very very negative statement, he/she is still happy about it, but he/she tries to conceal it as to appear the way everyone expects him/her to appear.

Those are the 8 things that I learned from today's episode on Lie To Me.
Love it!

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, October 3, 2009

And THIS is Edible...

My brother was talking about this guy to me the other day.
He said that it is the guy that will take over Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's place in wildlife reality television. This dude's name is

Bear Grylls

Pretty extreme dude who teaches people what to eat when you are desperately hungry and lost in the middle of nowhere.

I didn't believe my bro at first, but he showed me YouTube videos of this guy eating live animals and insects on Discover Channel, I was like, "... dude... that's sick!"
But when you are desperate, I guess we have to be like Bear Grylls. :P

Eating a Giant Larva (plus larvae):

Drinking Elephant Shit:

Drinking his own piss:

If you think that those 3 videos are sick, go check out
Just type "Man vs Wild" in the search engine in YouTube and you will have a bunch of videos of him eating whatever that he comes across to survive. Okay, maybe not since it's his job to show you how to survive in the wild without any food and resources.

Extreme... but if you got'ta do what you got'ta do to survive, then... I guess, you would have to eat insects, raw animals, raw fishes, drink shit juice and your own pee.

- Jackson Teoh