Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

New Moon... The movie that everyone has been waiting for since Twilight (Oops... I mean the movie that every girl on Earth has been waiting for), grossed a sales of half a million so far with a budget of 50 million. Pretty impressive for the directors.

Now, it is back to the most basic question in this movie review today is that how will I rate this movie?

Awesome? Good? Not Bad? Pass? Boring? Lame?

Obviously, the rating for "Lame" is out of the questions because it is not exactly lame.
You can keep up with the story's pace by just asking a few questions about who is that, what is that to a friend who has seen the first Twilight.

I went to watch it yesterday for my friend's birthday, Yi Xian.
Yeap, she is a girl... so what can you expect? New Moon it is!
Zer Ling, another girl friend of mine said that she seen it already, so I suggested her to watch another movie with me because I don't want to watch New Moon! But she was like, "Neh... I don't wan'na get separated from the pack...", so... ah, well... you got lucky this time, New Moon.

So now, since "Lame" is out of the question, how would I rate "New Moon"?

I returned home at around 12.20 a.m. and finished telling my brother the story of New Moon in a minute. I am not going to spoil it for you. Go watch it and you will know... but all I can say is that the story is so simple that Vampires and WereWolves became a decoration to attract girls to watch it over and over and over and over and over again. And when girls go watch it, they will bring a pack or a guy to watch it along... increasing ticket sales by 2 to 3 times! What a strategy!

Okay, now back to the review...
For girls, it might be an "Awesome!" because look at the movie!
They put pumped-up guys in there!
What made girls drool even more is that they made the pumped-up guys... shirtless!
Yeap, shirtless!!
So some of my girl friends became hot because of these guys, yesterday! And then I kept looking at them with the weird eye... :P
And so... girls don't really care about the story, except do not kill the guys or they will kill the Twilight directors!

Now from the guys' perspective...
I, as a guy, rates this movie...


I might be killed by a pack of women WereWolves by tomorrow but I don't care!
The plot is just like a simple love story decorated by Vampires and WereWolves!
The action... not that much... I was expecting more fight between the Vampires and the WereWolves... but... what a disappointment.
Zer Ling even told me not to sleep!
I can't go on blogging about this movie because it might turn into a spoiler then... so if you really want to know why I say that this movie is Boring, go watch it, increase their ticket sales and get bored in the cinema!

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, November 9, 2009

5 types of Annoying People

1) When people don't reply you even after you send them multiple e-mails

This happens to me a lot of times. People do not reply you even after you send them multiple mails, waited over a week and stuff while they can update their Facebook status but not even replying a single word to you.

Especially when you are awaiting a very important answer from that person!
Do come clear with people if you do not agree with that person. instead of running away and leave that person wondering if you will ever give him/her an answer.

2) When people think that they are being smart by saying stupid things

I was in QueensBay Mall yesterday and I went to interview a few people. I just found out that Malaysians do not speak English and they can't even say anything more than "Money talk" (like stating how much is this, you wan'na use credit card etc.). Anything more than "Money talk", they will be like, "Har? Erm..." *Calls a friend* and stares at you.

That is not annoying, just a little disappointed with Malaysians because they can't speak the international language. The annoying ones are those people who try to act smart but they give you stupid answers.

Yesterday, I was talking to this guy and I asked him, "What was the first thing that you buy with your own savings and how did you feel after you got it?" and that guy looked at me and said, "Oh, I don't save one". He is around late 20's and working by the way. Then I looked at him weirdly and he said, "My FATHER saves money for me". Even weirder look! And then he thought that he gave a very cool answer, so he showed his stance of arrogance + masking smile (Chin up, eyes looking down at you, with side lips up). I just realised that that guy is one of the stupidest people I have ever interviewed! And he is proud that he gave me a dumb answer. Interesting!

3) When motorcyclists ride in the middle of the road like a car

Okay, this is really annoying. Motorcycles are suppose to ride on the left side of the road and these people kept riding in the middle of the road. What's worse is that these motorcyclists ride REALLY slowly to be careful. Now there is a difference between being careful on the road and being careful of yourself.

No doubt he/she is being careful on the road, but if a driver gets really pissed off at you for riding so slowly in the middle of the road, he can just give you a small bump to the back and you will skid and fall.

4) When turning drivers don't use signal lights

Let me ask you a question: How the hell are we going to know if you are turning to the right or left or changing to the right or left lane if you don't tell us!?!??!?!
These drivers are seriously annoying.

I get these stuffs of the road all the time. The driver just turns into your lane without signalling first and you go like, "Woah! Fuck!". And what's worse is that if you almost knock their car, they honk at you and stare at you once you over-take their car. If you want to add a little bit of flame into their heads, just laugh at them while they are staring at you then drive off! But I don't do that :P I just let it pass as that driver is not worth my time.

5) When people tell you, "Okay, okay, I'll confirm with you tonight" but never answers you till you call them the next day

Not good for business.
Prompt replies are needed for a reason.
We need to prepare something for you and it it for YOU. Not for me, but for YOU.
So if you have anything that you need to answer to a person, please reply him/her immediately or within the promised time!

I learned it the hard way during BarCamp Penang where I got lectured by my brother. If that is the only way Malaysians will learn, then... we are always a third-world country with people of slow response!

Of course there are many more super annoying people, but let's keep at that for now.

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are We Sad when Somebody Dies? (A Case Study)

About 2 months ago, the manga artist of Crayon Shin Chan, Yoshita Usui died.
People started wondering if Crayon Shin Chan will end with his death and the decision will be made on the 16th of October 2009.

Me: I was worried sick! If Crayon Shin Chan is no more, then we would lose one of the funniest cartoons in history!

Time went on and the day of the announcement passed.

Me: I forgot what was I doing on the 16th of October, but I must be busy with my tournament and also The Adliers.

Time passed again till today.

Me: Checked the net and found out that Crayon Shin Chan will continue. I was so happy...

And then something hit me.
Was I sad that a human being died or was I sad that the product of this human being is going to end?

It turns out that I was more worried of Crayon Shin Chan than the manga artist!
This must be through my selfishness of getting a weekly laugh from the anime series...

A little weird but when you look at it... it does make sense...
When a person dies, we can't come in contact with that person anymore, thus we are very sad.
So why are we sad?
It's because of our own selfishness of wanting to come in contact with that person!

Isn't that weird?

The reason of sadness in human beings after the death of somebody...
We don't love that person, but we love what he/she can do for us!

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This IS It!

I went to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It yesterday with my mom since it has been quite awhile since she watched a movie. I think her last was... Godzilla :P

Anyways, the movie was awesome!!!
Eventhough it is just at prototype stage where Michael Jackson is organizing everything and determining how the show will go, that concert was great!
If everything came about, the show will blow the brains off other artists!
Sadly, it didn't happen...

Eitherway, the movie is great!
And to all those people who think that THAT is not Michael Jackson, screw you! He looks like Michael Jackson to me. And you can clearly see his lack of energy. His new version of Smooth Criminal did not have as much energy as before and he didn't do the 45 degrees stand. But eitherway, the movie sequence and the song for Smooth Criminal is cool!

Thriller is still as good as always for some reason :P

When you watch the movie, you can feel as if you are there with Michael and it just makes you feel attached to him.

To all those fans who said that Michael wouldn't want this film to be released because he is a perfectionist, screw you too because Michael would have wanted this film to be published to fulfill his wishes to perform for 1 last time in front of his fans which he is unable to do. So this film has made his wish come true.

Sadly... he is no longer here but he will always be inside the DVDs, CDs and mp3s that we have.

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lie To Me 105

Hey, dudes!
Today I'll be updating about Lie To Me 105 :D

1) Chest and Chin up with a smile
When somebody's chest and chin are up and then they smile, they are arrogant of their position. Let's just say that you are talking to an executive and when you ask, "So I heard that you were awarded 'Executive of the Year' award last year" and then the executive boosts his chest up and chin up with a smile, he is arrogant.

2) Smile - Shake - Wait - No
When somebody smiles, shakes his head then wait for awhile and then respond to your question with a "No", it's actually a "Yes". The smile is actually a way to hide his intentions, the shaking of the head is just to convince you that he thinks that you are stupid and when he waits, he is waiting for his conscious mind to take control of the brain to say "No".

3) Look away and use general statement
When you ask somebody something and he looks away and gives you a general statement, he is trying to evade your question. By stating a general statement, it is safe because it is neutral and does not affect him/her. As an example, your make up for Halloween sucks, but you asked somebody how you look anyways. If he/she looks away and uses a general statement like, "Everybody has his/her own opinion", he/she is trying to evade the real answer.

4) Sides of the Lips go Up
When the sides of the lips go up, it is a masking smile. It's sort of... fake or he has an intention that he is hiding. That is to "Mask" his intentions.

5) Short breath and woozy
When a statement is said and somebody take short breaths and seems a little bit woozy, he or she is grossed out of the statement. Like when you state about a corpse being eaten by cockroaches and somebody takes a short breathe and looks a little woozy, he or she is grossed out of your statement.

6) Doing - Happens - Slowdown
When you are doing something while on an investigation of a target, and the target approaches you, and then you slow down on your work, you are seriously trying to hard to be "undetectable" by the target. Being focused is one thing, but being too focused can be easily detected.

7) Nostrils expand and quick intake of breath
When somebody's nostrils expand and takes in air very quickly, he/she is in a state of panic. This usually happens before exams when you are entering the exam hall unprepared for it. You start to panic and you take in air very quickly causing your nostrils to expand.

8) Shake head and look down
When somebody shakes his head and looks down, he is denying your statement but at the same time he is ashamed that he is a suspect. Just a tip: psychopaths don't show shame because they enjoy what they do (whatever that may be)

9) Being hasty due to bad memories
When somebody is being hasty to complete something and say something quickly while emphasizing it angrily, he has experienced the pain of failing to complete a task and he will not want that to happen again. It's just like when somebody says, "Have you COMPLETED the assignment?", he emphasized "Completed" because he knows what happens when he does not complete the assignment.

10) Look down, look down, look up
Let's say that you made 3 statements. The first statement, the target looks down. The second statement, the target looks down. For the third statement, the target suddenly looks up at you. Your last statement is a statement that he knows about and it is the truth. He is just shocked that you knew about the third statement.

11) Skin temperature rises
When somebody's skin temperature rises, one of the possibility for the skin temperature to rise is because he/she is sexually aroused by something that is said, seen or heard.

12) Heart rate increases
When somebody's beating heart rate increases after you make a statement, he or she is shocked by the statement.

13) Confidence and Defense
Usually for a normal human being, when their confidence level is skyrocketing to the top, their defenses will get lower and lower and lower. To most of us, it is termed as "Over-confidence" that is when he/she is very vulnerable to ambush attacks which will destroy his/her quest.

14) Anger + Adulation
When somebody is seen to experience anger but at the same time, adulation, which is excessive admiration, he or she is faking his/her anger based on the situation to hide his/her true intentions.

15) Look down after chin up
When somebody has his chin up, he or she is arrogant but while his/her chin is up and then he/she looks down, he or she has faint anger towards the position that made him/her arrogant. It's just like when an executive has his chin up because he/she is high and mighty but looks down because he/she is not happy with his/her life, that is faint anger for his/her position as an executive.

- Jackson Teoh