Sunday, December 27, 2009

Late Merry Christmas!

I know it is pretty late but cut me some slack!
I created the banner to wish you Merry Christmas even before Christmas!

I have been tagging people on Facebook to wish them Merry Christmas. Can't tag too many of my friends because my family members whom I wished would not like a flooded inbox, so my apologies to those that I did not tag. It's still a Merry Christmas to you!
And I can't tag over 400+ friends of mine! That'll make me crazy!!

The day before Christmas, thought of going to Gurney Plaza, the place where Christmas parties go wild, but after reading the newspaper on the next day, thank god I didn't go. There were like... people fighting with the cops to obtain rights to spray white foam on cars that are passing by. Those people were eventually arrested :P

Serves them right!
I wouldn't want to drive blindly on the road with many people on it.
Somebody might just get knocked down and killed!

It might look fun to those people, but if somebody gets killed for what they did, will it be funny then?

Christmas came and I just sat at home like any other days. Going online, filling up application forms and answering essays to be qualified and checking out Facebook. I go on to Facebook everyday but I hardly do anything there. Just checking out photos of friends and status worth talking about.

Oh, yeah.
And I designed that picture at the top.
On the right, you have me! I Photoshopped my face on to Frosty and called myself Jack Frost. The name of the character from Shin Megami Tensei series. But considering that my name is Jackson, you have:
Jackson + Frost = Jack Frost!

And that is my bro as Santa Clause, he called himself... Santa Michael!
Michael + Santa Clause = Santa Michael!

More Lie To Me coming up very soon!
And again... Merry Christmas!

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lie to Me 107

Back for more Lie To Me, the tutorial to detect everyday lies that we never realised.
Also known as "Micro-Expression", very small and very fast expressions.

1) Step backwards after talking - Doesn't believe in what he/she says
If somebody steps backwards after saying something, he or she does not really believe what he or she said. As an example, a politician talks and talks and talks about what he is going to do if he is elected as president, then after the speech, he stepped back, as in reversing (if he is a car), this means that he is unsure if he can do what he promised to the people if he becomes president.

2) Hurried speech + Object between you and him/her - Signs of nervousness
If a person is talking very quickly and wants to go away from you, he is trying to tell you that he is very nervous and wants to get away from you ASAP. When talking to you, if he puts an object between you and him, he is also nervous while talking to you. He is creating a barrier to make himself feel more comfortable. Let's say you are talking to basketball player. He is holding a ball. The ball is on his left hand. While talking, suddenly, he raised the ball to his chest, creating a "barrier" between you and him. The ball is the barrier. He is nervous.

3) Eyebrows rise up + Eyes bigger + open mouth a little bit with jaws down
This is a facial expression for surprise. If a person is surprise, his eyebrows will rise, eyes will open bigger and he will have an open mouth. BUT sometimes, it is only in the eyes if he wants to hide his surprised face.

4) Mouth strokes (Wide then return to normal) - No confidence in his/her own words
When a person is talking, if suddenly his or her mouth turns wider then back to normal (very micro expression, only for a split second), he or she has no confidence in what he or she just said. Oh, yeah... they don't open their mouth. Your mouth will look like you gulped.

5) One side of the mouth is raised - Thinking a person is stupid
When somebody does something stupid but obvious, if you raised one side of your mouth, you are thinking that he or she is stupid for doing that. It's like a soft laugh, usually for only split second since you don't what he/she to know that you were thinking that he/she is stupid.

6) Touch neck - Lie
When a person touches his/her neck while talking, he/she is lying.

7) Hand waved over the side of his/her head - Lie
When a person suddenly waves his/her hand over the side of his or her face while talking, he or she is lying.

8) Arsonist ---> Rapist
Usually, arsonists will more likely be rapists. Why?
Because an arsonist wants to display power by burning down a victims house. Raping is also part of displaying power by having power of the victim. Thus, if you are an arsonist or if you know a friend who is an arsonist, be careful... he might just start raping.

9) Chin thrust - Anger
When a person is talking or doing something, if suddenly his/her chin thrusts forward, he/she is displaying anger towards what was said, head, done, etc.

10) Top part of mouth pulls up + wrinkle between the eyes + show teeth - Disgust
If a persons top part of his/her mouth is pulled up, forming like a sad mouth, there is wrinkle between the eyes and he/she is showing his/her teeth, he/she is disgusted. It's like showing off angry animal instincts.

11) Talking... talking... move hand! - Lie
If a person is talking without any hand movements, then suddenly, he/she moves his/her hand, he/she is lying about what he/she said right before the hand movement was made.

12) Eyebrows go up and pulled together - Fear
If a persons eyebrows are pulled up and pulled closer together, he/she is expressing fear. This is a micro expression. If it is a macro expression, the eyes will be bigger.

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lie to Me 106

Just got off from watching the first episode of Lie To Me!
Hey, I started watching it on television about the last quarter of the series, so going back in time to watch the first episode is really cool because it's like a new episode to me!
Anyways, there are a lot of things that you can learn through this show, but some of them are already shared on my blog, so if there are repetitions, then... my apologies :P

1) Breaking Eye Contact VS Aiming Eye Contact
Breaking eye contact is like when a person looks away from you to think, while aiming eye contact is like when a person stares at you and gives you his/her answer.

People always believe that people who breaks eye contact are in fact, lying. But the real fact is that people break eye contact because they need to recall or remember something. Looking at you straight would only build nervousness when recalling, so the facts will not be 100% accurate.

While Aiming Eye Contact means that they are lying!
What a contradiction to what people usually think!
When a person keeps looking at you and answers you without looking away to think, he is lying but tries to convince you with the eyes because he/she knows the myth of "looking straight in the eye means the truth".

2) Expression of Sadness - Eyebrows
Expression of Sadness can be found in the eyebrows. When a persons tip of eye brows which connects the eyes moves upwards, he/she is expressing sadness. Like... intense sadness. Remind yourself of something sad and take notice of your eyebrows, the tip of the eyebrows which connects both eyebrows together in a very small "u" will move up!

3) Rubs nose - something to hide
That's true. If you are talking, don't EVER rub your nose. Or else, people who can read other people will know that you are hiding something. An example is during the Saddam Hussein court case, he rubbed his nose, signalling the United States that he is hiding something.

4) Breathe Hard - Emotional
When a person starts breathing hard with his or her mouth open, he or she is currently very emotional about something.

5) Slight nod + a "no"
A slight nod, followed with a "no" means "yes". Our body reacts quicker than our mind due to the reflexes that our body have, thus if a person nods his or her head but says "no", he or she was actually saying "yes"

6) One hand in the pocket
When a person has one of his/her hand in the pocket, he or she is feeling nervous about something. It's like when you are talking to someone about something very important that might involve that person, that person starts putting his hand into his pocket to try to hide his/her nervousness.

7) Sleeve Up - Anger
If a person wears a long sleeve, if he/she pulls his/her sleeves up after a statement is said, this signals anger towards that statement. Why? Okay, when you want to fight, you don't fight with long sleeves, you will fold them up, THAT is why!

8) No Reference to Name, Only "That Person"
When somebody is talking, he or she refers a person with a name the first time, but suddenly, kept saying "this person", "that woman", that man", he or she is hiding something about that person but is affraid of being found out telling a lie, so he or she refers to the targeted person as "the person" to make himself or herself believe to be another person.

9) Hard to tell stories backwards - Lying
It is hard for a liar to tell a story/daily occurences backwards because there are no actual memories of these occurences. They are made up. So if you want to test if somebody is telling the truth, call them to tell it to you backwards.

10) Dilated Pupil - Sexual Arousal
This requires a lot of magnifying. If a person has dilated pupil while you are telling him/her about a person, he or she is sexually aroused by the thought of that person.

11) Arms straighten out with vertical hands (like saying "Stop" with your hand)
It means "Stop!". But the trick is that your arm doesn't have to be horizontal like you are calling a person to stop his or her car, it can be vertical with your arm next to your body, it also means "Stop!" or more specifically, "Stop what you are doing but I don't want to tell you to stop".

12) Cold Hands - Intense Fear
When you shake somebody's hand before talking and after talking to him or her, try sensing the change in temperature. If a person is scared, the first thing that will react is their skin temperature at their palms. If it is cold, he or she is having INTENSE fear!

13) Eyebrows go Up - Knows the Answer
When you ask a person a question, he or she answers that he or she does not know but his or her eyebrows go up, he or she knows the answer but is lying to you by acting dumb. If he or she is successful, look out for the slight upward movement along the tips of the mouth which signals happiness. It might just be for a split second, so pay attention!

14) Touch eyebrows while talking - Lie
When a person touches one of his or her eyebrows while talking, he or she is lying about what he or she is saying.

There are loads more actually.
Through just one episode, you can get like over 20 tips to look out for to detect liars.

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ip Man (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

"Wing Chun, Yip Man"
I finally got to watch Ip Man yesterday. Due to the lousy subtitles, I had to wait for a freaking long time just to watch Ip Man. English movies... ok, subtitles are not really relevant unless you don't understand English or if your English is not as fast as the U.Ss. But since I hardly know any Mandarin or Cantonese, subtitles is always a "Must" for me to watch a Chinese movie. I am a Chinese but my Mandarin sucks!

I didn't really know who Ip Man was till my bro pronounced his name as Yip Man, the master of Bruce Lee who taught him Ving Tsun/Wing Chun. I knew about Yip Man's existence since the Bruce Lee's tv series, "The Legend of Bruce Lee", directed by his daughter, Shannon Lee. Yip Man was pretty old in the series and died after the third quarter of the series. But due to the spelling of his name, I couldn't recall.

The story is based on a part of Yip Man's life before and during the Japanese Occupation where Japanese took control of China (Okay, in the movie, a part of China) and Ip Man has to fight against bandits, Japanese Imperial soldiers and other Kung Fu masters for pride and survival. However, the story is totally dramatized and they can seriously make you feel the anger of Ip Man towards the Japanese Imperial Army, resulting in the paralysis and death of the 10 Japanese karate dudes that Ip Man fought at once. He was hardly scratched!

Basically, for a fan of Bruce Lee like myself :P, Ip Man is a MUST watch. But even if you are not a Bruce Lee fan, this is definitely an awesome movie for Kung Fu-lovers, people who love stories of World War 2 in China, and if you think "Fearless" is a good movie, wait till you watch Ip Man!

From what I have read, Ip Man 2, which is premiering next year will feature a young Bruce Lee. Like... SERIOUSLY young. Or else they would have picked the actor from The Legend of Bruce Lee to act as him. The director, Yip (coincidently) promises a better movie next year even though I thought that this movie is pretty damn good. Let's just hope that this is a better sequel. It has been quite a trend these days to make a lousy sequel like Transformers 2, but I hope for the best. It's hard to find an awesome Chinese movie like this which is not based on super powers but pure martial art.

Oh, yeah.
I got hooked up with one of the soundtracks in the Ip Man OST.
The main theme is awesome!
Very Chinese, dramatic and it is a perfect fit for Ip Man!

This movie gets a rating of "Awesome"!

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Real Malaysian Police Story 17/12/09


A man detained on suspicion of sexual harassment was tortured and beaten despite the Police being aware that a false report was lodged against him.

S Isaikumar lodged a report at the Seremban police headquarters. He was accompanied by his lawyer N Surendran.

Just did this for fun.
This is how I depict the situation using Kamen Rider! :P

So that is the depiction of the situation!
Hope you enjoyed it :P

- Jackson Teoh

Heroes Over Europe (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

I recently bought this game from a local store.
It's on the XBox 360 and I thought "Hey! Might as well try out something new: Flight Game".
I was pretty excited since this is my first flight game and I just hope that my XBox 360 can read it without having the usual "Region Code" error which is very very stupid.

I started playing it for a few hours, obtaining scorepoints for my overall XBox 360 score and I can say that this game...

Totally SUCKS!
This game sucks BIG TIME!
It is not awesome, good, not bad, pass or boring.

When I first saw it, the brand "Ubisoft" (Those who developed Assasin's Creed 1 and 2) was on the cover, so I thought, "Hey! I trust these guys can make a good game" but to my disappointment, that game was trash!
Worst game I have ever played for the whole year!
Actually worst game I have ever played since I got the XBox 360 last year!

I stopped for a few hours, playing Left 4 Dead 2 and watching television and also trying out Tekken 6, but can't progress at all since my bro is not back in Penang yet.
And then I thought again, "Hey... you know what... let's give this game a chance... maybe early missions might suck, but later missions with better planes will turn this whole game around"
Did it?

Let's go into the details:
Graphics: Not Bad
The graphics are... not bad... for a game developed by Ubisoft.
Planes look realistic, but the cities are quite repetitive. When you go to London to fend off the Nazis, there are landmarks like... the London Bridge, the London Clock Tower and such, but the houses are... the same over and over and over and over again. The arrangements made the difference but with all those bullets going into your plane and you trying to manuever around all the time, there is not exactly any time for sight-seeing.

Story: Boring
The story is very simple, Nazis come to attack important places, you go there to fight them off. Then the pilots will start talking about their hometown in the middle of a battle. That is so "Cool". "They don't have this shit back in Canada" or "Hey! We should get a bear some times!" or "I hope I survive this day" and stuffs like that.

Well, saying "I hope that I survive this day" makes a whole lot of sense since your plane may crash any time. But asking if you guys want a beer in the middle of a fight? Er... if it is for comedy's sake... then it's LAME!

So yeah... the story takes place during World War 2 and you have to go around shooting down Nazi planes. That's about it! "Sweet"!

Controls: Not Bad
The controls are pretty easy to fit in (not Master). You will be maneuvering around with your plane in no time. But it does get kinda confusing when you lose your way or when another plane crashes into your plane. Eitherway, there are only a few things you have to know. The most critical part is to take-off and fly, some other things are... how to choose secondary weapons, shoot, fly around and that's it!

The annoying part is when you have to dive down to shoot something very small on the ground with your machine gun and if you get too close to the ground, you will crash and start over. I kept crashing over and over and over again. I think for like... 50 times and finally got it right. What a waste of time!

Gameplay: Lame
The gameplay is indeed... LAME
The idea of shooting down Nazi planes are pretty cool if you are in Modern Warfare or Medal of Honor, but shooting down Nazi planes over and over and over again, using the same techniques over and over and over again, makes it very very boring.

It's always the same, "Nazis K-101 approaching, go there and intercept them!" and you have to go there and kill them off. After about 5 minutes, "Nazis Flying Bombers approaching, we have to protect the London Tower, go there and intercept them!" and there you go again. Repeat this for about 5 to 8 times and you finish the mission.

Missions are quite annoying at times.
Some of the engines in the game are not very... realistic.

Take this as an instance:

I have to pilot "The Swordfish", one of the lousiest planes in the game but with the ability to sink boats with the torpedo. Now, I have to search for the Nazi vessel (not a problem) and after that sink it down to Davy Jones.

Vessel: Found
Sink it!: Problem...

It's not that I can't sink it, the game doesn't let me!
You know how in Pearl Harbor where the Japanese planes would fire onto the ship and make it explode and sink? That doesn't happen here.
I fired my machine guns at it and it is still in one piece, not even a scratch!
I fire my missiles at it (total of 8) and it is still in one piece, now THAT is realistic!
The only way to sink it is to use the torpedo, now that is not very flexible.

I got so pissed, I turned it off and decided to exchange it with a different game.

Overall: BIG LAME!
Overall, this game is LAME!
Must be avoided at all cost!
Never get it for Christmas, Never ask for it for Christmas because this is one game that even Santa Clause will puke.
The whole thing is not fun, in fact, you will get very pissed at some realism issues.
A ship can be sunk with repitive fire from an aeroplane machine gun! Or if not, it can be sunk with 8 missiles!

Avoid this game at all cost.
I might even stick posters on streets to warn them about the arrival of this game.

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Four Approaches that keeps Mass Marketing Alive

I am currently reading a book about asking for permission before you can sell to somebody. Basically this book tells you the differences between "Interruption Marketing" and "Permission Marketing" where one marketing/advertising technique is that you interrupt the audience with a sales pitch while the other... you ask for their permission first before you actually sell it to them.

We get annoyed when ads appear, as an adman myself, I am pretty aware of that, considering the fact that I am still human. :P

I am going to share with you about the Four Approaches that these advertisers and marketers use to hopefully keep their marketing alive. Basically, these are the four approaches that people ALWAYS use these days to market their product to reach out to A LOT OF PEOPLE.

1) Odd-Place Advertising
This is when the usual advertising space like magazines, televisions, online advertisements and so on are featuring multiple brands. Imagine a webpage with 4 to 5 ads per page. That is a lot of ads! Companies started realising that they hardly get any attention through this, so they decided to "Put where others won't put".

This is when they start featuring ads on the floor, on sliding doors, on the urinal, on the toilet door, on parking meters, etc.. They start advertising where others won't. When others see the effectiveness, others will follow. Changing it from "Put where others won't put" to "Everybody puts it there now". So companies would have to change AGAIN!

This is how advertisements are still alive. By advertising at Odd Places.

2) Controversial Advertising
In order to be "Out of the Pack", advertisers always look for a way to grab attention. Which leads to controversial advertising. They look for ways to make their advertisements very weird and hopefully grab some attention.

Some marketers agree that Sex grabs attention but not necessarily Sell the product to the person which they grab. Looking at this as an opportunity, advertisers and marketers use Sex Appeal to grab some attention. They hope to interrupt people with sex but the real thing is not selling sex, it's selling their water-cooler or something which doesn't make any sense at all.

An example stated in the book is a Nike print advertisement where they have a girl sitting on a toilet bowl. The camera focuses to her legs showing that she is wearing Nike shoes.

Er... what?
Haha! It might grab attention but I won't buy the shoes.
But that is what kept Mass Advertising alive.

3) Changing taglines
In every advertising/marketing campaign, there is always a catchy tagline.
Like the DiGi campaign with the Yellow Coverage Guy (YCG) had the tagline, "I will Follow You". And in order to make it look diversified, they change it to something else this year. I forgot what is it for 2009 but what I know is that the YCG campaign is one of the most successful campaigns in Malaysian marketing/advertising history. People started recognizing DiGi through YCG. Heck, I even imagined a YCG by my side where ever I go. :P

An international example is Apple.
They change their tagline every year. I don't really remember but that is what they wrote in the book.

They hope that they can grab some attention with this approach and hopefully, make a sale.

4) Direct Mail Advertising
When they want to get a little more personal, they turn to Direct Mail Advertising. This is when you get a bunch of newsletters, papers and others in your mail box. They hope that they can interrupt your day by giving you a catalog that tells you what they are doing now (which most of the ads that we don't care). But so far it grabs more attention than Mass Advertising.

This does not mean that it sells a lot, it just sell a little bit more than mass marketing/advertising.

The 4 approaches above are... well, a way to keep advertising alive and also interrupt our lives while we are walking, watching television, talking, taking a crap, taking a piss, walking through a door, opening our mailbox, etc.

Not to say that they are not effective, they do bring some sales, just NOT a lot.
Mass Marketing is like... throwing a rock into a crowd of people hoping to hit somebody's head. You might hit a head or two, but that's not a lot.

So those are the 4 ways to keep Mass Marketing/Advertising alive. It is what makes advertising more creative to grab attention, making it alive.

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, December 11, 2009

Your Opinion: Streamyx the Slowmyx

Streamyx is a Malaysian company that provides Malaysians with Internet.
As a lot of you might know, the Internet is bloody addictive, it's like a drug and if you can't go online, you are going to fall sick!

The Streamyx line is not that stable, I can't go online for a lot of days in a month due to "Station Problem" as what they say ALL THE TIME! But from what I've heard, it's more stable than WiMax, eventhough some Techies might not agree...

Alot of people, especially those people in the line of computer technology, also known as "Techies" came up with the term "Slowmyx". This term came up after several telecommunication companies in Malaysia like DiGi, Maxis and Celcom came up with their own broadband services. And surprisingly, they are faster than Streamyx and cheaper too! So the term, "Slowmyx" was born...
This is a fan-made logo by some Malay blogger and I just have to take it!
Look at the lil' tortoises!
I do get pretty pissed when I can't go online because come on... I need to check my e-mails and a lot of my friends message me through the Facebook wall, which I can't see and MSN Messenger which I can't log on after the Streamyx station "Breaks Down".

Their customer service people are nice enough to go through the steps with you and help you out. If the station breaks down once of twice in half a year, that's okay, but this... they keep breaking down every 2 weeks! Which is pretty annoying...

So that is Thumbs Up for the customer service people (I think they are better than the ones at Maxis, I don't know... is it?)
And Thumbs Down for those people at the Streamyx Station... You can't keep the connection going and it pretty much gives us space to switch to DiGi Broadband.

From what my bro said and from what I have seen, DiGi broadband is pretty fast!
At least faster than Slowmyx and we can get it at a lower price!
I usually go online on my laptop and my desktop, if I switch to DiGi, I can only go online on one computer... but... that sounds relevant :P
Why do I need so many computers?

DiGi Broadband or Streamyx (a.k.a Slowmyx)?

- Jackson Teoh

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Nothing is real until you think it is real.
This is a post about faith.

Faith can be to anything, anyone, you have faith when you believe that this thing or this person is somewhat important to you.

This came to me after Sabrina asked, "Can I touch your Goddess of Mercy statue?" (The statue is in my car, a small one) I said, "Yeah! Why not?".
It is just a static object if you do not think that this object is actually the Goddess of Mercy!
What is wrong about touching a miniature object that represents God? Nothing!

This is faith!
Maybe by touching the statue, you get to have a closer look at God and actually have faith in Him. So what's wrong?

Like the giant statue of Jesus.
This statue holds no meaning to those who do not have faith in Him, but to Christians... this statue is like... holy, because they put faith in the statue, believing that Jesus is watching over them.

I believe in Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and all the other messengers of God.
And if believing one messenger but not the other sends me to hell, that doesn't really make any sense!

Eitherway, they are messengers sent from God, aren't they?

Like what South Park portrayed all these prophets and deities, they are in a league called, "The Super Best Friends"This episode shows very high tolerance between the prophets and so must their believers!
So why fight over what religion you should be in?
If believing in your own religion doesn't bring you any harm, then... why not?
No religion is the correct religion.
You can be whichever you want, just be sure that it makes you a better person.

- Jackson Teoh

Statistics (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

Took Statistics Exam today!

The course is easy, but this exam is just ridiculously hard!
Okay, maybe not "Ridiculously" but it is considerably hard...

Not that I suck in Stats or something.
I am pretty good at it.
There is only one problem...

Out of so many formulas, only 3 formulas were given!

+ The Normal Table that we have been using all this time is not given to us! In fact, they gave us another Normal Table, but with different interpretation of the graph! The usual Normal Table that we us is... they represent the probability value of 1, which is the whole graph. But now, they gave us the probability value of 0.5 only! That is HALF of the graph...
I was able to interpret it, but I just feel very sorry to those who couldn't or are not careful.

In the probability = 1 Normal Table:
If Z<0, style="font-weight: bold;">BUT since this is a probability = 0.5 Normal Table:
If Z<0,>
If you are not a Stats student, then you won't understand :P

One of the lame part of stats exam is that they didn't give us some important formulas like the Expected Value formula and a lot of questions on that appeared on the exam paper!

I totally forgot about the Expected Value thing, so I just skipped the whole damn thing!

I rate this paper... er... "Pass" but + a little bit of "Lame"

- Jackson Teoh

Accounts (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

Took Accounts exam on Wednesday.
Forward, forward, forward...

I never really liked Accounting.
I hate the fact that if one number is wrong, the whole accounts will be wrong.
I hate the fact that I have to understand transactions without reading at or looking at them, but rather... analyzing the situation through credit and debit in accounts.
I hate the fact that once a question twists itself, what ever that we have memorized (not understand) will be useless.

But guess what? We still have to TRY to understand what the hell is going on because we need to pass this paper.

I never really understood Accounts and its transactions till a day before exam!
A day before exam, I tried to rationalize everything and connect the Income Statement with everything that we have learned and just found out that everything is simple to remember! Once you have the foundation and understanding what does Income Statement do, how does it differ from the Balance Sheet, you can finally understand the rest of the accounting chapters!


Came to the exam day where I sat at the table with the paper in front of me.
I can say that the only part that was hard was... Depreciation?
I didn't really understand the question, so that part was hard.
The rest are... OK... not to say that I can get full marks, because my Accounts sucks in the first place!

This exam paper gets a "Not Bad"

- Jackson Teoh

MacroEconomics (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

I took the MacroEconomics exam on Monday.
Cut the crap and get to it.

MacroEconomics is a pretty cool subject especially after you understand how things work in the country. Basically, you study about the economy of the country ranging from inflation, recession, etc.. And after you really understand it, it is pretty easy. And it is ONLY "Cool" after you understand it. If you don't... then it is a "Lame"

MacroEconomics was indeed, pretty easy, except the fact that I forgot the New Method for calculating R-GDP.

Lots of people think that it is hard, but once you are given a chance to think about what is going on by your lecturers, it can be pretty easy. You just gotta THINK! THINK! THINK!

Ask question like: What? Why? How? When?
and understand it, you can pretty much ace macro.

I ask questions all the time and I go online to search for them... Google is like... God of searching information. Okay, maybe not God, but more of a... library that doesn't complete itself until somebody talks about it.

If you want to ace Macro, just do one thing, go online and search, read then understand what the hell are these graphs trying to tell you. It is pretty simple once you go through it step-by-step.

So, Macro is an "Awesome"!

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What do I think: The Few Sides of MatchMaking

A lot of countries in the east of the world are still practicing MatchMaking where they bring a guy and a girl together to get to know each other and hopefully get them married. Most old people still practice this and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are somehow "victimized" by this.

Is it bad?

Not really... IF done correctly...

The good part is that if a guy or a girl is too lonely but does not want to look for love, probably a match-making session would help him or her back on the track of looking for love. That's cool, I mean... come on, 2 less lonely people in the world! (I think that's a song :P)

But what really made me go like, "What the heck?" is that when the have a match-making session and the guy and the girl know about the session going on in a specified location and time. My family and I were having dinner chat and they were like, "The girl didn't fall for the guy, what is wrong with her?". In my mind, I was thinking, "What's WRONG? Dude! They were match-made less than a week ago and you are expecting them to fall for each other immediately? Geez..." but of course I kept my mouth shut as to not get involved.

But I did say something about the issue like,

Me: "If you bring a girl home and tell me that she is a nice girl, meet her, get to know her *wink* and stuffs like that, I will be like :O "What?" It would be so awkward! I don't even know her!".

Parents & G'ma: "Hey... a long time ago, match-making works and they will fall in love immediately".

Now, the funny part is not that!
The funny part is that they start by telling the boy and the girl, "We are going to match-make you with a guy/girl. We will bring him/her here to meet you at this time, next week". This might be the old way of match-making where the parents and grandparents sit down and watch these 2 "soon-to-be" couple talk and get to know each other.
BUT it is not really... well... practical.


1. I don't even know her
2. Why must you tell me that you are going to match-make me? This just sets my mindset to start evaluating if she will be my girlfriend IMMEDIATELY without getting to know her more.
3. Should start with, "Hey, this is Audi, my daughter, she likes advertising psychology" rather than the tell-in-advance, "Hey, we are going to match-make you at this time, day and location"
4. Why so rushy? I need time to know her before I actually fall for her!

That method might work in a conservative society like old-eastern, but I don't think it will work now because we have choices and more freedom!

Again, match-making is not bad... just do it properly and NEVER tell me that you are going to match-make me at this time, day and location!

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Assasin's Creed 2 (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

I have just finished playing Assasin's Creed 2 and it is an Awesome game!
Everything is very realistic and it does give you the feeling of being in the time of Rennaissance in Europe. There are historical characters like Niccolo Michiavelli, Pope Alexander VI (main antagonist)... Yes, the Pope is the main antagonist! So fun when you get to bash him up in the end. Just beat up his fat ass!

Enough spoilers for now...
The game is awesome, you get to freely roam around famous places like Florence, Rome, Italy, etc. Just be sure that your level of notority is down as to not alert the guards to attack you.
You can kill innocent people, but by killing them, the game forces you to "Die" and revive at the last checkpoint because Ezio Auditore de Firenze (Protagonist), the assassin, does not kill the innocent.

There is a prequel to the game on which you can watch.
You can't buy it because it is not even on sales anywhere! It is meant to be free for the fans of Assasin's Creed 2 who have been wondering how did the Assassin costume that Ezio is wearing in the game appear to be in the secret room and also how did the Hidden Blade broke (Leonardo Da Vinci will fix it for you at the beginning of the game... yes, there is THE Leonardo Da Vinci).
Search for: Assassin's Creed 2: Lineage

The plot is really political, with many aspects of politics, the Templars, religion, deception, betrayal and so forth. And it will keep you going as you would want to know what will happen in the end. The bad guy losing (he didn't die) in the end, but... you would want to know the events prior to the bad guy (The Pope) losing the Apple of Eden.

Some stuffs are really annoying to find, especially the glyphs to unlock the video called, "The Truth" which shows Adam and Eve stealing The Apple of Eden. (Note: They run like assassins, maybe they are assassins!) (Warning: Adam and Eve are naked... duhh! So if for some reason, you don't wan'na see naken people, then don't watch the video and don't complete the glyphs)

Youtube description: -----SPOILERS BELOW-----

If you beat the game, and did the glyphs, you would understand this video.

But, if you're not going to do that, here's an explanation.

Strictly speaking, it isn't just a video. It's a memory, as recorded by the Animus. This means that Subject 16 must be a descendant of Adam. Not figuratively, but born of Adam's genetic ancestry.

The memory reveals that the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden is true - in a fashion. It would appear that they disobeyed their masters and strove to rebel by stealing a Piece of Eden, an Apple, presumably to give themselves some kind of defense or power to resist. This could have been the first act of defiance that led to the conflict described by Minerva. The "innocence" of humankind was lost when we realized how much of their superiority lay in their technology, and a war between the two species, First Civilization and humans, began.

Subject 16's record also shows that the artifacts, the Staff, the Apple, the Pieces of Eden, were tools that the First Civilization used to wield power over humans. Whether the artifacts were made to control humans, or humans were made to obey artifacts, is another matter. Even so, some are immune to their effects.

Moreover, the Glyph puzzles give hints to the involvement of Pieces of Eden in world history. Famous figures and crucial events may have been shaped by the influence that the technology can exert.

The Awesome thing about Assassin's Creed 2 is that they relate to real events, real people, real society, real places. Unlike Final Fantasy... well... it is all fantasy. But Assassin's Creed 2 really twists history to a more... "Assassin-active" world where Assassins are everywhere and all of them are historical figures.

The game also centres around warning the players about 2012, about the weakening of magnetic field which might as well be the end of the world. The game also suggests that The Templars found "The New World", they are in Vatican as The Pope, and other very influential figures, while the assassins are those that try to tell people the truth but are killed for it... like Niccolo Machiavelli.

The facts in the game are twisted but still in-line with history. They even twist the Adam and Eve story! How cool is that?
Really looking forward to the third one...

In the vault where all the statues of the assassins rest, we have assassins from all around the world, Greece, China, Mongolia, Egypt, etc.
I hope that they will allow us to explore the lives of all those assassins, maybe through the mysterious Subject 16!

This game is a whole lot of fun, go get it!

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mata Pelajaran Wajib 1153: Moral Education (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame)

This is a post dedicated to one of the most awesome subjects in the history of humans: MPW 1153, Moral Education.

Basically, this is a subject where they force you to memorize a bunch of moral concepts and characteristics and assumes that you will practice these moral values...

Well, guess what? You suck...
"You" as in those who think that by memorizing these moral concepts, people will be better people.

Who are the ones that force you to study Moral?
The Ministry of Education of course!
It is not even part of the original course structure. Just that the government had to be there to make the students' lives much harder than ever! Memorizing lame concepts about morality for no apparent reason.

Even some of my lecturers were like, "Har? Moral? Stupid subject la..."

I have just finished this damn paper and glad that everything is over for Moral Education, subject code: MPW 1153.

And after finishing several months memorizing these dumb concepts, I realised that:
1) I have become a more loving person
2) I will never commit anything wrong again
3) I will obey the rules of society and to my ruler
Those are all a load of crap!
We are who we are and we are who we choose to be!
If Moral Education works, why are the policemen still arresting people? Why are ministers still corrupt? Geez...

Basically, they hope that MPW will change those who are considered bad and stuff, but... neh.. memorizing a bunch of stuff won't change anything.

I posted a message on Facebook about how lame Moral Education is and everybody was like, "Agreed"... I was expecting some people to say, "Hey! Moral made me a better person, okay! Haha!! *sarcastic laugh*" but I didn't get that message, unfortunately :P

So, how will I rate Moral Education, MPW 1153 (Mata Pelajaran Wajib)?
It's not an "Awesome", "Good", "Not Bad" or a "Pass"... as there is no reason to study this subject... "Boring"? Erm... a little over-rated (Yes, "Boring" is over-rated for this subject)...
That leaves "LAME"!
That's right!
Moral is "Lame"

- Jackson Teoh

What do I think: Yataimura Noodle (Forgot the name) (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame)

Today is a pretty sad day for me as it is the last day that my CFP friends and I are going to class together. Life goes on anyways and thanks for providing me the best study life so far! You guys are basically the reason why I wake up to go to college anyways :P

I don't usually do food reviews but I just feel that I have to do it!
Well... because I have already taken a picture of the food, so I might as well utilize it!

Okay, so since this is like our last day, we wanted to do something special.
So we spent the whole day taking pictures and eating at Yataimura.
I saw this bowl of noodle which I forgot the name but it is Number 2 on the menu. :P

It looks delicious, bringing the presentation of the food to a 9/10!
The bowl is pretty big and there are tonnes of "side food" besides the noodles to eat. Basically, you can couple the noodle with a few strands of vege or even that shrimp stick that they put on top of the noodle!

The soup is pretty spicy, I ate at Level 1 spiciness (Yes, the Japanese have levels for spiciness)
The higher it is, the spicier it becomes.
I didn't want to spend my entire time sweating and gasping for air through my mouth, so I just told that guy to reduce the spiciness to Level 1. I heard that one of my friends ordered the same dish but at Level 4! Crazy hell! It might just be like hell!

Get your drinks ready.
I ordered a strawberry pearl juice and asked a friend to go get it for me, considering the fact that she wanted one too. Unfortunately... (Yes, I am saying "unfortunately") the food arrived first! I kept staring at it and kept thinking how awesome it will taste but my drink is not here yet, so I just waited.

Finally it is here!
The awesome strawberry pearl juice!
Tried the noodles together with the ingredients, and found that it tastes very good! Awesome! You just can't stop eating till the last drop of soup. BUT beware if you cannot eat spicy food as it is pretty spicy eventhough it is as Level 1. One of my friends who ordered the same dish with Level 1 spiciness was like... constantly gasping for air.

How full can you be?
Very very full!
You wouldn't even want to try the herbs tea that the sales girl give to you while you are walking around the mall.

The price is... well... pretty high for 1 meal but it will last for about 6 hours, so it is pretty much worth it. It is around RM 16.00, not including government tax and service charge, considering both taxes, it should be around RM 18, but not beyond that.

All on all, this is the noodle that you should look out for when you are in Yataimura.
Oh yeah, and don't eat too much of it, no matter what it is, you will eventually get bored of the taste. :P

- Jackson Teoh