Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15/02/2010 (Malaysian Time): The Flight

The flight was crazy! Flew from Penang to KL and I got a headache! Must've been because I have not flown on a plane for years! I don't know what else to feel when I say "Good bye!" to my family, besides wanting to go there and Just Do It!

Arrive in Kl 55 minutes later. Had lunch which cost me RM 21! And that is just like... Chicken rice with a glass of Milo! 21 ringgit for that? What the heck??! That's nuts! I can get both of those for like... RM 6 back in Penang: I waited for 3 hours in the airport for the plane to Taipei. Finally, flying off again at 3.25 p.m. (Malaysian time). KLIA:

Flight to Taipei took about 4 hours and 30 minutes. Watched 2 movies on the plane, one called, "Paranormal Activity" and the other, "The Invention of Lying". Both movies are okay but not a big hit. My bro got to watch Red Cliff while on his way to U.S.. Guess it's my luck. So far... I have been sitting on the plane for 5 hours and 25 minutes not including transits.
Taipei airport:

Got to Taipei and I had a walk around to have a feel of the airport. It's like a long stretch of road with stalls and gated beside it. Not very user-friendly as the floor escalator only goes in one direction! Waited for another 3 hours, reading Permission Marketing, hoping to finish it.
Came across a very nice display or the Lion:
By 11.30 p.m. (Taipei time), I am off to the smuggiest place in the world, San Francisco!

"It's a smuggy day... in San Francisco town!"
-Song from South Park

The flight took about 10 hours!
10 freaking hours! My legs were killing me! I had to sit down and get up just for the toilet.

Arrived in San Francisco and I am getting pretty tired but used to flights. I no longer have a headache and also my ears don't "pop" that much anymore when the plan takes off. Waited in San Francisco for another 3 hours and by 10.35 p.m. (San Francisco time), I am off to Boston!
San Francisco airport:
The Boston trip took about 5 hours. I looked at the night lights from the plane down to San Francisco and it was awesome! Night lights everywhere! I arrived in Boston at about 7.05 a.m. (East America time), got my bag and off to Harvard! All on all, being on the plane amounted to 20 hours and 25 minutes, not including transit time which is another 9 hours.

While I was in San Francisco, you must go through a thorough security check. The line will be very long and the wait is... well.. bearable if yo9u are patient. The officer looks at you, your passport and asks you a bunch of questions like, 'Why are you here?", "Have you been here?", etc.. And then takes your picture and scans both of your thumb prints and hand prints. It is a long wait but you got'ta understand! They have to keep America safe!

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two And A Half Men crossovers with CSI??

Have you seen Two and a half Men? (Above)
It's a tv show that tells about the life of a man, who is like... the "all good" guy, with his son, living with his brother who loves having sex with different women (sometimes settling down with one for awhile). The comedy comes up when his brother and himself have different views and also his son, who is being affected by both his uncle and his dad which makes him funny too.

Anyways, if you have seen a few seasons of this show, you should know how does their comedy work and it is seriously funny!

Guess what, they had a crossover with CSI! An investigation tv show!

CSI is very famous and even branched out to many other series like Miami, New York, Vegas, etc.. If you have seen CSI, you will know that it is a bloody serious movie! Somebody gets killed and they must find out who and catch that person. Involving guns, drugs, investigations, police, everything serious, etc..

Anyways, I was reading Wikipedia today and found out that Two and a half Men and CSI did have a crossover! What the heck?

A comedy tv show having a crossover with an investigation tv show.
Their atmosphere is so different!
Two and a half Men is like... so bright while CSI is like the dark one with low tone of light.

I don't know how they did it, but they did. In fact, the crossover episode is loading now as I am typing this. Can't wait to watch it! I am watching the Two and a half Men crossover episode, can't wait to laugh my ass off!

- Jackson Teoh

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Handshake that Tells Who You Are

How does a handshake tell whether a person is dominant or submissive?

It is actually pretty simple.
When you meet somebody, walk up to him/her and offer a handshake. If that person's palm is facing down when he/she wants to shake hands with you, this person wants power. He/she would want to dominate people, even you, to follow his/her liking.

Don't believe me?

Let's look at a very famous historical figure.

Mr. Hitler.
Yeap, the dictator that was marketed as one of the biggest bad asses in the whole world and also the history or mankind. Osama bin Laden tried to be like him but I guess Osama is just a dumb guy who has nothing better to do than bombing the WTC in America and have to live the rest of his life on the run, either in an underground base where his crap will be on top of him or a mobile truck that carries shit since the smell will piss the American soldiers off from even checking it.

Anyways, back to subject at hand.
As you can see from the picture, Hitler had his hand forward and his palm is facing downwards which means "Dominance".

Being a dictator is not easy, alright, he has to have a lot of dominating power in order to be somebody like this. From one of the historic stories that I have read, he could hardly sleep and had to rely on sleeping pills every night. I guess that is what happens when you try to dominate a world filled with people who are more dominant than you.

So, now do you believe me?

Okay, maybe you might argue, "That is his taunt! Like The Rock with his 'Peoples' Eyebrow' or John Cena with his 'You can't see me!'"
But hey! Maybe so!
But why did he do it?
He felt that he should dominate all those people.

Alright, now you might say, "Hey... people don't do that anymore. After Hitler, nobody does that anymore. It's like... his trademark".

Hitler made it look very obvious.
It is actually happening every day. It was mentioned earlier about handshakes. That's when they do it!

Obama & Medvedev:
Over here, Medvedev is having the dominating side. Obama on the other hand is showing the opposite which is a submissive handshake. When the palm is facing up, it represents a direct opposite of the dominating palm. Obama is clearly afraid of Medvedev.

They shook hands twice and Medvedev constantly dominates Obama.

You gotta buckle-up, Obama!

In pictures, the person who stands on the right side of the person that he/she is shaking hands with will look like the dominant figure. Because the camera is facing the top of his/her hand. So if you want to look powerful, make sure to stand on the right side so that you will appear on the left side of the picture when it is taken.

It would be weird to say, "Hey, can I stand on your left?" to somebody. Especially when you have great respect for them.

So, here is the question, "How do you appear neutral when somebody gives you the dominating handshake?"
No, you can't turn their hand while shaking.

The solution is simple:

Show respect but not being submissive.

Now, you know the secrets. (Haha! It's like "World's Greatest Magics Revealed")

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, February 5, 2010

You Are Mine (Why people hold hands?)

There are many things that couples do to express their "Possession" over their partners.
Remember all those times while we were lil' kids, we have a tendency to make an object ours? That is our "Possession". Or when you bought something with your own money, that is your "Possession" as well?

Well, our habits while we were young, reinforced with experience of "Possession", will be brought to adulthood. It becomes sort of a reflex. Except that now instead of possession of toys and inanimated things, we have a possession over a person. This person may be your honey-buns, sugar-pie, babe, or whatever funny words that people come up with to get the other sex's attention and of course hoping for a "funny word" return call.

Anyways, we always want something that might slip over our hands. Your partner may slip out of your hands at any time. When you realise this, you want to show "Possession". You want to show that "This girl is mine and you other guys can just fuck off!" or "This guy is mine and you other girls can just fuck off!". You won't even realise you doing it as you will take it as "This is what couples do" but in actualy FACT, you want your partner to be YOUR "Possession". You want her to be yours only and vice versa.

Because we have experienced possession back in our early days where we told everybody else to not touch our possessions, we transmit the same signal in our adulthood. The language of possession can be a hug or when you see a guy hugging a girl while she is walking (She looks awfully hard to walk, but I guess she enjoys being a "prized possession" of her man), he is expressing "Possession". He is telling other guys out there to fuck off because she is his girl.

Other ways to show this are like:
- Hugs

- Holding hands
- Grabbing the arm
- Hand on chest (Girls do this to guys that they "Possess")

Basically, anything that has a certain degree of "Grab" action that says "He/She is mine!!!".
So now you know the reason why people hold hands, grab each other, etc.
It is to give-in to our reflex of "Possession" over an item. (Oops, I mean our lover)

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why Door Locks Piss Me Off

"Oh, shit! I using the toilet la!!", a phrase that we hear several times a year.
I have a problem with door locks, especially the toilets.
It's not that door locks don't work. They are perfectly fine, but the problem is with people! They don't know how to use door locks!

Remember all those time where you looked at the toilet door lock or changing room lock saying "Vacant" and you really need to pee or try out a shirt. You opened it and somebody yelled, "Fuck! Who the fuck are you!??? &$%&$#%@%$&!!!"? And you will be like, "Oh, shit!". Or all those times when people say, "Oii!!!" when you open the toilet door and somebody is peeing.

THAT is the bloody problem!
There is a technology called the "Door lock"! Can't they just use it?
Geez!! Is it so hard just to turn the knob from "Vacant" to "Engaged"?
It's not as if you are trying to jump from being "Single" to being "Engaged"!!
Just turn the bloody knob!! And you can undress all you like and start trying things on!
Why on Earth would you not want to lock the door and you just take off all of your clothes and change?? What the heck is wrong with these people?!

Imagine if you are a guy and you opened a changing room door with a girl half naked inside and suddenly her boyfriend comes. You are creamed!! Okay, that seldom happens.

The one that is always occurring over and over again most probably will be in the guys toilet. I cannot count how many times have I opened a toilet door and people saying "Oui!" to me. It's not as if the toilet door lock is broken or something. They just don't want to turn the bloody knob! Sometimes I feel like screaming at those people telling them to just PLEASE lock the f-ing door!

This is a message from yours truly, Jackson Teoh.

Please lock the doors if you want some privacy time.

- Jackson Teoh