Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jackson makes Onigiri

I was surfing the net yesterday and I don't know how the heck did I get to a page about "How to make an onigiri?" but I did and I read on. I thought to myself, "Hey! Why don't we try it? Looks like fun!".

I tried a simple onigiri since I have like... these strips of green stuff that I don't even know what they are. I pressed some rice in my palm, put pieces of meat in between them and then continue to compress them to hopefully make them stick. And then I rolled them around on a plate of sugar to hopefully, coat it with sugar. Then shape them to make them look like those Japanese cartoon onigiris and that's it!

How did it taste like?
Erm... you got'ta have soy sauce right next to you all the time because I couldn't really taste the sugar, so it's like... plain rice. But the satisfaction of eating something that looks so Japanese really is satisfying.

After eating like... 2 onigiri, I had to stop as I was so full!
It took a lot of rice to make 5 onigiri and having 2 just makes you full!

If you haven't read about the history behind the onigiri, soldiers and samurais at war carried them in bamboo shoots for quick meals in between battles. So the question of, "What happens if they need to eat?", well.... that's how they eat. It doesn't taste good, but it makes you very full.

So yeah... that's my attempt of making an onigiri.
Did I fail because I produced not-so-tasty onigiri? I don't think so... at least I tried. I always tell people, including those who participated in The Adliers 2009 that it's okay even if they fail because they have already given their best shot and they are much better than those who did nothing!

- Jackson Teoh

Friday, April 23, 2010

Polling Results (since 2008)

I have been running this blog for about 2 years now and I have always been happy with my blog. It's a place where I can express my thoughts, emotional state, experience, etc.. And one bloody fact about it is that there are several polls that have been on the right side of the bar for so freaking long and you must have been like, "When is he going to update the poll??".

Well, I will be updating the poll since it has been there for 2 years!
Let's talk about the results.

The first one is about what you are looking for in an advertisement (created 2 years ago):

71.4% said that the message of an advertisement is what they are looking for while the art is 28.6%.

Now, it's not obvious that the message that the ad is going to portray is very important. I once asked my bro what makes a good ad and he said, "Sex always sells" but the question is... sex is used for very awkward reasons. Sex is usually directed to men and men just won't buy cheese even if you flash a hot girl inside the ad because it doesn't make any sense! How does cheese get you a girl?

While people who convey the message correctly, now THAT will sell. An ad that really sells is a smoking ad made in India. They have a bus and these guys were sitting down. They saw an old man standing in the bus, so they got up to let him sit down. Then this young teen came into the bus and started smoking. The old man saw him smoking, he got up and asked the teen to sit down and then there is this message that goes something like, "Please sympathize smokers, they don't have much time left". I thought that was cool, it might not stop people from smoking but the message is clear!

The second poll that I posted was to see if people think whether an ad should be simple:
87.8% agreed and said, "Yes, ads should be simple" and 12.2% said, "No, ads should not be simple". What I meant by simplicity is where the message is clear and it is right in front of your face rather than a whole jumbled up ad where you can't event find out what is it all about by the end of the whole damn thing!

The 3rd poll that I posted up (2009) was about the usage of English to learn Mathematics and Science:
I posted this poll up because there was this group in Malaysia that started sending letters and memorandums to the officials stating that Mathematics and Science should be converted back from English to Malay Language (or else it is considered a treason towards the national language).

Okay, now I thought THAT was just bullSHIT.
We have to think practically... when you go to university or when you want to expand your career to a bigger scale, you need to learn it in English! So why not start that way? It's not like after you start learning it in English, people will start disrespecting the Malay language! They can't! Because anything official in Malaysia needs to be done in the Malay language!
They have to see the bigger picture.

With that, the world has spoken and a scary 94.1% said that they prefer learning Mathematics and Science in English and only 5.9% said that they prefer learning them in the Malay language.

Thanks for voting and I will be replacing them with a new poll.

- Jackson Teoh

Batman 1966

I was reading Wikipedia and it's very strange how I got from finding on Wikipedia:
Iron Man 2 > Superhero Films > Batman (1966 film)

I was a little too lazy to read the plot, so I went onto to check it out. I found the fight scene:

And then I thought to myself, "This was considered 'cool' back then?"
Watch the video and you'll understand.

And then I searched for "The Dark Knight fight" on and found this:
(Unfortunately, I can't embed the video. So you got'ta go there and watch it.)

Now, the 1966 film is the first ever film about Batman and there were 4 villains: Penguin, Joker, Riddler and Cat Woman. Can you see how much has Batman changed over the past 44 years??

New fight scenes are simpler and cleaner than old ones, you can pay attention to what's going on with the characters while they are fighting. In the 1966 version, there were just so many people fighting at the same time! They don't even hit one another!

We can really see how were things back then.
Very classical, very cute :P

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 is releasing soon and I can't wait!
I grew up watching Spider-Man and sometimes Iron Man comes to help him out. Of course, the suit was simpler in the cartoons. I believe they will be showing his hundreds of Iron Man suits in the new movie. In the cartoon, he keeps them in a globe-like structure with a hole in the middle for Iron Man to jet off with any suit he wanted.

I rarely see War Machine in the Spider Man cartoon but he did appear once. In fact, Spider Man met War Machine first before meeting Iron Man. However, War Machine was quickly taken off-screen by making him lose to the villain (I forgot who it was).

Those were the times... but hey! Now it's better!
Watching Iron Man and War Machine in a movie is really a bed to the eyes. So awesome to be able to see them shoot the crap out of their enemies and also fly around like they own the airspace.

If you notice, the poster above and below contain 2 different Iron Man suits.
The top Iron Man suit must've came from the first movie where the Electro-Magnetic Reactor is round. But if you look at the 2nd poster, the Electro-Magnetic Reactor is triangle. It's a different suit!

And did you know that Miss Potts, Tony Starks PA has a suit too?!
It's called "Mark 1616". You can search "Iron Man Mark 1616" in Google and you will find the suit. It does not have any combat capabilities besides defense and rescue as it was stated in the comics that Miss Pepper Potts did not want to fight, so weapons were removed from the suit except for The Repulsor.

"The Repulsor"
Perhaps one of the coolest weapon I see in the Iron Man suit. It's also the most frequently used as Iron Man needs it to do flight balance.

Just a little bit of classic cartoon stuff. This is Iron Mans theme back in 1962
Iron Man in the 1960s:

And this is his theme 2 years ago.
Iron Man movie theme:

Notice the simplification of the Iron Man model back in the 1960s??
And the song is pretty cute :P

Can't wait for this movie on the 7th of May. Just 3 days to my birthday (10 May)!

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Accounts Exam Feeling

You know how annoying it is when people ask you, "So? How was the exam?" when you have just finished it? Okay, some people might take it as, "Oh, he/she cares for me" but I find it very annoying. That is the last time I will be taking this sub and I feel pretty damn good that I have finished the paper and you came to my face and asked how was the paper?

I hate Accounting. Never liked it.
Numbers everywhere and for some reason, all these numbers must be grouped in certain ways to tell a logical explanation about a business and how to work it. I know it is pretty important as you can see where your business stands (in a logical standpoint). But I hate doing it, it's a little too technical with rules, concepts and principles that must be followed or else you will be met with unforeseen terror. It's like... the "Science" for Business. Everything has to be 1+1=2 and can never be 1+1=3.

Anyways, I had an Accounts exam at the beginning of the Exam schedule. This is how it is like:

Before Exam:
Before exams, if you are having my standards of Accounts which is very low, you will feel like shit. Seriously, you will be like, "Oh no, this will be the longest 3 hours of my life (so far)". You feel that you should do more exercise and shit but at the same time, you feel that you are already ready for it (just not mentally ready).

And then you hope that the office carrying the exam papers will burn into bits. But eventually, if it ever happens, you will have to take it some other time in the future anyways. So... F that idea! When you finally come to your sense, the only way to go over this is... in fact to walk over it. Eventually, you will find yourself taking out all of your pencils, pens, etc. out of your pencilbox and facing the damn paper that you are going to open/close accounts, income statements, bank reconciliation, balance sheet, bad debts, depreciation, depletion, amortization and the shitty list goes on.

During Exam:
By the time you open the paper, you might:
a) Freak out
b) Fall asleep
c) Feeling like a boulder just hit your head because for the next 3 hours, you will only be dealing with numbers and they have to bloody mean something to you.
d) Extremely happy because it's so F-ing easy.

Some people think that I am smart (academic grades) and stuff, but seriously... if you were thinking that I was feeling (d) then you are totally out of your mind. Jackson Teoh? Feeling (d) for Accounts? Shoot me in the head and turn me into a panda bear, that's not gon'na happen to this guy! I felt a combination of (b) and (c). I felt like falling asleep and just fail that damn paper and at the same time, I felt like a boulder just hit me in the face.

I have to admit that I do not know how to do some of the bloody questions and it's really frustrating. First, you will admit that you don't know how to do the question. And then you will start counting the marks that you might lose and then divide it by the whole paper and times by 100%.

If it is a small number: "Ah! Fuck it, this is too hard!"
If it is of considerable number: "Shit! I have to do something! Even if it means crapping out some shitty answer"

I went with the second one because each question carries 20 marks or so out of 100 marks. So I wrote some crap that I don't even understand and just hope that I get at least a 5/20. Hey! It's better than none!

After I was done with the paper, my brain was spinning and I couldn't go into the where we usually check our answers. My head was spinning so badly that after finishing the paper, I did check it but I checked if I have done all of the questions instead of wondering if it is right or wrong.

After Exam:
You know how it feels like after you escape from getting into trouble and there is a black sheep that other people blame on for your evil doings?

I felt like that! I was so freaking happy and glad that Accounts is over and also possibly, over from my study life! When somebody asks me how was it, I will be like, "Don't ask me about it" while silently imagining that person being strangled.

So that's how it feels like taking an Accounts exams if you have my brain.

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't STOP Loving Yourself

In Malaysia, if you talk good stuffs about yourself, people will say that you are boasting.
I constantly say how awesome I am and how awesome I can be and my friends will look away and say, "Action oh you!" but some of them did catch the "awesome-ness" and instead did not react but did it on their own.

Now THAT is not boasting!
It's just giving myself confidence in doing things!

I don't want to fear, I don't want to run away, I just want to do it (Just do it!)

Loving yourself is not really a bad thing!
People just say, "Action oh you!" because they are jealous that they can't say it because in reality, they think that they are not. But hey! I am not too! Just that I think I am!

We have to throw away the habit of saying, "Action oh you!" or "You are so arrogant!" and instead, be happy that others are feeling confident (unless you are a competition, then you got'ta find a way to crush him/her).

To all those who were affected by "awesomeness", people might not understand you, but just keep it up, one day they have to cope with it and feel the awesomeness in you! But of course when you say good things about yourself, make sure you are friendly to them too :P

- Jackson Teoh

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Cute Rilakkuma

I was just minding my own business through Facebook when I bumped into this video posted by one of my many friends. I watched it and damn! That's SO CUTE!

I feel like hugging that bear and squeezing it or even just punch it in the face over and over!!
It's like a teddy bear but with a bigger head and it has the look of Japanese animated cartoon-look. Argh!! That's way too cute!!

- Jackson Teoh