Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alan Wake review (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

*Spoiler alert*
Alan Wake is a pretty interesting game. After going through a barrage of first person shooting games, Alan Wake comes with a third person shooting game. However, the highlight of this game is not in the weapons or combat, but a lot of emphasis on storyline and eerie gameplay.

You are Alan Wake:
A best-selling book author who hadn't had any new ideas since his last book 2 years ago.
He and his wife travels to the small town of Bright Falls, a mysterious place with a lot of history. At first everything was normal, but after Alan encounters The Dark Presence (In the form of an old woman, later revealed as...) in the diner, everything changed. Moving into their new vacation home in the middle of a lake, the darkness dragged Alice into the lake and Alan jumps into the lake to save his wife which lead to a series of might-be-nightmare incidents until the ending where a big portion of the mystery was solved.

Alan in Bright Falls:
Throughout your journey to find your wife and also the kidnapper, you will unlock a series of history which will put a sense into all of the mysteries that you were encountering, from the identity of The Dark Presence to another writer in the past who had the same experience. During the course of the game, you will find out that everything that you have been through are already written into your "latest" book called, The Departure.

Is it a sandbox-style game?
It would be cool if it is a sandbox-style game. Then it would be like GTA. However, if you look at it, making it into an open-world game destroys the pace of the story. If it is an open world game, we would go exploring around first before going to the "point of interest" and we will drag the story to an extent that we have forgotten what the story really is!

Battle system:
You are a normal person, armed with a flashlight and also very minimal options of guns ranging from revolvers, shotguns, sniper rifles and also the "bomb" of the game: a flare and also a flash bang.

You are a normal person against an army of dark people covered by the shadows of darkness called "Taken". These supernatural beings are covered with darkness and are impervious to attacks until the darkness is lifted from around their bodies which you will use the flashlight to do so. After their defensive cloak is lifted, they are vulnerable to your attacks. You will not only be attacked by these beings known as "Taken" but also by other things possessed by darkness, mainly, crows and also unanimated objects around you.

And then there is the main boss:
The "Tornado".
You will encounter the tornado throughout your journey in-search of your wife and also the mysteries behind the Bright Falls lake. This Tornado will hurl objects at you and try to get close to you to kill you. You will have a final encounter with the tornado in which you will have to find a way to allow light to go inside the tornado. (Go figure that out yourself :P)

Overall, this is a pretty cool game. Very different from a lot of games as it focuses on the supernatural and the story is just amazing. You can't put the controller down due to the amazing story, filled with suspense and mystery. Some reviewers said, "This is one of those games where you enjoyed it like a cinematic movie".

This game is an awesome game. Not much action but it does keep you on your toes with fear by your side and also the suspense-filled story. You never know when will the next "Taken" pop out as you explore the area for supplies. This game is recommended to anyone that enjoys concrete storyline with a unique gameplay instead of shooting all the time. (Note: This game is ONLY for the XBox 360 gamers.)

The end credits hinted that there would be a sequel to Alan Wake. Can't wait!
Anyways, my rating:

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Metro 2033 review (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

*Spoiler Alert!*
The world is already dead and as one of the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse, you must save humanity from mutated animals and humans, now known as "The Dark Ones". Welcome to the year 2033, 20 years after the nuclear warfare which destroyed the world and forced humans to evacuate underground to spend the rest of their lives.
Welcome to Metro 2033...

You are Artyom:
A 20 year old Russian military soldier.
Born during the apocalypse that destroyed all of Russia, you spent your whole life underground, in the sewage system of Metro where humans have colonized.

Human colony in Metro:
Metro is divided into stations and your job is to travel to the most well-equipped station known as Polis to tell the council to destroy the Dark Ones.

The Nuclear Warfare in 2013, caused the world to be sucked out of it's oxygen supply. Now, only the Dark Ones and also mutated creatures can roam on the lands of Earth while humans have to stay underground. Being humans, the underground sewage system, Metro is filled with different political beliefs including the Soviet Union and the Neo-Nazi and the war continued. In dark areas, humans are threatened by mutated rats which is the size of a very large dog.

And if you think the future is hi-tech, think again. Everything has been downgraded due to lack of supplies. In fact, military bullets made before the year 2013 packs more firepower and becomes the currency to buy food, weapons, "new" bullets, etc..

The dangerous world outside:
As said previously, humans cannot roam freely on the lands of the Earth now. Everything is contaminated and the air will kill you. You have to put on a gas mask whenever you surface to the Earth. And don't think that your supply of air will be unlimited as you ARE limited to the amount of filters bought/found throughout your journey in which will run out and cause your demise.

The surface is not safe as you still have Neo-Nazis walking around and also creatures wanting to eat you up.

The realism of the mask doesn't stop there. The mask can crack!
Yes, your mask will not stay with you for a very long time if you are attacked by a horde of mutated rats. Your mask will eventually crack and cannot be used anymore which will also cause your demise.

Cracked mask:
This game really teaches you about saving up resources and also using things with care, especially your mask and filters as they are so limited in supplies and if you lose them in the middle of a mission, you will be sure to die.

This game has a lot of atmosphere. The underground world is so nicely done that you feel like you are indeed trapped underground with lamps and dirty clothing. Technology got stuck and you are still using outdated guns and lousy bullets to fend off your foes.

Overall, this game is not a bad game but also not a good game.
The mood of the game is there but it can get a little boring as what you practically do is go from one point to another, shoot the shit out of some mutated rats, flip a switch, run back to the same spot, shoot a bunch of rats again and the story progresses. It does get kinda scary sometimes especially when you are low on supplies and the enemies can just come at you from anywhere! I would not recommend a buy but more of a rent. It is not such a good game but it does have its merits.

My rating:
Not Bad

Jackson Teoh

Friday, May 21, 2010

Who is that Handshake?

Just some slides that I made for an overview presentation tryout.

- Jackson Teoh

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kazakhstan National Anthem (Borat Style)

Number 1, I have nothing against Kazakhstan.
Borat is just a funny movie and the song is just so epic! :P

I've also provided the lyrics :P

Kazakhstan greatest country in the world.
All other countries are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium.
Other countries have inferior potassium.

Kazakhstan home of Tinshein swimming pool.
It’s length thirty meter and width six meter.
Filtration system a marvel to behold.
It remove 80 percent of human solid waste.

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place.
From Plains of Tarashek to Norther fence of Jewtown.
Kazakhstan friend of all except Uzbekistan.
They very nosey people with bone in their brain.

Kazakhstan industry best in the world.
We invented toffee and trouser belt.
Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region.
Except of course Turkmenistan’s

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place.
From Plains of Tarashek to Norther fence of Jewtown.
Come grasp the might phenis of our leader.
From junction with the testes to tip of its face!

Hope you enjoy yourself and remember! I have nothing against Kazakhstan.

- Jackson Teoh

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Real Death Star in space

File:Death star1.pngFile:Mimas moon.jpg

Aren't those 2 the darnest things you've ever seen?
On the left, you have the FICTIONAL Death Star where Darth Vader sits in his throne of Storm Troopers while on the right, you have the REAL Death Star called, "Mimas" a moon orbiting saturn.

I was going through Wikipedia, reading about planets, dwarf planets and Mars when I bumped into a page, listing all of spaces "beings". The list had information about diameters and stuff like that. When I bumped into the picture on the right, I was like, "Hey... isn't this the Death Star?". Click it and it lead me to another page about it.

I was pretty amazed by it.
But the question is, "Did George Lucas copy the appearance of the moon from Saturn?"
And the answer to that question is "No!"

Shocking, right?
It is a coincident! Or maybe we were lied to :P

I am pretty keen to know more about Mars as well, I read that they didn't discover water back in the 60's but now, Mars does have water! It really reminds me of the early days of Earth when microorganisms start sprouting out.
Is it possible that Mars will be the next Earth?

- Jackson Teoh

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ip Man 2 Review (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

Yet again, the new sensation of kung fu fighting, Ip Man returns with a sequel, Ip Man 2.
*Spoilers alert*

Went to watch it yesterday and it was awesome!
People said that Ip Man 2 isn't as good as the first, but I think that it still has the edge. Ip Man 2 is not as simple as Ip Man 1, but it is as dramatic as the first. The environment is different though. The first featured Ip Man struggling during the Japanese Occupation on China but the second featured the suppression of the British upon Hong Kong and also the Chinese martial arts.
It has a whole new set of story and also a whole new set of environment.

It's not inferior, it's different.
And being different can be awesome!

Above: Ip Man and Hung fights on a table

If you are Chinese, this movie will make you feel proud to be a Chinese.
If you are not a Chinese, this movie still rocks!!
So go catch this movie while you still can!

Thankfully, Ip Man 2 did not fall into the category of movies labeled, "The sequel sucks!" which a lot of movies usually do.

My rating: Awesome!

- Jackson Teoh