Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 Temples: Death Ghost review (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

To all those horror movie enthusiast, this movie is the new sensation.
The poster pictures a pretty freaky little boy who looks as if he has been tortured and his organs been ripped off violently by unfortunately, that is not the case. That boy has something to do with the story but doesn't really look like that. He just looks like some kid who has been burnt to crisp.

Let's start with the story:The story is about this girl who is experiencing supernatural things and constantly gets a reflection from her pass life. The story might seem simple but in actual fact, it is not! You will be scratching your head by the end of the movie. It is just so super confusing!

You have this monk who follows them around. He is just some guy who will advise the girl and her boyfriend on religious issues and also respecting the dead and stuff but by the end of the movie, he is the one that actually plays a big role in the movie? Bloody confusing! From what I understand the girl's boyfriend is actually his brother. The monk and his brother were born to a woman who is struck by bad karma. One of her sons will die, but I don't know why did she give her monk son to the temple.

If this case involves these 2 sons and their mother, what does the girl have to do with anything!
It's so confusing!
I wanted to prove myself wrong that ghost movies don't make sense and Drag Me to Hell proved that to me but 9 Temples once again proved to me that horror films just don't make sense. Maybe only horror movies made by Thai people.

Shock value is also very low.
I was expecting a lot of shock value and will make me close my eyes all the time but hey! There are so little shock value that it doesn't seem worth it to even buy the DVD! And I spent RM 10 on the tickets too! What a waste of money!

In conclusion, this movie sucks ass!
Don't watch this movie and for the love of god avoid it at all time!
This movie sucks so bad that I am so lazy to continue typing.

Rating: Lame! Lame! Lame!

- Jackson Teoh


Anonymous said...

lol, i think this movie sucks too, but maybe u need to pay a bit more attention to the storyline...

it's about a past life, and the present.

the girl is the 'disfigured boy' in the past. the monk is the 'mother of the boy'.

the current mom knows of her sons karma when she gave birth, she wanted to cheat it so she exchanged the baby (that was left at the temple by an unknown) with her son...

in the end the monk dies in the well, but peacefully, unlike in the past life where 'she' jumped into it filled with hate.

and the main guy character? he's just an eye candy.. lol

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