Saturday, July 24, 2010

Transformers: War for Cybertron review (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

No, this is not the game of the classic Transformers.
This is a game older than the classic Transformers!

Don't you want to know how Cybertron became paralyzed, causing its inhabitants to escape in their rocket ships to other planets and stars? If you are a Transformers fan, this is a freaking good treat for you!

In the cartoons, we never really get to see how Cybertron was destroyed by Megatron but with the release of Transformers: War for Cybertron, we get to answer questions like:
a) Are Megatron and StarScream gay?
b) Is Optimus always a "Prime"?
c) What on Earth happened to Cybertron?

Let's start with the story.
So the story takes place before the Transformers G1 where they explained exactly what happened to Cybertron. There were snippets on what exactly happened to it but this game basically seals the story.

Cybertron is basically destroyed by the very power that gave life to all of the bio-mechanical life forms: Energon. However, this Energon is not like any other Energon, it is more powerful and unstable and when you mash it up with a tyrant villain like Megatron, all hell breaks lose.

You get to play as either sides, the rebel Decepticons or the original faction, the Autobots. However, if you are a fan like me, I will go with the chronology which means you start as a Decepticon, discovering the Dark Energon and befriending StarScream.

Next is the voice acting.
You know how bad the voice acting is for SoundWave in the 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie? They did not use the original cast for SoundWave, making him sound like any other Decepticons out there. But in this game, SoundWave sounds like SoundWave (talking without any emotion or intonation). Everybody is fine, they sound like themselves from the cartoon, even Megatron.
Let's talk about the gameplay.
The gameplay is nothing new, it is pretty much the same as any other Transformers game where you get to the change weapons, shoot enemies, kill them physically and stuff like that but it is in a more fluid, flexible and easy-to-control way. The gameplay is ever more fluid compared to older Transformers games which is just hard to control, slow and plain silly.

The enemies do repeat itself but let me assure you, the gameplay is not always the same. You get to go on turrets, worms and etc.. The only thing that I did not see if that you get to transform into a head (HeadMasters) or something and attach your self to a bigger robot. I am also pretty disappointed that we did not get to use Trypticon and also Omega Supreme. It would be so nice to fry some puny robots.

If you have XBox Live, then you may play co-op (which will be a lot of FUN) with your friends through the storyline. Each mission takes about 45 minutes to and hour to complete, with a total of 10 missions, you should see about more than 10 hours of gameplay.

The cut scenes are amazing. I have never seen Cybertron in such detail. The details are so good that you really feel like you are in Cybertron, fighting off some goons.

Overall, this game is pretty good.
It is not as enjoyable when you do not have XBox Live but it is still a pretty good game.
Especially those who really want to know what happened to Cybertron.

My rating: Good

- Jackson Teoh

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