Friday, September 17, 2010

ShellShock 2: Blood Trails review (Awesome, Good, Not Bad, Pass, Boring or Lame?)

ShellShock 2 got me hooked after I read the back cover.
Eidos has developed a game beyond the stories of World War 2. Instead of recapping what happened in Germany during WW2, they decided to make a game out of the Vietnam War against the VietCong Army.

To add to the twist of background, zombies are added into the story!
I read the back cover and I thought to myself, "Nobody has ever done that!" so I purchased it for... 2 USD from a local store. So those this game live up to my expectation?

The story is pretty engaging as you try to find the cause of the plague that is turning everyone into zombies. The Spec Ops team who were sent to Vietnam was never seen again until one of them was found by your army. He turns out to be your brother, Cal but he doesn't look right. He is behaving like a crazy wild animal and is detained by the US Army. And of course, he escapes and you have to look for him. as you pass through stages, you will find out more about the war, key people who wish to use the virus as a weapon, etc.

The graphics is serious shit!
Everything still looks very fake and is not up to par to new gen games. It is much worse than Halo 3 even though I consider Halo 3 as "Bad". It is like a PS 2, Wii, X-Box game. If you are a person who looks at graphics (like myself), then avoid this game at all cost, I had to finish the game and everytime I finish a stage, I just wish that the next stage is the last or this stage is the last.

The stages are pretty linear. All you have to do is get from point A to point B with the mandatory requirement that you kill everything that stands and attacks you. They tried to diversify the surroundings by adding temples, different kinds of houses. But... it's all still the same and boring.

If you have played other first-person shooter games, then this game should be the same. Wrong! In fact, this game is way back in the line. Sometimes, graphics may suck but if the gameplay is good, I won't mind. As an example, Terminate Salvation graphics are okay but the gameplay is amazing!

This game on the other hang, sucks like crap! Their AI is so dumb that they will only walk towards you and would rather hit a wall on their way, giving you free shots at them. But this can be one of the good points because for some reason, Eidos made these zombies Super-Powered zombies!

You basically die in 5 hits by these zombies and you can hardly survive when 4 or 5 zombies attack you at the same time. Sure, you have the ability to heal on your own (like all new modern shooting games) but you don't have time to heal! Everytime you run away from the pack of zombies, for some reason, they can run faster than you! Which means that you can't run away unless the dumb AI just walks.

You should be able to run through a door even with all those zombies chasing you but the game forces you to kill all zombies first before the door opens. Now this is quite normal in a lot of games. That means that a lot of games are simply... not realistic.

This game is seriously dumb. Unless you wanna make love to a zombie and is crazy about blood, please avoid this game at all cost!

My rating: Boring


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